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How Can Logo Embroidery Quotes Look Great on Apparel?

How Can Logo Embroidery Quotes Look Great on Apparel?

Branding is vital for any business. The way a company brand itself helps it to create a relationship with its customers. Branding is not only about a company logo; it is more than that. A brand image of a company is what gives its customer an idea about company values and culture. Still, a logo speaks volumes about a business, and many business owners embroider logos on apparel to stand out. Therefore, you will find many business owners capitalizing on logo embroidery quotes to promote their brand image to the customers. Logo embroidered apparel with quotes can convey the message about company values and culture in style. Hence, logo embroidery aids countless businesses in promoting their brand identity while reaching a massive audience.

Why Does Logo Embroidery Matter a Lot for Business Promotion?

The logo is a vital aspect of any business to stand out. It is a company logo that can stick in customers’ minds and adorn its products, and apparel is no different. The logo looks great once embroidered on apparel and promotes a business image in style. Logo embroidered on apparel matters a lot for businesses because embroidered apparel can promote a business identity to the masses. When anyone related to one’s company wears logo embroidered apparel, it promotes its image in various ways. For example, the customers interacting with embroidered apparel will recognize a business identity, loyal customers will trust a business. Consequently, the business will get recognition among a massive audience through WOM (Word Of Mouth).

Tips To Remember When You Plan to Embroider Your Business Logo on Apparel:-

Here are five tips that you must remember when you plan to embroider business logo or quotes on apparel:

1. Logo Colors: It is better not to choose many colors for embroidering a logo on apparel. It is not because embroidered services cannot embroider your logo or quotes with many threads. It is because it is a costly investment for businesses. Even a logo design professional can tell you complex logos never impact, in contrast to simple logos. Hence, you must not choose many logo colors for embroidery; instead, go with a few to simultaneously save your time and money.

2. Bold and Simple Logo: If you embroider a complex logo on apparel, you will hurt your brand image badly. Simple logo embroidery quotes look great on embroidery, plus they are easier to memorize. Therefore, keeping your logo simple on embroidered apparel will increase your chances to promote your brand image many times. Nevertheless, you will want your logo embroidered apparel to look appealing and clear to your customers. Hence, you must choose a bold logo to make sure your logo gets the attention you desire from your target audience. Keeping a logo bold and simple should also be your priority, besides choosing a few logo colors.

3. Less Detailed Logo: The more intricate logo you choose, the more it will become difficult for the customers to recognize your brand image. Even a small embroidered logo has thousands of stitches, and if your logo becomes subtle, it will not help much. On the other hand, a logo can look polished on suiting or shirt fabrics, whereas detailing cannot help much. Therefore, you have to consider the fabric for logo embroidery, as well. 

4. Logo Size: A logo size also matters for embroidering business quotes or logo on embroidery. Usually, you can go with 80 to 100 millimetre width for a logo. However, consulting the apparel decoration service to guide you about the right size will help you more. Obviously, you cannot embroider a bigger size logo on a cap, in contrast to a shirt. Therefore, you must choose your apparel option wisely for embroidering the logo in a specific size on it. 

5. Logo Fonts: You can either choose existing fonts for logo embroidery or go with unique fonts. Unique fonts mean fonts that no one has any idea about or does not exist. If you go with pre-existing fonts for embroidery quotes, you will pay less. Conversely, going out-of-the-box for logo fonts for embroidering your apparel will not save money. Instead, you will have to pay more because unique fonts will require more expertise from apparel decorators.


Branding is a vital part of any business to promote its brand image. For the same reason, many business owners utilize logo embroidery quotes or logos to promote their brand image. A logo can speak volumes about a company’s values and culture; hence, logo embroidered apparel promotes a business image effectively. Here are the five tips to remember if you are serious about embroidering a logo or quotes on apparel:

1. You must choose a few logo colors for embroidery.

2. You should go with a bold and simple logo for embroidery.

3. You should ensure your logo embroidered apparel does not look complex.

4. You must consult with an apparel decoration service to choose a logo in the right size for apparel embroidery.

5. Lastly, choose your logo font wisely to impact the target audience with logo embroidery.

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Jeni Johnson
Jeni Johnson

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