Leh Ladakh tour - Everything You Need To Know About Before Going On The Trip

Leh Ladakh tour - Everything You Need To Know About Before Going On The Trip

The adventure capital of the country, Ladakh has the top three highest mountain passes in the world, which are the major tourists’ attractions. Leh and Ladakh are the destinations which have strong links with Tibetan and Buddhism culture and attract thousands of tourists every single year. If you love solitude, enjoy outdoor activities and want a break from your city’s hustle-bustle, you should head for Leh and Ladakh. At a distance of 25 km away from Ladakh, Leh is the capital of Ladakh and a very thoughtful place to spend the holidays.

A stretch of craggy mountain passes, thick snow, fabulous water streams and monasteries; Leh Ladakh has so much to offer for its visitors. Everything about these places is exhilarating. Sightseeing spots are extremely gorgeous here. When it comes to tropical spot, nothing here is cliche. You will enjoy your time here in trekking, camping, sightseeing, Tibetan shopping, meditate in monasteries etc.

The Monasteries here are several centuries old, making the destination unique.

You will get to explore Pangong Lake, snow-clad peaks, steep valleys, Tibetan monasteries, lush green mystic lands and numerous photography points.

Also known as the dramatic crown of India, Ladakh stands as an important tourist destination in India, which provides travellers with the once-in-a-lifetime collection of unforgettable and exceptional vacations.

How to reach Leh and Ladakh-

The trip is yours so the choice should be yours as well. How do you prefer travelling? Via Road or Rail or Air?

There are no direct flights or trains or buses that will take you to Leh from Delhi. The two routes that are considered the best ones are From Delhi via The Manali route or The Srinagar route. You can drive to Manali or Srinagar or take a flight to reach there.

The fastest and quickest way to reach Leh from the capital is to take a flight (Go Air) from New Delhi to Leh.

The cheapest way to get to Leh from New Delhi is to take public transportation (bus or hire a taxi/cab) to Shimla, and then take flight (Indica) from Shimla to Leh.

If you plan to get to Leh by train, then you have to reach Jammu Tawi. it is the closet railway station which is located on a distance of 710 km from Leh. Upon reaching Jammu Tawi, you need to take a taxi or bus to reach Leh and it will take about 15 hours.

Without much ado, here are the necessary belongings that you would be needing for the trip-

  • First Aid Kit (Moove, Iodex, Water purification tablets, band-aids, aspirin, pain reliever, headache medicine, stomach-ache medicine, Diamox etc.)
  • Wearable items ( long boots, sneakers- as an extra or to walk in the plains, down jacket, gloves, socks, comfortable pants, scarf, t-shirts etc.)
  • Skincare items- (sunscreen lotion with high SPF (30 or above), lip balm, vaseline, Mustard oil (for applying in nostrils as it can be dry and quite painful due to chill and heat of Leh and Ladakh)
  •  There is less power in Leh and Ladakh, so flashlight with extra cells
  • Powerbank and a SIM (only BSNL will work there)
  • Camera- to capture the beauty of all the places that you visit (carry extra memory card)
  • Extra bag for shopping (as Leh and Ladakh are known for shopper’s paradise. You will come to buy many handicraft items)
  • Eatable items- munching items like chikki, packed food which lasts for at least one week, energy supplements like dry fruits
  • Toiletries (Paper soap, face wash, shampoo, face wipes, body wipes, hand wipes, comb etc.)
  • Carry ID card or Adhar Card and driver’s license (if you have your vehicle)


  • Wear shoes till your ankles
  • Do not forget to carry your driver’s license anywhere you go during the entire trip
  • Wear a helmet while riding or you will be fined heavily
  • Do not mess with passers and locals
  • Do not park your bike or car anywhere on the way
  • Do not consume alcohol during the trip. It might take you to unexpected accidents
  • The food of Leh and Ladakh is tasteless. So carry your pickle container if you can
  • Do not make fun of the local culture and traditions. It might ruin your whole journey
  • Smoking is not advisable
  • Do not throw your trash here and there

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Siddharth Khandelwal
Siddharth Khandelwal

Siddharth has been traveling the world since he left college and has made a full-time career working for himself.If he isn't surfing he's off traveling the world and recording every piece of it.

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