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Common Problems with a Bad Web Host & Simple Tactics to Counter Them

Common Problems with a Bad Web Host & Simple Tactics to Counter Them

Besides the right marketing stratagem and website design, what else can boost the website ranking and sales? It’s a simple answer- the right host. Acquiring the right hosting from a trusting web hosting company would do everything that will favor the website. It will help in avoiding all pitfalls that depreciate the profit spun by a website.

Around 63% of people, as per a survey conducted in 2019, say that a website taking too long to load is not their pick. Furthermore, if a website takes more than 3-5 seconds to load, it witnesses an increased bounce rate. Hence, if you have a large-scale business running on a bad hosting system, it will cease no chance of destroying the reputation and credibility.

Hence, it is essential to choose the right web hosting company. When a bad web host is avoided, your website brews a lot of benefits. As you’ll read further, you’ll come across some points that will explain why web hosting is mandatory. Besides, we’ll also tell you how to combat all possible problems without splurging.

  1. Website Downtime: The Nightmare

It is not under the shroud that several websites face their worst nightmare. Downtime of a website means poor working of the web host because it isn’t able to create a vacuum for speedy loading. It takes a lot of time for the website to load. Mentioning website downtime as a prominent threat has a reason. If this glitch sustains for a prolonged period, Google automatically removes it! Besides, when the website makes a comeback, it is flagged as ‘unreliable’ and loses the previously secured ranking. Choosing a bad website host, when compiled in simplest words, means hard work wasted.   

  1. Bad Host Can Impact Website Security

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For every website owner, ensuring the security of the website is the foremost priority. Whether you run a blog or e-commerce website, it always remains prone to cybercrime. Sensitive details and personal information can be leaked when the website’s security is breached. Thus, always turn to a web domain host that is credible and has security plans as per the requirements. Never choose shared hosting for security reasons. If a cyber-attack affects the server, your website will be victimized.

  1. Poor Technical Support Service

Today, every business has an online presence and to meet the grievances of clients, there’s a technical support team. Since we’re familiar with their work, let’s proceed further. The technical support department operates 24*7 and its flawless work would fetch laurels. On the other hand, its poor service will cause debilitating damage to the reputation of the company. If your website host is inefficient, especially for operating the customer care service, it is suggested to switch to a better web host.

  1. Negative Ramification for Generating Revenue

Even the best of the best marketing stratagem would ooze no success if your website responds slowly. 15% of the website visitors tend to leave the website or a webpage if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. In the context of the e-commerce websites, this means a whopping loss of revenue annually! This not only damages the reputation of the business but depreciates the Google rankings.

  1. Lack of Credibility Among Clients

It is obvious that any website, hosted by an inefficient host, will keep on crashing frequently. This damages the website’s reputation and makes its clients reluctant to add any sort of information related to monetary transactions. Even if the website is operational but freezes while a customer is making a payment, it may scare the customer. As a reaction, he/she might leave the website despite the quality and deal offered.

“How To Tackle These Problems?”

All hassles can be buried by turning to a reliable business website host. This sounds incomplete. There are a lot of things that should be monitored in the long run. What are they? Here’s the answer.

  • Update All Passwords & Anti-Virus

Keep updating passwords periodically. The inclusion of special characters and numerical, along with alphabets, can bring out a strong password. Also, designate only a reliable employee or team that shall manage this task. Besides, install the anti-virus that will prevent the system from getting hacked or invaded by a virus.

  • Keep Switching Website Hosts

You got endless opportunities of changing the web hosts as clinging to one isn’t mandatory. After all, you cannot predict when it starts going downhill. Things can be the opposite as well! A company may flourish at pace but then suddenly halt. To keep such conditions at bay, keep switching the host. It is a simple task and doesn’t affect the website rankings or profits.  

  • Track Hosting Uptime Speed

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Uptime refers to the active time of the website to all visitors and users. When a website goes downtime, it means that there’s a glitch at the server end and users are not able to reach the website. This will depreciate the website rankings slickly. Hence, save the investment by tracking uptime speed. Hire a web hosting company that is credible and guarantees better uptime by using web tools.

  • Stay Away from Blacklisted Hosts

There are many web hosting companies that have been blacklisted for different reasons. By utilizing their service, you’re website IP address will automatically get blacklisted too! It clearly means that such a website will not be able to send emails. Hence, before signing up with any website host, always ask for the IP address. However, blacklisted hosts cannot get the work done but it is better to take the precaution for avoiding the hassle.

Concluding It

If you’re still under the impression that website domain hosts play the least important role for the online business uphill, we have some words to share. The hosting company that a user chooses can carve scalable difference in terms of before and after revenue generation, website uptime, security threat level, and ranking. Thus, always choose a trusted web hosting company to get the e-business started.

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