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Some important tips for healthy and beautiful skin

Some important tips for healthy and beautiful skin

Beautiful, and healthy skin requires daily care. It does not take much time each day to take care, but it takes a routine. Through this content we will discuss about some external, and internal healthy tips which you need to follow for beautiful skin, and hair. Therefore, we will list some precautions which are necessary for you to take in consideration.

Use sunscreen on the face daily

The daily sun exposure, and UV rays make the skin looking dull which leads to the formation of blemishes, and contributes to the onset of cancer. So, you need to apply sunscreen every morning, or 30 minutes prior before exposing your skin under direct sunlight. Likewise, the amount should be equivalent to five little droplets evenly distributed on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.

Moisturize skin always after bath

Moisturizer is a great ally to keep skin soft, luminous, and free of radicals. On the other hand, the hot bath, and soap eliminates the natural fat, causing the skin to lose water. In addition, applying moisturizer right after bath is a great option for deeper hydration. Water is necessary for all reactions in our body, and is also critical in tissue regeneration, and maintaining the health of our skin. The recommendation is eight glasses a day.

Choose proper product

If you want to take care of your skin, and hair properly then you can ask the dermatologist to suggest you the best product suitable for your skin, and hair.  Or, you can choose American crew 3 in 1 hair & body wash which is perfectly suitable for any skin type. It contains Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, and Limonene. It can hydrate, and condition the scalp, and skin while cleansing, and invigorating leaving with a fresh fragrance.

Never sleep with makeup

Makeup clogs pores, and increases the chance of blackheads and pimples, as well as allergies. By the way, it is at night too when the skin absorbs the nutrients best. Therefore, it is essential to remove makeup so that the clean dermis can absorb the products recommended by your dermatologist.

Start taking care of yourself

In general, until 20-25 years of age the main concern should be hydration, and sun protection. In addition, starting at age 25 you can start fighting free radicals, and aging with topical and oral supplements, acid reflux treatment, and antioxidants.

You probably know how to take care of your skin on the outside, but it is important to remember that to have a more vibrant and healthy complexion, you must also nourish yourself from the inside. Some habits can be good for your psychological health. Dark circles, and hair falls may appear when you do not sleep well or are much stressed. Similarly, they may also arise over the years as a result of aging. The tip is to sleep better, and take rest, seek the dermatologist to start a more specific treatment.

Practice deep breathing

A classic sign of stress is fast, and shallow breathing. Breathing slowly, and deeply is an effective way to calm down. In addition, slower breathing helps balance oxygen energization, remembering that the integrity of the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs depends on it. When you are focused on your deep breathing exercise, you will not think of anything else. This helps the mind to remove stressors to a deeper level of consciousness. And, if you able to decrease your stress level then the hair fall will reduce, and your skin will glow.




Be active

If you are dealing with excess stress which means your body is taking extreme pressure. But, you need to stay calm. Exercise frees up your energy, and increases white blood cell activity, increasing beta-endorphin levels, improving mood, and circulation which is good for the skin, and hair as well.

Eliminate foods that are harmful to you

When stress hits, cortisol warns your brain that you are hungry. Unfortunately, the message of this hormone also makes us eat more sugar, and greasy food. Some skin specialist recommends to eat a lot of lean protein which brings more energy. This type of food is the key to stable mood because it balances blood sugar levels. And if you maintain good food you will have beautiful skin and hair.


Taking good care of your skin, and hair at same time is not easy. You need to follow various steps to get shiny hair, and healthy glowing skin. Throughout this content we have given you the important tips which you need to follow if you want to get the desired effect. Let’s summarize the points in a single line – use sun cream to avoid UV rays, cover your skin against open exposure, drink enough water, use good product to wash your hair, and skin, use conditioner, and moisturizer, keep a healthy diet, and do some little exercise, that’s all.

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Ram Bhavlekar
Ram Bhavlekar

Ram Bhavlekar loves experimenting with several things that come on the market. he is a great writer of Beauty and lifestyle. Trying out new things with makeup and beauty is her hobby and enjoys writing about beauty products for girls

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