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How Much Does It Cost To Create Clone App Like Uber?

How Much Does It Cost To Create Clone App Like Uber?

Imitating other applications that have clearly had a resounding success among users is a common practice these days. However, it is not as simple as it seems since you have to simulate all the functions that these apps offer and add a different style to present us as an attractive alternative.

Normally, many companies want to know how much it costs to develop a clone of Uber, a very popular mobile app for Android and iOS that is valued in billions of dollars and, for this, we must analyze well the factors that involve its development. In the case of UBER, a development cost of $10,000 is estimated for a version that fulfills the basic functions in native language or about $5,000 in hybrid language, on both iOS and Android platforms. Although the figures are somewhat high, the potential they have to increase their commercial value is incalculable, being excellent ideas to invest in them.

Factors that influence the development of an Uber clone

Every application, even if it is a totally original idea, has factors that influence the final price. Each company that is responsible for the development of Mobile Apps has its price range. But, to know how much it will cost, we have to take into account these two basic points:

Features of the mobile application on Android / iOS

As users, we know that every application is different. It has several functions that make it unique and that is why it wins our preference. Some use elements such as geolocation for operation or offer real-time services that make development more difficult (but not impossible). There are even mobile games like Pokémon that uses augmented reality and whose creation is transformed into something more complicated since users are looking for an app that has no failures.

The more features your application has, the cost will increase more. It is good to sketch everything you want to offer, as well as see ways to minimize its use. Each user appreciates an application more when it is easier to use. 

Mobile application development time

Applications are not created with a simple blink of an eye. A programmer, when planning to create app like Uber, must analyze the characteristics factor well. In addition, to taking care of the design for user navigability, so that the final result is to the client's liking and this implies an investment of his time to elaborate well the structure in which it will work. The more complicated the application, the longer it will take to develop it.

As a customer, it is good to balance these types of factors. It is good to always receive a report on how the progress is going and that the developer meets delivery dates to know how our project is progressing. 

Functions to clone an App like Uber

The case of Uber is more complicated because they are two applications in one: for drivers and for passengers. That is why its functions are divided into two and are two types of visualizations that, depending on the type of user you are, you can observe in your app.

Passenger / driver location

When ordering a taxi, the application must use the GPS to locate which of all the vehicles is closest. For both the passenger and the driver, you must indicate how far away you are so that the passenger knows how long it will take for the vehicle to pick it up and the driver knows the direction to which it is headed. It is important that this function is accurate so that there are no problems such as that the driver was delayed longer than estimated or so that the vehicle does not reach a point other than the one indicated.

Payment methods

This is the most important part. Some applications only accept cash payment. However, Uber started only by accepting card payment and, for some, this was an awkward measure. It is for that reason that it is preferable to have both types of payment so that the same user chooses how to pay for the service. In the same way, the driver must have the option to process the payment so that both are happy with the trip made.

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Cynthia John

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