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Some Amazing Facts about Women's Day

Some Amazing Facts about Women's Day

This year Women's Day comes on the 8th of March, and it is the perfect time to honor all the best women around you. Yes, it is a day when women are honored for their accomplishments, be it geographical, linguistic, cultural, economic, or political. It is a great chance to have a look at their past challenges and successes.

Other than this, more importantly, to look ahead at the trapped potential and opportunities awaiting future generations of women. On Women's Day, let us celebrate the womanhood and contribution of women to society, and also observe the women's rights. Do you want to know about history, theme, importance, and how International Women's Day is celebrated? If yes, then you can keep reading this article. 

History of Women's Day

First-time women's day was celebrated in the year of 1908. In New York, there was a group of female garment makers who worked under very poor salaries and did not get paid for what they were eligible for. For that reason, they had to raise their voices for their rights and fight against the discrimination of the womenfolk.

As a result of this conference of women held in 1910 which decided on the fact that once in every year a day set aside to discuss the demand of women. Thus this day, which substantiated the equality between men and women celebrated as international women's day. First-time women's day was observed in the United States on 28 February. Thus, finally, 8 March was fixed to celebrate international women's day.


  1. First, in 1945, an agreement was signed on equal rights between men and women. The UN was influential in changing the image and giving women a new status. Every year, a new theme comes up for the celebration of Women's Day. Every year they make efforts to promote and raise awareness of gender parity.
  2. In Italy, men give the females yellow mimosas.
  3. The day is celebrated by sending womens day gifts and flowers online, among other items to women in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Latvia, and Colombia.
  4. In many countries, people wear the purple ribbon on this day, as it symbolizes peace and integrity.
  1. The US designates Women's History Month as the entire month of March.
  1. The day is an official fifteen nation holiday like China, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Significance of Women's Day

Women's day is also celebrated to encourage gender parity and the contributions of women from a social to a political perspective. They mark the day to remember the injustice faced by all women in the past and how it still persists in many communities. They also raise awareness about women's issues, and their struggles are observed. You can express your love and gratitude to the women who make a difference in your lives today.

The aim of the day's celebration was to get equal rights and pay, and the same is also an issue today. Today, women earn less than men. And the new #MeToo campaign gives the movement the perfect traction because people are now opening up about sexual harassment. The women who have spoken out are known as ‘The Silence Breakers’, and they have also been named ‘Time's Person of the Year’. Nowadays, women celebrate this day by planning parties and dinners. The day is mostly celebrated in rallies, talk shows, conferences, meetings, and art shows.

Best Gifts for Women's Day

A beautiful bouquet is one of the best women's day gifts that you can give to your wife, mother, and daughter and make them feel very special. Yes, many online stores offer you different flower arrangements of flowers that you can choose according to your preferences. You can also deliver womens day flowers online and express your emotions towards them. So, this women's day makes some memorable moments with your special lady.

Celebration on International Women's Day

In order to commemorate the International Women's Day, global meetings, conferences, awards, exhibits, festivals, fun runs, corporate events, concert performances, speech events, interactive online gatherings are observed internationally. So, this women's day doesn't forget to order women's day gifts online and make their special day more memorable.

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