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7 Ways Social Proof Can Help You Boost Conversions

7 Ways Social Proof Can Help You Boost Conversions

Big brands have been using social proof as an effective tactic to optimize their conversion rates for a while now. Social proof is a powerful phenomenon that works wonders when used properly because consumers want unbiased validation instead of sales copies from the brands.

The term refers to the human tendency to imitate the behavior of others, especially when they are unsure of what to do. And since the digital shopping experience lacks touch-and-feel, social proof can provide your customers with what they need to make the purchasing decision.

It’s not difficult to implement either, and it’s an invaluable part of marketing strategy if you want to achieve a significant and quick increase in your online sales.

Let’s explore seven ways to utilize social proof and boost your conversions!

Display the real-time stats

For those of you looking to skyrocket your conversions, displaying how many people are currently viewing the page, or how many people have recently signed up, or how many customers are making a purchase is a great form of social proof.

These real-time stats are incredibly effective because they not only leverage the power of social proof but also trigger the fear of missing out (FOMO).

You can get a comprehensive social proof tool in order to show purchases, signups, or whatever you want in a small, eye-catching popup. It helps you build trust around your business and also saves on your online advertising campaigns. And it only takes a few minutes to set up!

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Use clients’ logos

A row of your customers’ logos is compelling in proving positive adoption. Big names and successful companies are usually very careful about the products and services they use, so if they opted for your offerings, it demonstrates their value.

If you have clients that are influential in your industry, make sure to show their logo on your website. It’s a surefire way to impress your visitors and turn them into customers. 

Another way to add credibility to your business is to showcase your successful partners and their logos. This way, your brand will be associated with trustworthy and recognizable businesses. 

Add customer ratings and reviews

Consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a site showing product ratings and reviews, so using these forms of social proof is effective in increasing conversions, especially if you run an e-commerce store.

Authentic ratings and reviews from real people prove that others have used your products and show whether they are satisfied or not. People tend to trust this feedback as they consider it to be unbiased. 

And the more reviews a product has, the higher the conversion rates are, according to an experiment conducted by 

Don’t forget about testimonials

Testimonials from authority figures like industry leaders are the most effective ones. The more famous and credible the person that gives a testimonial is, the more it will influence your audience. 

And showing a short video testimonial makes it even more believable. 

If you don’t have big names in the industry using your products, you can ask your customers to say something about them and test how it works on your website.

Make sure to avoid displaying generic recommendations that are full of empty sentences.

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Pull quotes from media mentions

If your brand or product has been mentioned in the media, make sure to feature it on your website to add to your authority. Take excerpts from the media coverage and put them on your website. 

Quoting press mentions is a powerful tactic that helps you gain trust with the audience. 

Integrating the logos of media outlets your brand has been featured in is an even simpler way to let your customers know that trusted sources vouch for you.

And if your business is not covered in the press, don’t worry! Blog mentions count too, so if your brand has been mentioned by them, you can display their logo on your website.

Get celebrity endorsements 

Showing that high authority figures like celebrities, experts, or other influencers approve of your products/services is a popular way to promote your brand and prove its value. It also ensures the maximum exposure for your brand, since most celebrities have millions of followers.

This type of approval encompasses both paid and natural endorsements. Big corporations pay celebrities that are a perfect personality fit with their brand to represent them.

On the other hand, when authority figures use your products in everyday settings, it can result in a drastic surge in sales because consumers are captivated by their personal choices.

Show certifications and badges

The stamp of approval from an authoritative organization within your industry is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise and increase your conversions. Displaying industry certifications or accreditations can help you boost credibility with new customers. 

And if you combine all of these forms of social proof with other psychological principles, you can easily take your business to the next level!

Use storytelling, photos of human faces, and urgency to increase the power of your social proof and see your conversion go through the roof.

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Keith Coppersmith
Keith Coppersmith

Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. As a regular contributor at BizzmarkBlog, he enjoys writing and providing insight into the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.

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