How to Play Audio After Few Seconds or Delay in JavaScript

How to Play Audio After Few Seconds or Delay in JavaScript

In this instructional exercise, I will demonstrate to you how effortlessly you can play sound following couple of moments or some time defer effectively utilizing JavaScript. 

Here we going to make a HTML document with a sound tag and a sound src record. At that point we will stack it in our program. From there on, We will make a JavaScript capacity to play that sound with some deferral so it plays after a specific timeframe. 

To see the video instructional exercise play this video 

Play sound following couple of moments in JavaScript 

In this past post How to Play Audio After The Page Loads in HTML With JavaScript I have portrayed completely. 

You can tap on the above connection to figure out how to play sound after page stack utilizing JavaScript. 

<script type="text/javascript"> 



}, 8000) 


You can see, here I have utilized setTimeout capacity to accomplish the postponement. 



}, 8000);

This is the primary capacity to play sound following 8 seconds. 


/your code goes here 

}, enter defer time in miliseconds) 

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To check if your capacity is working or not you can utilize comfort log. 

console.log('your sound is begun a little while ago'); 

This line will include a reassure message when the sound begins playing. 

You can test the beneath code 

<!DOCTYPE html> 



<title>My Audio</title> 



<audio src="mysong.mp3" id="my_audio" loop="loop"></audio> 

<script type="text/javascript"> 



console.log('your sound is begun a little while ago'); 

}, 8000) 




Simply put your sound way in the src characteristic. circle will play the sound document over and over.

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