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Ultimate Guide for Improve Your WordPress Website CTR

Ultimate Guide for Improve Your WordPress Website CTR

Many SEO experts and search marketing institutions have defined CTR searches over the years. But most of its definitions revolve around total visits: user clicks based on location. This can usually be verified through Google Webmaster Tools. If the click-through rate was 4%, you should be able to increase it to 10% or more.

Here is an example: Rambler has increased the click-through rate by 32%. They started by analyzing the behavior of the organic audience. They used relevant services for specific portals. Average daily clicks went from 990,000 to 1.2 million in April and June 2013.

So without any preambles, these are the 5 easy ways to improve the click-through rate of search results:

1) Write compelling headlines and descriptions:

Despite the competition, popular magazines and online publications thrive on their strategy. They know how to write for people. They know what attracts people, keeps them busy until they decide to buy a product or service. That element of attraction is the title or the title. Show me a landing page with high conversion and I will indicate "The title factor". It is so important that you pay due attention to writing the title.

According to Copyblogger, "8 out of 10 people will read your title" and Ted Nicholas says that "73% of purchase decisions are made in the title or title."

When your ads appear on Google's results pages, there are basically two important things people see: the title tag and the meta description.

2) Title tag:

This is the title of the website. When the search spiders or Googlebot crawl a new web page, they take the URL and title tag and add them to their index.

The title that appears in the search results can influence whether a search user will click on the page. It is your responsibility to create a convincing title tag for your pages. Keep in mind that every blog post or page that Google wants to index must have a unique title tag.

Having a duplicate title tag would adversely affect your rating. And Google may even penalize you for SEO blackhat on the page. When writing the title tag, you should be careful about the length.

Google generally truncates titles longer than 65 characters.

3) Meta description:

Meta descriptions work together with title tags to inspire a user to click on his page. Describe what the page is about.

For example, if the page tries to "outsource social networks", the meta description should show it.

It may not affect your ranking in any way, but when it comes to giving users a reason to click on your website, the meta description is what makes it possible. You know the importance of an advertising copy. The more attractive it is to the target audience, the higher its conversion rate.

In your meta description, you don't have to be smart or use jargon. Instead, focus on simplicity. Write as if you were talking to users one by one.

You can also ask a question and use a call to action to get the user to click. Here is an example:

When writing your meta description, you should consider the length. The ideal length is 154-160 characters. If it exceeds 160 characters, its meta description will be truncated and it is not a good thing.


4) Create clean, specific and optimized URLs:

In August 2009, when Google updated its algorithm to allow navigation of the exploration path in the search engine results pages (SERP) and to date, it is easier to use a clean, specific and optimized URL.

Here is an example of breadcrumb navigation used in Zappos:

Have you noticed that Zappos uses breadcrumbs navigation? Help shoppers easily find the product they are looking for and easily return to the home page. Similarly, Google wants users to see the path they have to follow when looking for information online.

So, when you activate this navigation on your site, make sure that your URLs are well defined. Make sure they are short and contain one of the keywords you hope to rank.

5) Target a long tail keyword:

Long-tail keyword targeting in title tags and meta descriptions works. You can increase your click-through rate. This does not mean that you have to enter keywords or try to manipulate the search algorithm. Users prefer to display long-tail keywords in their title. When a user writes (such as the list of best weight loss programs), he is simply telling the solution what he wants.

With your blog, it's easy to target the long tail keyword in your headlines and use it naturally.

Because that's exactly what Google wants. So whether you're creating links or looking for the appropriate anchor texts to use.

The good news is this: these long variations of keywords are easy to rank. And the chances of generating traffic through many of these keywords are high.


Here it is. The five easy ways to improve your CTR  and attract more organic users to your website. When conducting a keyword search, you need to know the main reason. The essence is not to include keywords in title tags and meta descriptions.

But first, understand the user's intention and optimize for great user experience. And of course, high-value content will position you as a reference expert in your industry. There are no shortcuts. Your content must be excellent, otherwise, clicks and organic visitors will bounce the moment they arrive. Be wise!

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Nishil Prasad
Nishil Prasad

Nishil Prasad is a passionate writer, hungry for new innovation. New trends fill him with tons of enthusiasm to uncover hidden topics. Speakaudible covers a wide range of subjects related to audiobooks.

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