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MilesWeb Unlimited Hosting for Infinite Business Growth

MilesWeb Unlimited Hosting for Infinite Business Growth

When it comes to hosting, nothing is worse than seeing your website crashed due to a big surge of visitors as you have crossed the limits of your hosting account.

You might get an error as "Bandwidth exceeded", which turns an otherwise delighted occasion of getting heavy traffic into a serious headache. This is where unlimited web hosting comes into the spotlight.

You will commonly find web hosts offering unlimited bandwidth (and in many cases, unlimited storage too), and you can get some best services for a great price.

What Does Unlimited Actually Mean?

You might have seen hosting providers with unlimited offers all over their websites but have you ever wondered how do they actually give you unlimited hardware?

Suppose you want to upload 10000TB of videos to your shared hosting account, would you be allowed?

The real fact behind all these unlimited options is that it is a marketing trick. Don’t take it in a wrong way. No doubt you can transfer files and create websites as much as you want, but every provider has set some limitations, hidden lines in terms of service.

While talking about unlimited it actually means practically unlimited. Basically, storage, bandwidth, and resources are all physical so you can’t have truly unlimited hardware options.

If you upload massive backups and keep it in your shared unlimited hosting, you will be contacted immediately or even your account might get suspended.

The golden rule is that - as long as these plans are used as per the target and within normal usage, you get unlimited resources, and you don't have to worry about restrictions.

If you're using resources practically it is fine, but just in case you overuse them:

Unlimited Storage Space – No need to worry about the amount of media you've uploaded to your website, and also there is no restriction on the file size itself. It is just that you can't use this storage space as a backup folder, or to store large files that are not important to your website.

Unlimited resources - Your hosting plan CPU or RAM will adjust as per the needs of your website, and you won't be charged and penalized for performance spikes. In case of resources, you usually have no limits for usage, those limits are quite high but yes they still present.

Unlimited bandwidth – There won’t be a limit on your monthly traffic of data and visitors coming to your website. In case your website experiences any traffic spikes, it will adapt to it. Basically, for most cases the limit will be so high that you won't be able to notice it, but there is still a limit.

Unlimited websites/subdomains - You are allowed to create as many websites or subdomains as you want to have, and generally, there are no hard limitations set here.

So, now that you have got an idea about unlimited hosting let's look at best unlimited hosting provider of the UK.

MilesWeb Introduction

Being in the web hosting industry since 2012, MilesWeb have been recognized as one of the best web hosts in the UK. Their journey was started in India and today, they have their services available in several global locations. Services offers by MilesWeb, shared hosting, cheap reseller hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting, DigitalOcean and AWS cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, SSL certificate, etc.

MilesWeb offering a world-class service to their customers, you will find all types of hosting services available with them to meet your different business needs. Best customer support service, affordable prices and high uptime are few features that have made them popular.

Unlimited Web Hosting

MilesWeb’s Unlimited Web Hosting plans start from £1/mo. Take a look at their plans below:

Powerful Features of Unlimited Web Hosting

Secure Your Website with Free SSL: MilesWeb offers free SSL certificate with their unlimited web hosting plans which keeps the data shared on your website in encrypted format.

Build Your Website Easily: You can easily build your own website without the knowledge of coding and programming with the website build tool. Simply drag and drop the elements in the selected theme and click on publish.

Store Your Data on SSD: You get SSD drives on all their unlimited web hosting plans which store the data faster and offer you high performance as compared to HDDs.

Secure Your Email Accounts: You can easily get access to your email with secured IMAP/POP3. Emails can be accessible at any time and any place with webmail.

Manage Your Website with cPanel: cPanel allows you to manage your website tasks easily. You can create databases, FTP accounts, email accounts, etc. with the help of cPanel.

One-Click App Installer: You can install over 400 applications in just one-click by using Softaculous. This saves your time for installing apps on your hosting account.

Setup Your Account Instantly: Your account is immediately setup after the payment confirmation. You don’t need to wait for long like other hosting providers for account setup.

Get Latest PHP & MySQL Versions: You will get all the software that is needed to start your website. Their servers are configured with the highly stable and compatible versions of PHP and MySQL.

Datacentre Choice: Select any server location from UK, USA, India, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

Stay Away from Malware: Your website is scanned daily and if any threat is found, it is removed immediately.


Lastly, after understanding what is unlimited web hosting and knowing the best provider for the same, you might have got assured that MilesWeb offers everything you want. So, opt for MilesWeb unlimited web hosting and grow your business infinitely.

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