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Least-Known Facts Regarding Throbbing Dental Pain

Least-Known Facts Regarding Throbbing Dental Pain

Throbbing dental pain can’t be diagnosed on the basis of its symptoms as numerous reasons could be the culprit. Also, there is no trace of abscesses and dental injuries at all. So, despite of negligence, just look for the emergency dentist near me online to get it evaluated and treated by the dentist on an urgent basis.

Here, we are going to show you some potential causes of such throbbing pain in the mouth along their treatment options so you can have better idea about it. Here, we go....


Numerous reasons can be there for throbbing dental pain. Some of them are discussed below for letting you the availability of effective treatment options.

Dental appliances

Any kind of custom-made dental appliances like aligner or braces shift the teeth gradually. It causes a mild pain due to exertion of pressure. Sometimes, throbbing pain can be felt at a particular area of the mouth too. It is quite common and there is nothing to worry about it.

If you are unable to bear it then OTC (over-the-counters) pain killers like ibuprofen can help. But if it prolongs longer than usual make a dental appointment without any further delay.

Cavities and caries

Tooth decay is also referred to as the dental caries leaving prominent pits or holes into the teeth. It is impossible to notice a decay as it causes severe cavities inside. However, throbbing pain can be an indication to damaged tooth causing nerve injury.

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Depending on damage extent caused by cavities and caries precise treatment option is chosen by the dentist. Sometimes filling is enough but for severe damage tooth extraction and root canal are also recommended.

Dental infections

Any gum or tooth infection can cause excruciating pain into mouth along other symptoms like swelling in mouth or face. These infections develop for not being treated for serious cavity, not following proper instructions after any oral injury and surgery. Prompt treatment is always required by the patients as dental infection spread and growth at quick pace.

Antibiotics are proven to be effective in this case. But other treatments are required as well for treating the underlying culprits deeming for oral surgery, tooth extraction and root canal. Patients awaiting care can take OTC pain reliever to obtain temporary relief. But immediate dental visit is highly suggested- if possible in a couple of days.

Face or oral injuries

Any unprecedented injury can crack or break the teeth. Often it is regarded as dental trauma, accident or sports-centric incident. Mostly these injuries can be seen especially if the tooth breaks from beneath the gum line. Along with swelling unbearable pain will be likely to experience. If left untreated for long time it can transform into potential infections.

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Even broken filling results in pain. Not only sudden blow a filling can break down naturally over time. Hence, necessity to look for emergency dental care near me online at that time becomes utmost essential. As treatment needs for broken bone repairing is required for broken teeth and jaw as well on time.

Gum disease

Any sort of gum infection and disease will lead to pain and inflammation all over the mouth. There might be several causes of gum disease build up of plaque is the most regular one. It is accompanied by bleeding gums and throbbing teeth as well.

Plaque removal is the only treatment to opt for in such cases. Afterwards the patients have to practice good oral care regime like flossing, brushing and rinsing the mouth using medicated mouthwash to subside the inflammation. 

Weak enamel

Eruption of the enamel, outermost teeth layer can leave the teeth highly sensitive to temperature changes. Sometimes it can cause throbbing or stinging pain as well. Refraining from the triggering foods can provide some help. Also, some people use toothpaste specifically produced for sensitive teeth.

But it is always imperative to get checked up by a dentist for the treatment of underlying cause of enamel damage. Using of crown or filling to seal the teeth is the only treatment option. 


Sinuses lead to inflammation to the airways back of the nose referring to sinusitis. It can happen due to many reasons like autoimmune reactions, allergies other certain infections. Its symptoms are quite identical to that of the common cold. They are toothache, headache, blocked nose and nasal discharge.

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Sinusitis can cause an array of oral problems comprising tooth pain. Cause is the factor determining the treatment options from changes in lifestyle, surgery and antibiotics.

Impacted or erupted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth start emerging during adulthood leading to excruciating dental pain. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth get impacted and develop at incorrect angle. This affects the consecutive tooth and makes you experience quite discomfort. Although pain reliever does some kind of work but in worst cases, surgery is the only way to remove the wisdom teeth.

Teeth grinding (bruxism)

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism is the usual condition leading to such tooth pain. Grinding clenches and grinds the jaw and teeth respectively and simultaneously during sleep or awake. Mouthguard acts as the primary treatment of bruxism.

Referred pain

When a person experiences an injury in any body parts, it can cause tooth pain. Mouth throbbing is quite common with tensed neck and jaw muscles. Pain caused by pressing any nearby muscles can lead to dental pain. In such case, muscle injury is the key culprit of oral pain. Depending on the exact reason of pain the treatment option will vary.


Virus named Herpes Zoster which develops shingles the infection leading to painful rash existing for multiple weeks. Chickenpox is quite common in the people recovered from shingles. Weakened immune-people and aged people are highly susceptible.

Shingles can rarely cause mouth infection followed by rash after throbbing pain. Typically, it will affect a side of mouth only. Pain killers can manage it although it is not curable. You can also take antiviral medications as well. However, whatever may happen to you doctor visit is a must if you are having shingles.

Right time to visit a dentist

Most of the time, patients consider dental pain as the result of minor injury hoping it would get better within a few days. So, they wait and delay to visit a dentist expecting that the symptoms would be better.

Sometimes, it fades and that is absolutely fine. Eventually, in some cases, the degree of pain increases as there is some serious infection leading to your tooth pain. It can spread to other body parts leading to some potential life-threatening affect.  

Searching for emergency dental services near me becomes important when you experience associated symptoms like:

  • Fever
  • Have swollen face
  • Face difficulty in breathing or swallowing
  • Seems losing consciousness and confused

Such excruciating toothache is the clear indication that there is seriously abnormal in your mouth. Even if tooth pain doesn’t become worse seeing a dentist is imperative for diagnose and right treatment.   

Remember, early treatment will lessen the risk of major infections along serious health complexities which can affect other body parts. If you are in tremendous pain then, Emergency Dentist London is readily available there all the time to provide immediate medical attention to prevent its spreading ability and intensity. 

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Sanjiv Barnwal

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