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Making the most out of Social Media Video ads: 3 Key Tips

Making the most out of Social Media Video ads: 3 Key Tips

The Social Media landscape has experienced a near drastic change in recent times and this is especially in the manner in which users want brands to engage with them.

Lately, Video marketing has managed to develop a strong foothold when it comes to social media engagement.

  In Fact, as per HubSpot:

72% of customers want brands to use video rather than text while communicating to them about an offering.

However, there is an inherent catch to video marketing that most digital marketers tend to ignore.

It's the Fact that Video Marketing is not as easy and straightforward as graphic or text-based marketing.

This issue gets relatively more severe when it comes to garnering engagement on social media through video ads.

 Well, it’s also true that if you can nail your social media videos, you can definitely reach a new feat in terms of customer engagement.

Here are some crucial tips that can help you to create super engaging video ads on social media.

  1. It’s all about the first few seconds 

There is a significant difference between creating videos for your brand's YouTube Channel and your social media page.

A user visits YouTube both with the mentality as well as the intention of consuming video content.

 It's due to this that he barely has any reservations when it comes to the duration of the videos.

However, the same mentality is close to being non-existent when it comes to social media.

In short, your video ad has nothing but a few seconds to grab your viewer's attention and make him watch the video in entirety.

Therefore, what matters the most for a social media video is the first ten seconds.

Mess up these 10 seconds, and you would see your consumer immediately scroll over your video.

So how can you garner this initial engagement?

A smart technique is to commence your video with introductory one-liners that provide immediate value to the viewer.

This can be something that is of optimum relevance to the viewer.

If you manage to impress your viewer with your initial one-liners, then there's a high possibility that he would choose to watch your video for the entire duration.

The Skippable ads that play prior to a YouTube video are a perfect example of effectively using one-liners at the beginning.

These ads heavily rely on introductory one-liners to effectively engage the viewers and make them watch throughout the entire duration.

(2) Videos alone won't get you leads

A prevalent mistake that marketers frequently commit is to fully trust video ads with both brand awareness and engagement creation.

They often fail to realize that videos are pretty ineffective when it comes to communicating the uses of a product to the viewers.

Video ads are created with the primary motive of creating engagement and trust me; they do utmost justice to that.

In short, A Social Media Video ad on its own can leave your viewers with a confused state of mind as to what exactly you are offering with your product.

So, what's the best way to get rid of this confusion?

It's by putting up a Landing Page at the end of your video ad.

The main purpose of your landing page in this context is to provide interested users with relevant information about your product.

Your landing page can be about anything that can be considered as lead generation/conversion for your brand.

This can include subscribing to a newsletter, visiting the purchase page of your product etc.

Always make sure that your landing page has a precise heading and subheading.

The viewer should get an immediate and exact idea of what your product is offering and thus develop a strong motivation to hit the CTA button.

(3) Create a Highly Mobile Friendly Video

Let's face it:

Mobile devices have completely dominated the PC when it comes to browsing social media these days.

In Fact, 88% of Facebook traffic comes from mobile-based devices these days.

Therefore, it's quite apparent that, if your next social media video ad is not mobile-friendly, it's almost as good as being non-existent.

Here are a few crucial tips that can skyrocket the mobile friendliness of your video ads:

Always make sure that your videos are available on a Vertical Format.

In Fact, as per Forbes

"Smartphone users hold their phone vertically about 94% of the time.”

Therefore, a Vertical format-based video would be a strong encouragement for the viewer to watch your video.

Secondly, never create video ads that are too graphic intensive in nature.

A lot of mobile devices still hold low processing powers leading to repeated video buffering.

This can increase the possibility of your viewer scrolling over your video with consuming it fully.

As a final tip, you should always ensure that your social media videos are of a considerably short duration.

As briefly mentioned earlier, social media viewers are known for short attention spans and might just blatantly scroll over your video, if they perceive it to be unnecessarily time-consuming.

Therefore it’s always a smart choice if you don’t cross the three minute mark with your social media videos.

Wrapping Up:

There's a very minute scope for inconsistency or mistake when it comes to social media ads.

Either you manage to engage your viewer with your content fully, or he blatantly scrolls over it. 

Therefore, social media videos always require a relatively more diligent approach as compared to text.

In other words, make sure that you know your target customer base in and out before using videos for your social media strategy.

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Shaunak Pramanik
Shaunak Pramanik

 I am a passionate content marketer and the owner of I enjoy communicating knowledge in a creative manner and ensure that my viewers never suffer from monotony while reading my posts.

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