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CRM For Immigration Consultant for Study Abroad

CRM For Immigration Consultant for Study Abroad

Archiz is a professional end-to-end solution for overseas education and immigration consultants. Our solutions for overseas education, immigration and resettlement companies include all your needs, which can help you smoothly carry out end-to-end business activities and help you make decisions. Whether you are a personal agent or a large company, and have multiple offices in multiple locations. The software can meet the end-to-end solution needs of overseas education consultants, immigration consultants and placement consultants.

The key modules in this software include:

  • Student Information Management
  • University/Course
  • Application tracking
  • Immigration management
  • Volunteer/Internship application
  • Billing
  • Agents and commissions
  • Placement management
  • Consultation fee / installment management

Benefits of using Study Abroad CRM

Service efficiency is one of the reasons why consulting companies studying abroad tend to choose Agents. Similarly, there are many other reasons why you should choose Agents as an education consultant. In the entire market, Agents may be new. But this did not stop Agents in the bay on the coast. We are investing heavily in technology to prove that no other Education CRM software can surprise us.

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How can I benefit from Education CRM software?

When you hear about our CRM products, this problem may flash through countless times in your mind. There are many reasons, but the most significant benefit is that Agents are well tailor-made for educational institutions and are connected to the field of education.

As an education consultant, you may have multiple choices because this is an era of competition. However, we have stood out with our huge investment, and the function itself proves that it is correct. We believe in customer satisfaction and turn the world into a vibrant place.

The four main advantages of choosing "Study abroad CRM" are mentioned below.

• You can track student visa applications

• You can manage data effectively

• Easy access and automatic backup

• Establish contact with customers

The workload of the education consulting department is not large. Some employees tend to mess up many things, which creates obstacles for the client and makes his/her work experience terrible. We believe that it is important to build relationships with clients and make them have unforgettable experiences in consulting services.

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Immigration CRM

Archiz Immigration CRM software is designed to reduce the complexity of the workflow. It can easily and orderly manage the entire organizational process. The solution ensures increased productivity and quality through a result-oriented solution to all problems. CRM enables you to configure the entire process in a structured and systematic way, so that consultants can carry out activities smoothly. Archiz CRM is committed to providing the following services to immigration consultants:

• Pre-sale

• Work process

• Automation

• Communication

• Track


Archiz CRM can be integrated into your website or different login pages, and allows queries to flow directly into your CRM, thereby eliminating all manual work of potential customers. It can also use the round robin method to distribute these queries to different consultants. By making things system-driven, this will save most of the resource time.

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Lead Management CRM

Lead management also supports "Lead Customer Scoring", which allows you to prioritize the scores and identify potential leads. These scores are automatically updated according to the configured business structure. In addition, CRM also allows you to define your own lead time so that consultants or sales teams can follow up and make corresponding conversions.


Using the workflow management module, the entire process of applicants can be processed in Archiz CRM in a simplified manner. This module provides the initial definition and structure of each task for each country, and allows consultants to take care of their work activities according to the defined model. This also ensures that each assigned job can be completed on time and on demand. Each document that needs to be collected can be mapped to a "task" or "work" item that needs to be collected. This ensures that all task files are collected and properly processed.

CRM Software for Immigration

With the help of Archiz Education CRM system, advisers can process complete application filing, treating and visa submission actions in one place. The entire immigration process can be configured in CRM according to the process in different countries/regions.


One of the most tedious tasks is to add all your potential customers to the CRM one by one. Archiz CRM for immigration consultant can help you automatically import it through web integration. The second most important time-consuming task is customer interaction, which is obviously done by phone or email. The smarter approach here is to trigger automation from CRM. E-mail can be sent automatically to inform or update the sharing time. Like SMS, the system can send quick SMS notifications to clients via SMS. These triggers will mainly save resource time.


Using Archiz CRM's email and SMS solutions, you can more easily and professionally interact with the applicant and update the applicant's application status. This also provides the ability to pre-define and use email and SMS templates at any time.


A consultant who pays close attention to the progress of each work item assigned, as well as the effectiveness and work outcome. The system allows you to monitor the entire process, and also lets you know whether the schedule has been completed or exceeded. Any approval or time extension can be done by the administrator to ensure that all content is in the management scanner.

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