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Top 5 Best Yamaha Bikes Ever

Top 5 Best Yamaha Bikes Ever

The famous Japanese bike manufacturer brand Yamaha delivers the quality and performance to its riders which is why people put their trust in experiencing them. Yamaha has long been emerged in the automobile industry for producing powerful and durable motorbikes. Yamaha was hugely popular back in the 70s and 80s but it's glamour is still evident to this day. Some of the best Yamaha bikes are listed below.

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1-Yamaha 125 YBR

This bike is nothing but a big stunner. It is a light weight bike which requires a bit of maintenance. It was introduced in 2005. It rides well on rough roads. The 125cc engine has a solitary chamber of 4-stroke camshaft with excellent mileage whereas the fuel tank has a limit of 13 litres. The shock absorbers of this bike work efficiently and can soak up all the jolts

The bike has an attractive look due to the addition of a free stream exhaust and side spreads. The progression of air has been modified by adding air scoops, a refreshed carb and a modern air channel. Some of the features of this bike include an appealing speedometer with a fuel check indicator and a fog light in front with a 12V halogen bulb.

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It is available in three variant colors. Yamaha YBR 125 is one of the cheapest and most reliable bikes in the market. In fact, it is capable of delivering over 90mpg in a very affordable price. That is why this bike is a good choice for budget conscious people.

2- Yamaha YDS3C Big Bear

This dual-sport motorcycle was introduced in 1965. This bike was modeled after another Yamaha bike "YDS3" which initiated the series of victories for the brand. This powerhouse delivers a top speed of 142 km/h. Yamaha introduced a new oil injection technology with this bike which is known as Autolube.

It was a big step towards innovative advancement. This bike is equipped with a double downtube frame, a 5-speed gearbox and high level exhaust system. It has a two-stroke, twin cylinder piston engine of 246cc. Even though the bike has a sleek and simple style, it still manages to pump out excellent power.

3- Yamaha RD350B

This is a two-stroke motorcycle which was manufactured by Yamaha in 1973. It resembles a street bike but is actually a race-bred motorbike. The additional power is due to the huge upgrades given to the engine by Yamaha and also by attaching reed valves. This leads to a total power output of 39 bhp and a top speed of 169 km/h. Not only does it hold more power but is also lighter in weight than the previous bikes mentioned.

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4- Yamaha XT500

This classic ride was introduced in 1975 and with this launch, a new era of sporting motorbikes got initiated. It is a very light yet powerful bike which to this day, still has a plethora of fans. Yamaha introduced a new type of engine in this bike which is the well-admired four-stroke engine. It has a transmission of manual 5-speed. A maximum power of 6000 rpm is delivered by the bike. The appearance of the bike is slim, compact and almost square.

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The construction of the XT500 accompanies small flywheels which give faster revs during acceleration. The oil circulation occurs through the two pumps which make sure that all the moving parts of the bike get properly lubricated. In order to solve any lubricating issue, lots of ball bearings are used. Very little effort is required to start the engine as a compression release is fitted to the left handlebar.

This adventure motorcycle has gained a lot of prizes in different races. For example, XT500 was ranked during the 1977 GrandPrix final world championship.

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5- Yamaha YZF-R7

This is a top-spec racing bike which was introduced in 1999. To this day, this bike is highly regarded by many people. It features a four-stroke, 749 cc, 20-valve engine. This bike was produced specifically for World Superbike racing.

It was a limited-edition top dollar bike which was only sold to the public in order for Yamaha to compete in the racing contest. Only 500 of these bikes were sold for road use. It is purely a race motorcycle and the bulky frame of the YZF-R7 proves it. The top speed of the bike is 160 km/h and maximum power of 106 hp. Specially designed forks and rear shock absorbers give it more edge. It is an extremely reliable and powerful motorcycle which belittles other bikes with its amazing precision and reassuring stability

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