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Best 2019 grocery shopping apps for easy home delivery

Best 2019 grocery shopping apps for easy home delivery

Uber concept has so largely accepted over the world, that it has entered into the common people's lives. The businesses are leaving no stone unturned to offer the amazing and the lucrative chance to users for leveraging the booming market competition. The on-demand delivery is not a new concept now and almost every service is delivered with a single tap over the screen. So are the grocery stores alluring the clients. Not everyone has the time to reach grocery stores, explore the aisles and select the grocery items.

Brick and mortar stores are now mapping their services over the internet and the home delivery has now collaborated with the on demand delivery services. This pushed the grocery app development  further and the users are enjoying the options to scroll. This saves their valuable time and leverages them with a long roster of options irrespective of the distance. Moreover, competitive pricing is the larger reason for the increased growth of the on-demand grocery app market.

Here is a list of a few most popular grocery delivery services:

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon's prime pantry
  • Google Express
  • Instacart
  • Peapod

Amazon services:

With its huge reputation in the market, Amazon stores are known to sell everything. From grocery to a whole food, you can get everything at Amazon stores. It comes out a little difficult with the three stores of Amazon. With such service, Grocery app development has taken new heights. Let's check how these stores work:

Amazon Fresh

It requires paid membership by the users. The membership costs $27.98, where $14.99 per month is the membership charge, which is in addition to the premium membership of $12.99 per month. For the users who wish to pay for the annual membership, the total charge reduces to $298 comprising the prime service charge of $119 per year. Amazon Fresh offers free delivery for the orders costing $35 to $50, depending on the location.

Users like the grocery store, but there is a downside to the service is that unlike traditional stores Amazon Fresh does not allow using the traditional brand coupons here, which the majority of grocery shopping app development projects are adopting. However, you get high quality products. For the $15, the user gets access to the plethora of fresh products, packaged foods, and much more. The prime customers in the selected cities prefer Prime Now.

Amazon's Prime pantry

Prime Pantry services by Amazon give the paid membership of $4.99 per month. Also, it requires the Amazon Prime Membership, costing $12.99 per month. The service offers free delivery for orders more than $10. However, it is limited to the household grocery products and the Fresh Produce is not available in Prime Pantry. However, Prime Pantry does not give same-day delivery but assures one to four-day delivery. There are many shopping app development projects running in the market, which offers competitive features giving the market a further boost.

Amazon's Prime Now

Amazon's Fresh and Prime Pantry seems an expensive option, but still, if the customer wishes to purchase from Amazon, Amazon Prime is a good option. Prime does not need the separate membership and requires the prime membership at $12.99 per month. The service offers two-hour delivery for every kind of product including grocery, household products, electronics, and pet supplies.

Google Express

Extending the competition in Grocery shopping app development, Google Express delivers from many stores such as Costco, Target and Best Buy. The app only delivers dry goods and charged on annual membership. The cheap service also offers free delivery for orders more than $25. Google Express is the lucrative option for shopping and a fine alternative to Amazon Fresh.


Instacart gives a variety of options to choose from the number of stores. Instacart gives the order deliveries collected from a variety of grocery stores, pharmacies and even from the stores like BJ's wholesale and Costco, depending on your location. The services are charged for $3.99 per delivery.

Also, it offers the Instacart Express service, which offers a yearly membership of $99. The most enticing features of Instacart are to collect the orders from multiple stores, but the same comes out heavy over the pocket. Because the shipping charges are levied per store. Therefore, it is always recommendable to limit the number of stores.
The popular Instacart is now spreading its geographical access and eligible to reach the worldwide market.


Peapod is a renowned grocery delivery service, which refrains from collecting orders from different stores. Peapod has its warehouses, where it delivers the orders. Luring the customers, Peapod supports the manufacturer coupons and often double them up to 99 cents. Alongside this, it charges the different delivery charges depending on the order size and location. What makes it more interesting are meal kit services.


There are many grocery app development services available in the market. All offer some sort of lucrative options to lure the clients. Above are some popular services, where most of the grocery app services offer a free trial. Still, if you are not sure, which one to choose, you must take a trial of the service to know how best grocery delivery services save your time.

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