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Team Building is the Secret to Successful Project Management

Team Building is the Secret to Successful Project Management


Personally, I feel that a great team is the secret ingredient that can bridge the gap between success and failure. As the adage goes, 'united we stand’. It is no secret that team cooperation is the first requisite of seamless project management. Not only does teamwork speed up the achievement of targets, but it also ensures that the resources are well-managed. Minus the understanding between the members of a team, it won’t take much time for a project to fall apart due to lack of alignment and open communication.

If you are not convinced about the positives of teamwork, I will give you enough reasons that will make you want to focus on team-building right away.


Here are 7 reasons why you need to create a team to conquer a seemingly mountainous project.

  1. Fosters Creativity

More the heads involved in a project, the more are chances of mining creative ideas. A group of people working together creates a better environment for creativity. There are more sessions of brainstorming. Moreover, even if each team member contributes one unique idea, it would mean five ideas from 5 heads to choose from.

And that is not all! Teamwork is synonymous to diversity – you get different skills to tap on one project. Each member has a forte, something that he or she is better in than the rest. You can play to their strengths and add momentum to the project.

  1. Improves Risk-Taking Abilities

A team is always willing to take a risk considering that no one will be singularly facing the brunt if the idea does not click. When you shoulder the responsibility alone, you may be worried about the consequences of failure. But when you work as a team, you know that you have support from other members.

Moreover, even if the risk backfires, the diversity of a team helps in rebuilding a plan with solutions more than one. However, going by the principles of management, as a project manager, you always need to be aware of the extensiveness of the risk.

  1. Increases the level of trust

The members in a team need to rely on each other while working on a project, which in turn builds trust within the squad. When employees are in an environment that they trust, they feel free to share ideas. A trusting environment gives them the space to support and encourage each other, leading to higher productivity.

Moreover, when one team member knows that others trust in him or her, he/she feels more confident. Trust also works as a kind of informal peer pressure. You don't want to disappoint your teammates who trust in you. This reduces the chances of making mistakes.

  1. Boosts Diversity

Teamwork brings together complementary strengths. If one of the team members is good at planning, another might have a knack for coordination. One can be good at maintaining records, while the other can be a creative thinker. This way, the fish won't be asked to fly, nor will the elephant be asked to climb a tree - you will be able to allocate the right job to the right person.

This will also improve productivity as the person who is good at something will be able to complete it faster than someone who isn't keen on doing it. Here are some tips managers use to ensure team effectiveness to bring out the best within each member.

  1. Adds to the Momentum

A team can wrap up a project faster than a person. There are complex problems that you may encounter while working on a project. Now, you cannot expect one person to resolve all the issues alone. Even if one can, it will take more time.

Moreover, when you involve subject matter experts in a project, you can practice divide and rule by allocating small segments of a task to each member. This would make impossible deadlines achievable. Here are some ways you can motivate your team members to work faster.

  1. Facilitates Seamless Feedback

When you are working on a project, you need proper feedback to track the progress. Often, the process of communication gets too complicated, thanks to red-tapism. When you have a team where members share camaraderie, you can get informal feedback without having to plan a formal session each time, and stay more connected with the project’s advancements.

  1. Promotes Leadership

As a project manager, you are the leader who ensures that the tasks run smoothly. But, the role of a leader is less defined when it comes to a well-organized team. A team without a prominent head allows everyone to develop successful leadership and management skills, which in turn, promote better accountability.

Besides, workplace synergy also helps individuals expand their skill sets. Each member learns new things from their colleagues and adapts it. From a more futuristic perspective, you get a team that is evolved and more capable of handling a bigger project, thus ensuring success.

As a project manager, you need to understand that team unity can make big things happen. If you want to get a project done quickly and effectively, make sure that you do everything on your part to strengthen the bond of the team members working under you.


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