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What is Dynamic Meditation? Steps for Dynamic Meditation

What is Dynamic Meditation? Steps for Dynamic Meditation

Meditation has always been a remedy for most of the physical and mental wellbeing. Earlier when there were no hospitals, meditation and herbs were the only way of curing patients. There are various types of meditation for different types of benefits. Dynamic Meditation is one of them for this new generation.

Dynamic meditation is a quick, strong and detailed way to break old, ingrained patterns in our body & mind. Carrying old patterns makes you imprisoned in your past. Dynamic Meditation is the process to practice freedom, observing silence and peace that is hidden behind those walls.

What is Dynamic Meditation?

Dynamic meditation is a type of meditation practice that involves physical actions. The term Dynamic Meditation was introduced in the early 1970s when OSHO introduced ‘Rajneesh Dhyan Yoga’. This type of meditation was developed at his meditation camps in the Indian mountains.

While practicing this type of meditation, you have to be continuously alert and consciously aware. You need to remember whatsoever you do and always be a witness. We practice dynamic meditation to become more open, aware of things around us and embrace life in the present moment.

As per OSHO, Dynamic Meditation is to be done with its specific OSHO Dynamic Meditation music. This is the best fit for all the stages of Dynamic Meditation. Dynamic Meditation can be performed alone however if you do it in groups, remain oblivious of others around you as it is an individual experience.

Dynamic meditation is meant to be done in the morning when the whole nature turns positive when the darkness turns bright and everything becomes conscious and alert. Let us explore the steps and stages to practice Dynamic Meditation.

Steps of Dynamic MeditationThere are five stages of Dynamic Meditation and every time you perform these steps. You will inculcate yourself on how to enhance mindfulness while keeping the energy level at the top priority.

Step 1:

This stage will take 10 minutes to complete. This process requires quick, deep, and chaotic breathing through your nose. The breathing should be intense enough without any rhythm or pattern. Ensure to concentrate on the exhalation as the body itself will take care of the inhalation. Within these 10 minutes, you will build and reserve all the energy inside.

Step 2:

Another 10 minutes of mindfulness will fill your body with bursting energy levels. You just need to go crazy and let your emotions out. Don’t feel ashamed to be a three years old kid who shows different tantrums. Just burst out your feelings and let go of everything that you are hooked to. Throw out everything that needs to be emptied. Just follow your body, give it the freedom to express is hidden in there. Go completely mad, scream, shout, laugh, dance, kick, cry, jump, shake, sing, go ping pong around. Just move your complete body for 10 continuous minutes and hold nothing back.

Step 3:

The next 10 minutes are dedicated to going for “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” mantra. Raise your arms above your head and jump up and down while continuously breathing and shouting the mantra “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!”. With every jump, when you land on your feet, let the sound echo deep within you. Continue doing it until you completely exhaust yourself.

Step 4:

In this stage, freeze yourself wherever and however you are for the next 15 minutes. Don’t straighten or try to arrange the body in any way. A cough or a slight movement will dissipate the energy and all your efforts will be a complete waste.

After 30 minutes of workout and exertion, you would be able to feel and observe sensations in your whole body. Just observe your heartbeat, the blood flowing in your nerves, and experience the feeling in your body and mind.

Step 5:

If you were able to catch hold of your breath, nerves, your sensation and were able to experience the feel of energy flow within you, it’s time to celebrate and embrace the moment. Dance around and celebrate the victory in the form of dance for the next 15 minutes. It’s time to go freestyle and dance on your favorite music.

Summing Up

Since the inception of Dynamic Meditation, it has been loved and praised a lot throughout the world. Youngsters love it as it is the source of a high level of energy. This one hour of power pack if filled with joy, energy, passion, and medium to feel your inner soul.

Dynamic Meditation is not only for young people but it may not be for everyone as well. If you are young at heart, age doesn’t matter as it is one fantastic way to let go of all the toxic sentiments that we carry within ourselves. It may be of recent past or sometimes years old. It’s essential to get rid of these emotions as they make us sick in and out. Practice Dynamic Meditation on a regular basis and you will feel your once again.

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