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Can Yulu’s Dockless Model Prove The Remedy To India’s Hyper-Congested Cities?

Can Yulu’s Dockless Model Prove The Remedy To India’s Hyper-Congested Cities?

The non-public ache points together with traffic congestion, deteriorating air first-rate stimulated the Yulu vision

Unlike China, Indian cities do not have the infrastructure for parking of shared mobility cars

Cofounder Amit Gupta talks about India’s EV marketplace, demanding situations and what’s running for Yulu

Rising pollutants, congested roads and slightly any room to respire, let alone park your automobiles — it’s the story of each Indian metropolis and a pain factor that the electric mobility atmosphere unearths simplest to tackle, given this apparent want.

From Mahindra, Hyundai, and Tata to luxury manufacturers consisting of Mercedes and BMW, the industry has sold in on India’s electric mobility goals, but it’s the small cars which includes two-wheelers, 3-wheelers which can be expected to pressure the next generation of mobility solutions. That’s because those are the automobiles that Indians use the maximum and in which the pain point is plain and visible.

For Amit Gupta, the time to push for ultimate-mile answers came “when it began taking half of an hour or greater to scale shorter distances of less than two km.”

This personal pain factor became the foundation proposal to launch Yulu. The cofounder and CEO also saw the bigger picture of the congestion and pollution in most huge cities in India.

Electric powered bike

With a presence in Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, Yulu’s generation-pushed mobility platform makes use of IoT, ML, and AI for call for-deliver control and green operations. Yulu Miracle motorcycles are dockless electric two-wheelers powered by means of latest IoT technology, while the Yulu Move is a clever lock-enabled bicycle. Both products are aimed before everything and last-mile quick commutes — i.E connectivity to mass transit factors from residential, retail and business hubs.

Yulu factsheet

Founded in 2017 by way of Amit Gupta, RK Misra, Naveen Dachuri and Hemant Gupta, Yulu says it offers a UMaaS (city mobility as a carrier) and in a capital-extensive business wherein customers are nevertheless anxious approximately adopting electric cars, this version serves it well.

The motorcycles themselves are quite cheap to collect so getting the unit economics proper, that is the key detail, turned into easy. “Frugal Capex of the Miracle bikes, blended with the cluster-primarily based setup, efficient and tech-enabled operations, has brought about worthwhile unit economics. We have the best contribution margin fee inside the industry, even when as compared to micro-mobility friends globally. In a consistent-country, this profitability will further enhance with economies of scale,” claimed Gupta.


Yulu claims to have evolved a vertical stack needed to run its EV fleet from design and possession of the belongings to charging batteries and on-floor operations, the enterprise claims to have little dependency on outside elements.

Yulu team

Solving The Charging

With extra than 14K vehicles (motorcycles and cycles) and 1.Eight Mn customers, Yulu is something of a success inside the fledgling Indian dockless motorbike market. Cofounder Gupta believes that this is a end result of 4 progressive practices. The first being the creation of a unique battery-swapping community via placing proprietary IoT-enabled charging packing containers (Yulu Max) at hundreds of mother-n-pop shops throughout the operational areas.

“Unlike China, Indian towns don’t have the infrastructure for parking of shared mobility vehicles. We solved this trouble by way of working with towns, corporates, and residents who have given get right of entry to to top real property to create Yulu Zones,” said Gupta, including that most such spots have been supplied to Yulu to help construct sustainable mobility for the cities in a collaborative way.

The third component, in line with Gupta, is safety, which these days came beneath the scanner and post which Yulu is seeking to upgrade its bikes. But while vehicle safety itself could be solved ultimately and preserve evolving, Gupta thinks that the physical protection of the bikes is also important. “Yulu Miracle has a robbery rate of much less than 1%, that is considerably lower than global trip-sharing systems. This is because of our operational version of drop off at distinctive Yulu Zones.”

EV charging dock

On the patron front, the platform works on a pay-in keeping with-use version, in which a primary-time consumer needs to register at the app with a refundable security deposit. “The MOVE + MIRACLE plan requires a refundable deposit of INR 250. Users are billed INR 10 to start and INR 10 for each 10 minutes for Miracle utilization. In Bengaluru, we have lately revised the pricing to INR five because the Base Fare and INR 1.50 in keeping with minute. Yulu Move users pay INR 10 for the primary half-hour and INR five for the subsequent 30 minutes,” Gupta brought.

Finally, Gupta thinks that high sturdiness is the fourth success thing way to the minimal use of plastic elements and ordinary proactive protection sports.

Riding The Patchy Terrain Of Infrastructure

While the 4 practices are elemental to Yulu’s achievement, the electric mobility issuer also faces positive operational demanding situations. “Challenges are available in many paperwork to any corporation working within the electric powered automobile section. These are societal, logistical among others,” said Gupta.

He delivered that public delivery in India is depending on fossil fuels and that the environment for the improvement of electric vehicles is at a nascent degree compared to different international locations. The attitude wishes to trade and the companions in the environment need to assume in a cohesive manner to overcome the hurdles.

“We have seen the first signs and symptoms of exchange in mindset and adoption. Compared to a few years ago, there are conventional examples proper from CEOs to individual employees deciding on an eco-friendly mode of shipping to paintings.”

According to the Future Trends In Indian Mobility report, EVs constitute less than 1% of all of the automobiles sold in India at gift. There are more than four hundred,000 gadgets of electric -wheelers and only some thousand electric cars on Indian roads, it added.

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“The rising fashion of scooterisation in India will maintain. Two-wheelers and 3-wheelers will be extra attractive objectives for electrification in the short time period.”

Yulu Cofounder Amit Gupta

With Bajaj as an investor, Yulu has a brand new associate to source electric powered two-wheelers from and decrease its reliance on the Miracle bikes which are sourced from China. The new Yulu Bikes are expected to be co-designed and synthetic exclusively for shared micro-mobility for the Indian market.

On plans for market growth, Gupta said that Yulu’s first target is to penetrate deeper into existing towns. “We are driving this modification in India by constructing an surroundings of EV-led micro-mobility and aim to expand our services to eight mega cities and pick out smart cities below the authorities’s Smart Cities Mission as the subsequent stop.”

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