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Superhumans Looks To Solve Employee Wellbeing But Cracking India Market Is The Big Test

Superhumans Looks To Solve Employee Wellbeing But Cracking India Market Is The Big Test

Superhumans facilitates agencies measure, innovate, recognize and act upon their employee engagement degrees

The employer wants to cross after america, Europe and Australian markets because those are the advanced markets for such merchandise

In terms of promoting in India, the company’s project is also that it is a extraordinarily low-fee marketplace if compared to the United States

The Indian tech enterprise and startups had been championed as the most important crutch in the contemporary monetary intention of $five Tn GDP. But the Covid-19 pandemic has proven us that even as process creation can be a strong point for startups, maintaining those jobs in times of crisis isn't always the strongest in shape. 

Even in sectors that haven’t been notably impacted by way of the pandemic, startups had been pressured to take measures consisting of layoffs, salary cuts and putting a freeze on revenue hikes and bonuses. Surprisingly, the layoffs had been not simplest constrained to early-stage startups but celebrated sport-changers which include Ola, Swiggy, Curefit, Zomato have all shed employees in chunks. This shouldn’t come as a marvel as, besides Ola, those companies’ losses have improved during the last economic year (FY 2018 to FY2019) via 7.3x for Zomato, 6.1x for Swiggy and a couple of.5x for Curefit.

As in step with DataLabs estimates, the average percentage of layoffs inside the overall workforce in Indian startups is 22% for the beyond 3 months. On the wonderful facet, the wrath of the pandemic on the startup surroundings isn't best being unleashed on personnel and bosses however in maximum instances, the founders are also wearing the go.

Superhumans Looks To Solve Employee Wellbeing But Cracking India Market Is The Big Test

The terrible sentiment around hiring and task safety mixed with far flung personnel challenges has expanded the need for higher worker engagement and physical and mental health control. Making employees feel more captivated with their paintings and dedicated to the business enterprise is one of the hardest responsibilities for any startup, specially at a time whilst personnel have had to placed more discretionary effort to control matters at domestic and for work. 

And the need is to focus on sports past team meetings, institution calls or virtual celebrations — it’s also about dealing with the skills and their pressures at this time. To tap into this niche, Superhumans is envisioning to create an integrated expertise management platform. 

Founded in 2019 by using Gaurav Bhawnani, Kunal Mishra and Yasharth Mishra, Superhumans has launched a beta version of its HRtech product in June with some corporations. Talking to CFT, Bhawnani stated that the idea began with the cofounders trying to gauge what receives people to work? The team had itself noticed that they'd achieved absolutely nicely in sure businesses and not at their authentic ability in others. Hence, they wanted to remedy employee health and engagement.


This started with months of research with enterprise professionals to narrow down at the hassle statement. Here the team realised that the only-stakeholder technique can’t be the solution, so that they wished an incorporated platform to clear up for each worker, manager and the corporation in a visible horizontal and vertical way.

“But wherein we're beginning at is solving for engagement and wellness for businesses and what we help them do nowadays is assist them measure, innovate, recognize and act upon their employee engagement,” Bhawnani stated. 

Essentially, being a month-old product still being iterated, Superhumans remains in its beta segment. Currently, the product is split into two components: worker health size and manager steerage.

Superhumans’ 48-Point Engagement Platform

Under worker well being dimension, Superhumans is incorporated into several workflow management merchandise— ranging from Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and others. The startup has constructed a platform-agnostic size tool, which makes use of a chatbot which gauges worker engagement on the premise of 48 organisational parameters.  “We trust that the destiny is in being a part of the workflow as opposed to constructing a standalone app or a bot or anything one at a time. So whilst the tech at the backend is commonplace, we are integrating it in addition into employee engagement wishes,” he defined.

Addressing the privateness issues round conversations that could contain off-work info, Bhawnani said on the organization level the product is GDPR compliant. Further in terms of risks to see-to-peer communication on these workflow chat messaging apps, Bhawnani says that risk is controlled by way of making the bot verbal exchange one-on-one.

But it isn't always only a pure-play survey product. The 48 organisational parameters tracked are aggregated into key top-degree indexes for companies and bosses which help them apprehend things like worker engagement, manager pleasure, job satisfaction and emotional well-being. 

“For instance, task satisfaction might encompass parameters like ‘Is there enough autonomy inside the position? What is the position clarity, and many others.’ With this, we help companies awareness on what ought to be the pinnacle precedence in numerous features/groups or companies to empower and liberate the real potential of their expertise and near the loop with the aid of education the managers via nudges and applicable actions,” he added.

On being wondered approximately the frequency of these questions and the timing, which may range depending at the worker’s mood at some stage in the day, Bhawnani explained that the chatbot asks just one query each day and the records is aggregated over a time frame. This allows derive mixture level metrics for companies.

Further, the company says that the bot is wise sufficient to know whilst an worker might respond, based at the worker’s pastime time and make sure it simplest activates itself when the worker has loose time or whilst the platform is in use. Further, to perceive any aberrations, the platform is shrewd sufficient to weed it out and not impact the general consequences. 

Superhumans Looks To Solve Employee Wellbeing But Cracking India Market Is The Big Test

It would most effective be proven as an insight or an motion object to the agency while it becomes a trend. If it’s only a one-off aspect or relates to just one employee, the device is aware that this could no longer be a hassle but, added the cofounder. The platform makes use of a combination of clustering and distance algorithms to perceive pinnacle attention regions and relevant guidelines. Apart from this, there are more than one other algorithms that are used on the dimension side for normalisation and outlier identity.

Managers can view traits and analytics on a dashboard and get insights and tips on their immediate reportees and how they are able to improve the work environment and subculture of their agency. The dashboard is likewise available for HR leaders and CXOs for an extended company-degree view as well.

The insights for the managers might be based totally at the ratings throughout 48 parameters. Further, the product makes use of psychometric information in combination with the scores to suggest insights and suggestions.

Building The Managers To Use Actionable Insights

Beyond worker engagement, Superhumans is also running on a manager-education product. The idea is to assist managers to recognize key drivers of their groups. The leadership training is based on behavioural science and effective psychology concepts, which basically nudges the managers and tells them what they could do if sure rankings are low in their crew. 

“And we see this evolving into a complete-stack skills control platform in which the destiny of the expertise management stack is sort of an integrated one. Eventually, we might use this data to build and get into different markets as properly,” he brought.

This intelligence is important at a time while agencies have moved far flung, and the already non-existent feedback loop is in addition challenged with the disbursed asynchronous groups. Managers and teams want to know what precisely drives each character and how they could do or what they could do to resolve the problems. To build a extra efficient and conducive paintings subculture for the company.

Selling In India Is Tough Cookie

Superhumans is largely concentrated on mid-degree marketplace size groups to enterprises. Under startups, it's miles handiest searching at the ones that have scaled up with a massive group. For Superhumans, the benchmark is agencies with 150-200 employees to begin drawing insights, however it claims the fashions, predictions and the insights mature and enhance over the years. 

Currently, the pilot is deployed at much less than 10 groups, across small and huge companies with as much as one thousand employees, the corporation is now seeking to scale up. The corporation is presently excellent-tuning the product with their comments.

With a crew of 8, the company has focussed mostly on constructing a generation crew. In this sector, the organisation now desires to begin going to different geographies out of doors India, at the same time as constructing its India pipeline. The agency wants to cross after the United States, Europe and Australian markets due to the fact those are the developed markets for a product like this, Bhawnani brought.


He believes many businesses in India are nonetheless being used to primary HRtech operations and despite the fact that Covid-19 has driven up the need for such merchandise, the adoption is simply not there but. The business enterprise’s product usually stages from $7-$10 in step with worker according to month.

The charge is also a component and the business enterprise believes that not many Indian agencies will pay for the same, whilst the eye on worker wellness slowly will increase. He also mentioned that whilst constructing SaaS merchandise in India is first rate, promoting it in India continues to be a task.

“With terms of promoting in India, one of the demanding situations is that it's miles a low-fee market in a way notably, in case you compare it to the United States, so, the $7-$10 pricing, there is a confined set of audience in India which might pay that type of a rate,” he delivered.

How can this enhance? Companies want to begin searching out Indian products, in particular considering they have found brilliant adoption outdoor. Further, groups need to begin adopting greater era for efficiency sake as skills costs in India come at par with worldwide standards.

“Now that performance goes to take over companies, my feel is that it would robotically show up, however if it does not take place for efficiency sake, also, the adoption of those products should move up,” he delivered.

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