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How India’s EPNS Is Building Decentralised Push Notifications For Web 3.0

How India’s EPNS Is Building Decentralised Push Notifications For Web 3.0

“Example of email — gets pushed down to all gadgets. Change a contact? Gets pushed up to MobileMe, down to all different devices. The satisfactory part of this, it really works over the air. Everything is updated.” – Scott Forstall,ex-SVP Apple while announcing the sector’s first push notification provider in 2008.

“Apple is offering a push notification provider to all developers,” announced Scott Forstall, then senior vice-president of iOS, at the WWDC 2008. But little did they recognise approximately the overpowering reaction that could put off the rollout of Apple Push Notifications (APNs) from March 2009 to June 2009 because of the restructuring required for scaling.


“Isn’t that top notch?… This is going to be remarkable,” commented Steve Jobs, very lots alive then.

That turned into the first-ever push notification, followed by way of the Android environment in 2010, and it's far now part of our lifestyles.

Explaining the importance of push notifications, Richa Joshi, cofounder of Mumbai-based EPNS, stated that during early 2000, when Gmail, Orkut and other social systems had simply started off, customers had to check updates at the carrier itself. (In easy terms, one could have to log in to mail to recognise that they had mail.) But push notifications have changed the way services reach and communicate with customers.

“It changed into a continuing internet 2.0 enjoy. By 2019, Harsh and I (cofounders of EPNS) had began using Web 3.0 offerings, be it for mortgage liquidation updates associated with Aave (an open-source DeFi protocol) or data on ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain names. But we did not come across any Web 2.0-like push notification carrier,” said Joshi.

That become how Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) turned into born.

“We constructed the evidence of idea and showcased it at the HackMoney 2020, a digital hackathon organised by way of ETHGlobal, a consortium of ethereum communities. The concept become preferred, and ETHGlobal supported us plenty and helped us improve initial funding. We have been one of the 30 startups globally shortlisted for Massachusetts-primarily based IDEO’s CoLab ( a undertaking studio that invests in early-level allotted web startups and co-create new merchandise and protocols). On the demo day, we landed $sixteen,000 from Gitcoin Grants, an open source platform,” introduced Joshi.

Backed by greater than 35 traders which include Binance Labs, Balaji Srinivasan (angel investor and previous CTO of Coinbase) and Mariano Conti of Maker Foundation, EPNS raised $1.4 Mn within the past yr. The startup is set to launch its first product within the following couple of weeks.

Decentralised Push Notifications: How It Works 

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Built on pinnacle of ethereum, EPNS is a totally decentralised middleware layer, allowing DApps (decentralised applications), clever contracts or conventional services to talk with their users in a privateness-targeted decentralised manner.


As the blockchain protocol facilitating conversation is decentralised in nature, it ensures the transport of notifications no matter the nature of vendors. In quick, it covers both decentralised and centralised vendors (iOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Telegram, person wallets and greater).

The Idea Of Incentivised Notifications 

Unlike the Web 2.0-based totally Apple Push notifications (or the Android services for that rely), EPNS incentivises customers for buying notifications.

“Any carrier that desires to ship notifications the use of the EPNS protocol will should deposit a small quantity, say 50 DAI, as a staking price to prompt its notification offerings. The stake then is going to a blended stake pool of channels and starts collecting token incentives the usage of the Aave protocol. The interest generated on a channel’s staking quantity is distributed amongst its subscribers,” explained Joshi.

Projects Down The Line

Currently, the audit mechanism is underway and minor adjustments are accomplished as a result. This will clear the release of EPNS Protocol, allowing services to ship notifications by using adopting Web three.0 tech.

The next big milestone arising by the give up of the yr may be the push nodes, the retrieval and the dispatch protocol.


Besides the governance of EPNS protocol, the agency is also running on the front-give up products inclusive of dApp, mobile app and browser extension.

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