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How MobiKwik Broke Free Of Discounts To Build Its Super App Future

How MobiKwik Broke Free Of Discounts To Build Its Super App Future

To celebrate India’s growing startups, CFT is profiling a new soonicorn each Friday inside the CFT UpNext: Unicorns Of Tomorrow series. For the following few months, we can be speaking to founders and cofounders at those capability unicorns and shining light on their journeys and growth stories. This time, we test fintech startup MobiKwik.

Cashback and reductions — the 2 primary elements behind fee-aware Indians subsequently taking the digital payments plunge. But are fintech companies and startups even contemplating income or is it only a mad race to acquire an increasing number of customers? That’s the query that many fintech players were faced with over the past year. 

Over a decade old inside the fintech space, even MobiKwik’s crew contemplated over many such questions on jogging a sustainable business and reducing down the reliance on reductions which make up a large part of charges. The changes it installed location led MobiKwik to attain operational breakeven in FY2019 along with earning gross revenue of INR 184.6 CR. This was a good sized bounce from the agency’s INR 69.29 Cr revenue in March 2018. 

“In past due 2018, we had this reckoning that if we will’t figure out how to make money on our present day 60 – 70 Mn person base, how can we ever make money on, say, a hundred Mn customers?” – Upasana Taku, cofounder of MobiKwik. 

The answer got here from looking at banks which includes HDFC and Kotak, that have pretty fewer account holders in comparison to public sector banks such as SBI, but in phrases of valuation, both are well worth billions. So one of the steps MobiKwik took to obtain this financial institution-like sustainability, Taku told CFT, turned into by means of moving the cultural focus of MobiKwik increase from deals and reductions to a extra sustainable, however a ways less appealing, assured rewards system. 

Ending The Culture Of Discounts

According to Taku, the way of life in the payments industry nowadays is such that humans experience it’s obligatory to spend three% of their sales on incentives. This wondering had also percolated into MobiKwik’s team, which has over 300 employees now. “We could continuously get arguments that there’s marketplace strain from competition and so we also should have the best deals,” she delivered. 

But we determined to go a one-of-a-kind route with our points-based totally loyalty application — ‘Supercash’. Users can avail five% saving on any transaction in opposition to their Supercash series. This decision did face a number of inner pushback with a few groups saying that factors-primarily based incentives will wipe out MobiKwik’s consumer base because competition are giving out hard coins. “But we decided to go along with it, besides”, said Taku.

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This flow become sponsored by means of the employer’s evaluation of its patron base, which confirmed that less than 3% of MobiKwik’s customers had been latching onto every and each deal. Other than that, customers were similarly divided between the ones who took advantage of some discounts and those who had never used any coupon or discount deal. 

“We took the decision that we don’t want this 3% because their attention is anyway negative. Today, they are on our platform, the following day they may pass anywhere there’s a higher deal”, brought Taku. 

This method is said to have multiplied the corporation’s retention rate via about 23% along side a big leap in common sales according to user and the range of transactions in step with user. 

Gurugram-based MobiKwik — founded through Bipin Preet Singh and Taku in 2009 — claims to have over a hundred and ten Mn customers and 3Mn traders today. In October 2018, MobiKwik introduced a couple of economic services to its platform inclusive of credit, insurance, gold loans, and mutual price range. This became further to invoice payments, B2B payments gateway, and digital payments offerings. Is MobiKwik getting geared up for the great app battleground?

MobiKwik’s Fintech Super App Play

Out of its huge provider portfolio, the credit commercial enterprise is said to be making the most revenue for the corporation. MobiKwik claims to have dispensed 1.2 Mn loans, amounting to $152 Mn. The enterprise is targeting the center-profits users of India who are underserved through the existing financial institution ecosystem. The loan length degrees from INR 2.5K to INR 5 Lakh.

The business enterprise claims to have evolved its very own machine getting to know version which generates a credit rating (Mobiscore) for users, primarily based on which the creditworthiness of users is envisioned. The factors considered by way of the MobiKwik algorithm consist of the consumer’s age, monthly spending, automobile ownership, and fee pattern. 

By having access to the user’s SMS inbox, MobiKwik is likewise able to song if a consumer is going for walks past due on invoice bills and whether they may be paying a past due price on their payments or credit score card. In addition to this, the scale of the user’s electricity invoice gives them access to the user’s complete address and additionally aids the estimation of the person’s house hire and value.

Offering an atmosphere of monetary offerings isn't a new element in the payments space. Both PhonePe and Paytm were trying to boom purchaser retention and sales by using increasing the carrier portfolio. 

Taku said that MobiKwik has made offline merchants advocates for the credit product. MobiKwik is giving referral fee to merchants towards every conversion made on MobiKwik credit score. She brought that competitors which include PhonePe and Paytm have now not constructed up the credit score services to the extent that MobiKwik has achieved. 

“We are enabling our merchants to end up kind of our vendors to the volume that it also becomes a brand new flow of revenue for them. It’s a brand new engagement tool for them. And it’s additionally a device for them to increase their ticket size.” 

The credit product is also said to have multiplied merchant retention for the company. 

In phrases of competing with the plethora of virtual lending agencies, Taku stated that none of those gamers has get admission to to the volume of clients that MobiKwik is capable of gather organically every month. Taku additionally feels lending competitors are normally solving for a unmarried use-case while MobiKwik’s credit imparting can be visible as a fashionable credit card that is well matched with all forms of consumer needs.  

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Although bills and credit score are the two main pillars of MobiKwik’s growth, the organization does have plans to add extra monetary products to retain its clients.

Going Beyond Unicorn And Eyeing Decacorn Valuation 

In the background of Paytm’s latest choice of including transaction expenses on loading cash from credit card to virtual wallet (above a monthly limit), Taku said, “I’m now not a large believer in charging consumers for loading cash from their credit score card. If I need to use the credit card for my spending then I need to be allowed to do this. I would try and ask the service provider to pay greater for a credit card person due to the fact the spend of the person is riskier, but not the patron.”

In terms of targets, the enterprise is said to be on track for $70 Mn in sales for this financial and aims to reach a $one hundred Mn revenue mark inside the next 4 to 5 months. “The unicorn valuation would show up quickly however our purpose is to gain long term valuation,” Taku stated noting examples of WeWork’s latest saga as a cautionary tale to say that private market valuation isn't always the quit aim. 

“Our dream is to reach a decacorn valuation within the public markets, where a common retail shareholder is inclined to buy our proportion at a truthful fee. And this is some thing that we can must study from the stalwarts of economic services.”

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