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Surprising Facts about Some of Your Favorite Celebrities

Surprising Facts about Some of Your Favorite Celebrities

Do you still remember when the professor will make you stand up and announce yourself during the first day of school? You've obviously been instructed to say your name and some interesting personal details. Recall, trying desperately to come up with your "fun fact?"

Yeah, actors are much like us, it's just that when they are pressured to reveal themselves; they have at their fingertips certain genuinely surprising facts. Come on, can it get any better than to have a kind of insect called after you? Or, placed out an advertisement for a particular blunt roller? Those are the sorts of details a classroom will shake to cause an instructor to do a double-take. Let's take a look at some of the surprising facts of your favorite celebrities.

Babe Ruth placed Cabbage Leaves in his Knee Cap to Keep Cool

It might be one of those facts about your favorite sports stars that might interest you. Babe implemented an unconventional strategy for remaining cool to his fellow players: he yanked the leaves off a cabbage plant and scattered them in a freezer.


If they were cool enough, a leaf under the kneecap would offer much-needed relaxation for a couple of innings before requiring replacement. A big man with an extra-wide noggin, the Babe had stated to need two leaves for the method to be effective. And this is just an example of those exciting and crazy facts, but if you want more, you can always check out wtf facts.

Leighton Meester was Conceived in Prison

Leighton was conceived as her mother fulfilled a 10-year term for her involvement in a heroin dealing operation in the 1980s. Soon after she was born, Leighton was sent to stay with her grandparents until her mother was released from jail. Leighton was transparent regarding her childhood, saying that she was "nonjudgmental and open-minded" from her past.

Katy Perry used to Bring Taylor Swift's Lock of Hair in her Bag

Katy disclosed: "Among the first occasions I headed to the Grammy awards, I had to split a dressing space with Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, so I begged both of them for a lock of their hair, and this is completely weird but cool. I placed little bows on them separately and placed them in my bag".

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Made a Literal Candy Room for Their Kids

It's not just a regular playroom where children are able to hold their books and toys. We imply a space solely reserved for sweets. For their twins, this is what Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon made: a space that literally comprises whatever kind of treats they may love, from giant candy canes to their own cotton candy maker.

Bryan Cranston became as Suspect in a Murder Investigation

On a road trip through America, which he took up irregular work, Bryan served in a diner where he disliked the sous chef and sometimes used to joke with employees that he wished to "execute him." The chef wound up dead, which correlated with Bryan's exit from town, so the timing implied that he was a suspect. He, fortunately, was able to assert his innocence.

Taylor Swift topped Canadian iTunes with an 8-second Static Music

Four days before the launch of her fifth studio album, 1989, a Taylor Swift single called "Track 3," leaked on Canadian iTunes due to an error. Fans purchased the single easily and fired it to spot number one. Nonetheless, after listening, customers noticed they had charged $1.29 for an album of only eight seconds of background noise. "Song 3" has threatened to overtake the other three songs from Swift's upcoming album for a limited period.

The Beatles Members Could Not Read Nor Write Music

Yes, you read that right. When it went to reading (and writing) musical notation, John, Paul, Ringo, and George were all uneducated. This didn't appear to deter them from being consistently the greatest-selling rock stars. In a 1960 discussion with Playboy, Lennon stated, "Neither of us will compose anything. Yet as mere artists, as driven people to create the racket, [Paul and Ringo] are as strong as anyone."

John Cena Has Fulfilled More Wish Requests Than Any Other Celebrity in History

Evidently, the part-time WWE performer and part-time artist have a golden heart. In 2014, Cena announced conceding his 500th campaign for Make-A-Wish, an achievement that no other star has reached. "I just leave it all off," Cena said. "If I can deliver a great time, I would do my part first in line."


We all have our fair share of things that are quite surprising. Whether you're shocked, disgusted, delighted, or even frightened by what you read about your favorite stars, they're people too, just like us, who have their fair share of surprising things too.

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