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Beginner’s guide to become a Marcom Expert!

Beginner’s guide to become a Marcom Expert!

Being an entrepreneur, we need to work with both high paid clients and clients who are aiming for startups at a sustainable investment. It becomes hard to approach and maintain the branding strategies as per their imagination. When we say customizable services, it's more about giving the client , the best for the money and customizing as much as possible

The problem which I have faced over the time has been, communicating and convincing the ideas, the listing of pros and cons which come along every plan.

That is what makes me write this- A beginner's guide to Ace communication and make your client resonate with your branding and strategizing plan

1. Company brief

The company history and the brief of how your company has been working over the time should be placed to the client. Reliability is something very important, when you aim start with any relationship. Be it work or personal life, making a stamp of reliability is a major point to remember. Portraying your company, an insight of the company hierarchy, module, motto, principles and versatility should be preached and jotted down in front of the client. This just doesn't need a clear insight about your company or about the company factual data, but also a proper case study of the company you're aiming to approach is important. This would help you to understand the lines which are like the emblem of that company and would help you to strategize accordingly.

In this cobweb of internet, maybe a social media presence can help you attain a good sketch of the company.

2.. A proper proposal or a presentation

I believe, audio visuals have drastically been a great mode for investors, entrepreneurs or more precisely, for target clients to get clear vision of plan of action. Plan of Action is the key , a well explained plan of action, with price segregations, proper lines of pros and cons and deadlines is very important. If you ask me, what assures that the client will be convinced with the plan of Action? Because it's a hard step, half of the time, you might find, deals get cancelled at this particular point.

This brings us to the first point and the importance about it. The work history, brand motto and past work would give you an insight of the way they aim to work as well as, why did they part ways with other branding agency?

Once you crack this, 9/10 times, your plan of action will be highly appreciated by the client.

3.. A plan with proper deadlines and pricing

Throughout my career, I have seen that deadlines and pricing is something, which is a primary cause of elevation of business as well as downfall of business.

We all try as marketers or strategists, to give best for money but, at times, we come across clients who want more outcome and there can be a clash between the brand and the marketer so, to avoid it, I feel that the proposal should be segregated into different categories, wherein, you even give an Outlook to the client at the best services for the best prices. This can even make the client drag his budget a bit as well!

So I feel when you customize a proposal, you should give the client a bit more insight about what he would get in his price target as well as, what he gets, when he aims to invest more.

Lastly, coming to deadlines, delivering before headlines is the key to crack this lock.

4. Follow ups with the clients

When I started off with my start-up, trust me, this was the worst part faced. Following up the client till he ends up saying "not interested' now. The most complex line faced is "I will let you know", without any tentative time of revert. It's hard following up the person and many people, do tend to drop down the client as well. But I feel follow-ups, without disturbing the client abruptly can actually even help you with getting your work done.

5. Customer servicing

This might come as the last pointer in the list but, as we all know, in the book called life, we have chapters one after another, complimenting each other. Giving the customer the best service possible, making sure of the work quality, trying to deliver best one could, dedication and being in touch with the client with follow-ups, not only before you get the work or end the work but, a gesture to carry along, increases your possibilities to work with that particular brand again.

So, this was my take for anyone who would love to start his or her journey as a Marcom or someone like me, who has started off with her start-ups and handles Marcom herself. Hope this helps and connects with you people.

If this article is loved by you people, I would surely come up with do and don't's as well as, corporate communications and more topics as advanced ones

Author Biography.

Sataparna Mukherjee
Sataparna Mukherjee

Sataparna Mukherjee is the founder of The Urban Millennial and Her Voice Official. The Urban Millennial is a digital marketing and Advertising company. Her Voice is a platform for females, who are striving hard in the society , to make a place for themselves. She loves writing, anchoring and interacting with people. She handles the Marcom for both of her companies.

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