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8 Marketing Campaign Ideas for ecommerce

8 Marketing Campaign Ideas for ecommerce

With the ever-growing power of the Internet, more people are coming online and buying from e-commerce stores. In such a cut-throat competition among the businesses, you really need to stand out from the ordinary and try something new to make your e-commerce brand stand out.

In 2020 and the upcoming year 2021 where more businesses are coming online, it's a smart move to opt for a professional Ecommerce SEO Company that helps you stand out and generate more revenue. But along with this, there are also some high-conversation marketing campaign ideas that you can try right now. On this note, let's have a look at these great marketing ideas to try this and upcoming year.

1. Optimize your store for mobile

More than 60% of the customers prefer to buy from their smartphones and with such a high ratio, it's instrumental to optimize your website for mobile versions as well. As search engine updates are also more inclined towards mobile-first indexing, you have to provide a better buying experience over smartphones.

Once you optimize your website for a mobile platform, you have a good marketing strategy to run. You can pick platforms like Facebook and Instagram and run a campaign that can target a specific set of audience. You need to optimize your conversion rate and customer acquisition ratio for staying relevant in the business.

2. Personalized content for customers

For your e-commerce business to lead and thrive in the digital world, only delivering great quality products isn’t enough to win this race as your customers expect more from you. To assure they come back to your webshop, you require them to offer them a personalized buying experience which is crafted using certain personalization tools and of course the marketing content.

To get started with personalization, try and get to understand your consumers better by analyzing the product pages that they are interacting with the most, the type of content they consuming, or the devices they use to buy. After you collect and study these data sets, you can start building audience clusters and give your buyers a personalized shopping experience.

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3. Targeted push notifications

Push notifications are not dead but you need to use them smartly to get more visitors to your website. This thing is amazing to use as they are compatible with PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. With web browser push notifications, your consumers don't need to install the shopping mobile app for receiving the offers or discount notifications.

These web notifications come with a broad usability factor unlike the app push notifications as they work on desktop and mobile browsers seamlessly. This medium of interacting with customers is a compelling one and it brings more visitors to your site with just a single click.

4. Loyalty Programs are for long-term

Gaining new customers and retaining them is not an easy task to do for most e-commerce owners. To do this, you can try to implement a certain kind of loyalty program and discount point offer to build your audience for a long period.

There are many tools and plugins available for implementing this functionality and you can drive more traffic by running ads for your e-commerce platform. If you do a little research on the Internet, you will find that more than eighty percent of the revenue comes from only twenty to twenty-five percent of the customers. So, having a loyalty program is a good marketing campaign to have and grow with time.

5. Omnichannel customer support is the key

You have to provide seamless customer support to your buyers. Providing 24x7 support only on your e-commerce platform is simply not enough. In the world of digitization when customers spend most of their time on social media platforms, you have to scale your support on various platforms.

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Real-time chatbots, smart AI-based autoresponders, and how-to guides will play a winning role in your marketing campaign. One thing you need to keep in mind that don't let your customers wait as there are high chances that they will bounce off and switch to other platforms. You have to understand the fact that it's not just about competitive price but about overall experience.

6. Make them feel special

making your customers feel special is a cherry on the cake and you don't always need to spend money on this. A simple appreciation email or a thank you note can play wonders. Take the help of an e-commerce SEO company for designing a series of emails that you can schedule for your buyers and regular customers.

Or if you are celebrating the anniversary of your business, you can opt for free goodies or discount coupons to your loyal customers who are your frequent buyers. This is how you can make sales and retain customers at the same time.

7. Optimize your social media

Around 20-40% of the revenue comes from social media and you need to make the most out of it for generating more traction from the users. Social media platforms let you get direct feedback from your customers and offer them an instant solution. To use this luxury to the fullest, you have to optimize your social media platforms.

Make sure the contact details mentioned or the discount coupons in the bio are updated and not expired. These small things create a big impact on your online reputation.

8. Take email marketing seriously

Email marketing is a goldmine for every business and when it comes to e-commerce, it can play a significant role in your success. Email marketing is among the most profitable marketing formats that every e-commerce store must use. As there are many automation tools available for the same, pick anyone, and automate your emails with a touch of personalization.

These were some best marketing campaign ideas for e-commerce that you can try this year and boost your sales. If you need more guidance on how to implement these with perfection and generate higher RoI, get in touch with an e-commerce SEO company and they will get you going.

Author Biography.

Mansi Rana
Mansi Rana

Mansi Rana is a 1st generation entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing. From drafting strategies, executing them & analysing data for diverse categories ranging from FMCG, education, e-commerce, banking, automobiles, tourism & health. Her focus is to grow and educate clients, customers and companies. She is a team player & appreciates effective & efficient reports without compromising on quality standards & delivering enriching customer experience. She is highly responsible and committed with excellent client management and transformation skills mandate for Digital Marketing Strategy. Mansi has a strong hold on Digital Marketing activities and has been actively involved with AGENCY ALLIANCES at EZ Rankings

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