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Ultraviolette Automotive On Busting The ‘Slow And Boring’ Myth Around Electric Bikes

Ultraviolette Automotive On Busting The ‘Slow And Boring’ Myth Around Electric Bikes

The EV enterprise in India has been associated with low overall performance and zero desirability, say Ultraviolette founders

Reliability and predictability built across the availability and usage of power is needed past simply an excellent product

Ultraviolette is seeking to cater to the niche this is awaiting a no-compromise electric motorbike experience

The story of electrical mobility in India to date has been a tale of two-wheelers, but even within this developing segment, the marketplace gives a spread of efficient scooters and electric powered motorcycles which are not really geared for overall performance, however often for practicality.

The belief is that early adopters of electric two-wheelers might be difficult-stressed to attention on attaining most mileage at the quality price. But as visible inside the motorbikes market, excessive-overall performance models have emerge as a focus for city millennials and Generation Z adopters.

Moving beyond the ‘kitna deti hai’ mind-set, a grasp of EV makers in India is focussing on excessive-overall performance motorcycles with electric transmissions.

“One of the fundamental concerns that Ultraviolette is addressing is the truth that the complete electric powered car industry in India has continually been associated with low overall performance and a 0 desirability quotient,” said Narayan Subramaniam, cofounder of Ultraviolette Automotive.

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Creator of the F77, which is claimed to be India’s first excessive-performance electric powered bike, Ultraviolette Automotive changed into founded in 2015 by way of Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan. The organisation envisions to create the most effective electric powered mobility solutions, driven by using progressive design.

The F77 is targeted round high-speed overall performance as opposed to mileage efficiency, way to advanced engineering simulations and multi-level safety structures and functions together with far off diagnostics, over-the-air (OTA) efficiency improvements, regenerative braking to conserve electricity, more than one journey modes, besides the more commonplace features consisting of motorbike tracking and trip diagnostics.

Ultraviolette automobile factsheet

Narayan believes that as more moderen fashions of mobility evolve across the world, coupled with a worldwide initiative to lessen carbon footprint and maximise ease of living make for a compelling case for electric powered cars to be the destiny of mobility.

“We realised very early on that a terrific product by myself will now not accelerate the transition closer to electric powered mobility. There needs to be reliability and predictability constructed across the availability and utilization of energy. We have spent considerable time and constructed a whole lot of IP around the development of batteries and diverse types of charging technology that will quickly come to be a important a part of the electric environment.”

Shortlisted as one of the startups to look at out for in CFT‘s EV Startup Watchlist 2020, Ultraviolette sets its eyes on the 2-wheeler market because the product development timeline was shorter and ranged between two-and-a-half of to a few years. The corporation filed several patents in battery era, specifically at the safety and thermal control elements. Given the crowded -wheeler market, it had to find a aggressive facet and that is in which the point of interest on overall performance and pace.

The F77 predominantly goals teenagers in urban areas and whilst high-performance petrol bikes have made their manner to Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns, an electric powered motorbike comes with its set of demanding situations consisting of the infrastructure. To target all segments, Ultraviolette can be launching greater merchandise inside the electric motorbike space, however for now, the point of interest is on high-performance motorcycles.

Ultraviolette Automotive R&D

R&D centre at Ultraviolette Automotive

“Today, we're residing in instances where all styles of motors come with a certain pleasure of ownership. Right from the primary bicycle, you need as a child, the bike you want to ride in college, to the automobile you aspire to own later in life,” said the cofounder. Narayan claims the point of interest is on turning in consistent consumer revel in throughout the utilization and ownership revel in cycles. Could that be Ultraviolette’s competitive edge?

Ultraviolette isn't always the handiest electric powered motorcycle manufacturer in India. Revolt Motors released its electric bike last year with features which includes geofencing and artificial intelligence-based totally journey analytics. Ultraviolette claims its imparting places more emphasis on the fashion quotient and a niche target audience. Some of the alternative players in the electric powered bike marketplace of India include Tork Motors and Emflux.

While producers and enterprise players have experimented considerably within the electric powered scooter section, much less development has been made inside the electric bike marketplace. This is evident from the handful of fashions to be had in this phase in India. However, many companies are displaying eager hobby on this space with the likes of Hero Electric with its AE-forty seven and Okinawa Autotech having plans to launch their electric powered motorbikes quickly.

Fighting The Battery Battle

New products in area of interest markets regularly face novel challenges. While the electrical mobility marketplace in India has been plagued with the aid of notions of non-desirability, low overall performance, non-reliability, and susceptible battery life among others, locating the proper battery era for Indian situations and for the performance necessities turned into one in all the biggest demanding situations for Ultraviolette. “There aren't any batteries to be had globally that might meet the demands of a high-performance electric powered vehicle and sustain the rigours of climatic variances and utilization throughout India. We basically needed to broaden our personal battery packs, ground up,” he stated.


Addressing the 2 essential factors of desirability and range anxiety, Subramaniam stated, “Vehicles these days must adapt to you and not the opposite manner spherical. And to reap this, we have to take a look at improvement in generation across domains. We believe the automobile industry must be inspired by using and innovate at a pace that is associated with the customer electronics space.”

Narayan stated range anxiety can be tackled in  ways. First, with the aid of offering a sizable variety, enough to cowl the heaviest utilization eventualities. Second, by using constructing a network of strength stations that would offer get right of entry to to electricity on-the-go. “Overcoming range anxiety will be key to the fulfillment of the EV market in India.”

The employer believes that while on the supply facet, development is driven via generation maturity, industrial availability of additives, lower production expenses, technical and talent availability and advanced investment glide, the call for facet is being fuelled through rising patron expectations.

“People are awaiting a no-compromise EV answer to interchange over.”

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