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10 Tips To Get The App Store To Approve Your App

10 Tips To Get The App Store To Approve Your App

Mobile Apps provides a virtual platform and a revelation for entrepreneurs.Launching an app is one thing and getting it approved on an app store is another.It works like obtaining a patent from the governing body.for the medicine you have developed.

Yes, the countless hours of planning, testing, and building should not be wasted.Following the right strategy guarantees your app is accepted, this means you’re on the right path while displaying it to the world. Getting a green signal from the App Store is an important event for the life cycle of an app.

Why App Store Approval is Critical ?

Apple follows strict guidelines for any iOS development of apps to protect both the integrity of their devices but also ensure the Apple platform remains an intriguing experience for users.This  facilitates App acceptance if you take these guidelines into practice in the initial stage during app development & planning stages.

In this article, you’ll learn exactly how your app gets approved.

1. Innovate Within the Feasibility of Similar Apps

We see raining healthcare apps since COVID-19 spread its wings.But this is not like " make hay while the sunshines “So developers have to keep a close eye on similar apps.One should not go onboard and add complex things during app development.

Apple likes to approve apps  that are unique and provide original content to the App Store.

What features do they have?The graphics, layout, and design elements incorporate? How do App Store descriptions compare to yours ?

Experimentation and exploration is good but not at the cost of users’ convenience.You must include features you find it worthwhile for users.

Also, security of data is equally substantial as many users fear to install an app keeping security in mind.As in Aarogya App.

2.Strip down your App to the Bare Essentials

Apps are like a basket  meant for a particular purpose.You can't lay all the baskets in one eggs.You need to be focused on bare essentials that run the economy. Rather than putting focus on extra things, a simplistic approach works well.The more basic the functionality would be, the faster the chances of the app is to approve.

In this fashion, you get several bells and whistles to the bare minimum when you submit your approval.

3. Test and Maintain a Process of Quality Assurance (QA)

Essentials tests are required before you're going to create and run a lot of tests to ensure everything works. If you are developing for Apple and have provided technology while going beyond just testing on devices. A thumb rule is to use the app every day before marketing it live. Once it is done you're ready to use it.There are built-in methods which ensure it functions properly. Not only it is time-saving but is an efficient approach in the process of getting your app to market.

No matter what kind of app you’re going to create, this runs several tests to make sure everything works properly.

4.Get Creative :

The Apple App Store has currently more than 300,000 apps.There are no such easy phenomena which can make this successful.You can assume it's like ‘Old Wine in The New Glass”.

Creativity is the only way which meets a user's fantasy.Visualizing  from a laymans’ perspective  works wonders.The whole idea is that it looks simpler but appears extraordinary.This’ll help you a great deal in passing the App Store Approval Process.

5.Detailed Description

 A description is an outline that conveys what you are going to provide your app with.This gives you a full, accurate, and detailed description of the app.

Top -rated apps get you testimonials once your app skyrocket popularity. You should give a full, accurate, and detailed description of  the app.

6. Follow The Right Development Approach

 When you develop for iOS -or -Android every you want it to be loaded with features. As many believe that more features will bring more chances of getting hit in the stardom. Apps prefer simplified apps and give prime focus on  functionality.This keep on adding new features.MVP( (Minimum Viable product), which  is a useful process with core functionalities.

7. Reevaluate value, Fix Bugs, and Reapply

As per apples’ official guidelines, one must ensure that it is free from bugs. All policies and guidelines allow users to submit apps to the app store for review. 

Apps make it compulsory to make the app highly successful.While many developers work to ensure their code is up to apples' strict guidelines.The layout of the app design is the key requirement.

For no reason, people die to have Apple Gadgets which make it a sought-after brand.The app you are making should be free from crashes or bugs with all essential metadata and fully functional URLs. As it leads to system failure.

8. Hardware and Software Compatibility

The application must be compatible with all the latest software and hardware which defines versatility of apps. It gives the ability to run the latest software & hardware.This makes you assess things while testing on the app.

According to Apple’s guidelines, the application  must run on latest software and hardware to get the app store approval.The given applications’ ability to run on the iPad is of extra importance. So, you can take on the app that makes it highly successful.

Apple also focuses on the importance of designing applications so they don’t wastefully use the resources or put a strain on gadgets (for example battery draining, excessive heat, and so on). And they strongly discourage applications from asking or requesting users to disable main iOS features. All in all, if your application can’t work all over and on each Apple mobile device, you have an issue. 

9. Make Sure Your App’s Business Model is Clear

Expressing your source of revenue is the key. It is an obvious point! Every developer intends to make money using the app in one way or another. And, Apple likes developers to be clear on how they are planning to earn money using the app being submitted.Being a fair app marketplace, Apple lets developers choose what they need to charge from a set of price tiers.The App Store collects a commission from them when any service or digital good is delivered through an application. Here are different types of apps available on the app.

  •  Free Apps
  • Paid Apps
  •  Apps with advertising
  •  Free Apps with Physical good & Services
  •   Free Apps with In-app purchase 
  •   Free  Apps with Subscription                            

10. Always Respect Apple’s Design Principles

Apple recommends those apps which are high on priority and easy-to-use, which are easy-to-use, refined, and innovative.You can always keep such things in mind while developing apps for the App Store.

Apple’s design principles are strict and have high standards.For example, Apple has specific guidelines for the type of icons used in apps.Icons appear consistent and legible else users will find it hard to recognize. 

So, in no circumstances can you afford a laxity when developing apps.Make sure you follow these rules to stay consistent with your app icons and design elements to get approved.

Today Apps are coming up with exceptional app designs which sets a benchmark for iOS apps but a necessity.Here at MaxtraTech, you find a competent partner to deliver  you with impeccable apps.

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Khushboo Chaturvedi
Khushboo Chaturvedi

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