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5 Best to Magento 2 extensions raise eCommerce business in 2020

5 Best to Magento 2 extensions raise eCommerce business in 2020

Set up and running an eCommerce Business website may seem to be a get-set-go ride for the retailers. But, to achieve the desired success and predict long-term growth is a tough job to do. According to the study from Forrester, it is predicted that the B2B eCommerce business will cross $1.1 trillion in 2020. This proves that B2B eCommerce sites serve to be a great sales instrument for online retailers to boost their online business with the use of Magento 2 extensions.

The demand for B2B consumers is changing rapidly. But there is still not much room for improvement, specifically if you are using community edition. Moreover, out-of-the-box B2B solutions are not enough when it comes to achieving long-term growth. Therefore, the personalized and customer-centric approach holds true benefits in 2020. And there is nothing better than using Magento extensions like Magento 2 contact form extension or Magento 2 blog extension stand out differently from the crowd.

In this blog post, we are going to unveil Magento B2B extensions that are geared toward improving your online business interactions with the target audience in 2020.

Magento 2 Contact Form Extension

Every B2B marketer has the same struggle – “Getting desired leads”. The gateway between your B2B site and the visitor is the Magento 2 form builder. This extension helps B2B store owners to add an intuitive and user-friendly contact form or feedback form on the go.

The USP of this extension is the ease of install and set up. It is very easy to install and manage this extension from the back-end of your online store. You can also enable/disable specific features on the go. Moreover, Magento 2 contact form extension also brings a plethora of benefits, as mentioned below, to your B2B store:

  • Helps you get more leads
  • Make your B2B business reachable to the potential clients
  • Brings convenience for your target audience
  • Helps you understand your audience “Better”
  • Get hand-in-hand with various third-party tools

Magento 2 Blog Extension

You have created beautiful storefront, invested enough in advertising and enabling email campaigns to attract your audience. But, have you ever given thought of having your own blog? Many B2B online stores either don’t have a blog or don’t have a proper content marketing strategy. Magento 2 blog extension helps online business owners to create and manage blogs within their online store itself.

Designed by keeping in mind the SEO aspects and technical know-how, blog extension for Magento 2 helps you get rid of paying for 3rd party applications to manage your blogs, posts, and your content strategies. With blog extension for Magento 2, you can leverage from the following benefits:

  • Helps you support and build your brand
  • Achieve top position in search engine rankings
  • Enable you to connect with your target audience in an informative manner
  • Get to know what your target audience is thinking about your products or services
  • Connect to the global audience with multi-lingual support
  • Brings convenience for your target audience
  • Helps you understand your audience “Better”
  • Get hand-in-hand with various third-party tools

Magento Shipping Extension

Simply talking about on-time delivery is not enough to survive in today’s fiercely competitive B2B market. Shipping can be considered as a Make or Breakpoint for any online business. And thus, you need Magento shipping extension to expand and streamline your shipping options. Whether you wish to enable Cash on Delivery, Free Shipping or wish to check the delivery availability based on the Pin code, this extension is all you need!

You can invest in this extension if you wish to opt for adding different shipping options, wish to enable automatic calculation of the shipping rates and more. Moreover, you can leverage from different benefits as mentioned below:

  • Zip Code/Postcode based COD options
  • Ease of customization to define a variety of shipping rates
  • Helps in enable or disable different options in the extension
  • Enable store owners to define a different set of rules
  • Empower buyers to check for the shipping availability

Quick Order

Helping customers to search their favorite products instantly and add the same quickly to the cart – This is something that every B2B eCommerce business owner wishes to do. And Quick Order extension can help you do the same with ease. With some great features, this extension could be the ideal choice for the B2B owners to help their wholesale customers check-out quickly.

The extension will empower your target audience to search for a large number of products in a short time span with the help of SKUs or using CSV files. Moreover, it helps wholesale customers to add multiple products on the go without any hiccups. Here are a few key features you can leverage from this extension:

  • Improves overall efficiency for the bulk orders
  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment ratio
  • Ease of customizing the extension to match your online store
  • Ease of adding multiple products using CSV
  • Reduces the number of clicks to place the order

Price per Customer Extension

Are you willing to cater to each of your wholesalers with a special offer based on your business relations? If the answer is yes, this is the extension you need! This extension allows the B2B store owners to define and set different prices for the same product for its wholesalers. Whether you wish to set fix price, a promotional price or wish to give an additional discount to the potential buyer, you can do it on the go with price per customer extension. Here are a few key features you can leverage from this extension:

  • Set custom product price anytime
  • Define special pricing specific to the customer segment
  • 100% open source
  • Customize the extension the way you want for your online store


It is important to keep a note that B2B transactions should be fast and easy in today’s time to survive in the market. And therefore, we compiled a list of top 5 B2B extensions that every online store will need to improve their online revenues. With the Magento 2 extensions discussed above, being a B2B eCommerce business owner, you can streamline your overall store operations while improving your marketing efforts.

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Meshur Ahir
Meshur Ahir

Meshur Ahir is a young enthusiast who Loves Internet Marketing and is always eager to share useful and authentic content to help others. He believes in Learning, Sharing and keep growing together. A Computer Science Engineer by Chance and Working as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Pixlogix Infotech Pvt Ltd by choice.

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