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7 Proven Ways to Boost Mobile Conversions and Make More Sales

7 Proven Ways to Boost Mobile Conversions and Make More Sales

If you are running an ecommerce store, you can’t afford to ignore your mobile users, as people are massively using mobile devices for online purchases. There is no denying the fact that mobile is serving as a key channel for today’s consumers to find their favorite products and services and connect with your brand. Therefore, it is indispensable for nearly every ecommerce brand to capitalize on mobile users by creating a better strategy to improve their mobile conversion rates and generate more sales.

Here are some proven and effective ways ecommerce marketers can use to create a better mobile conversion rate optimization strategy for better lead generation and more mobile conversions.  

Focus on Mobile Page Loading Speed

Believe it or not, speed matters a lot, especially when it comes to the mobile website. In fact, it is one of the most important ways to increase mobile ecommerce conversion rate. A study suggests that more than 40% of users abandon the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Sites that load faster have more engagement and great chances of getting more conversions. But the question is how to improve your mobile site speed?

Using responsive, mobile-optimized design is the key. When you follow Google’s best practices for mobile page speed, use a content delivery network, optimize your images, and install a caching plugin, chances are high that you will boost the speed of your ecommerce site on any device.

Offer a Memorable User Experience

Creating a visually impressive and functional mobile design that provides an amazing user experience can do wonders. That is why it is important for ecommerce marketers to ensure that their mobile sites are designed to provide users with an awesome experience. According to Google, it takes less than a second for users to create an impression of your website. When your mobile loads quickly, and your customers can easily find the desired product, it will definitely make users engage with the website. 

Create a Sense of Urgency

It’s no wonder that urgency can create a positive effect on your mobile sales. When it comes to boosting your mobile conversions, website marketers can create a sense of urgency among mobile users through mobile marketing. For instance, you can create a fear of missing out (FOMO) on an amazing, limited-time offer, provide additional discount offers to retain the users, or simply use persuasive phrases in your CTA to encourage users to take the desired action.   

Improve Mobile SEO

Keep in mind that mobile search is entirely different from traditional search, and users act different when they use smartphones and tablets. For marketers, it is critically important to strictly follow Google guidelines for mobile websites to make their site mobile-friendly, improve its rankings and searchability. Small business owners are advised to optimize their mobile sites so that mobile users can easily find your site when they are looking for the desired products or services. You can use Google mobile keyword search tool to incorporate popular and relevant search terms that work best for your mobile site and help users to find your site. This will attract more users to your site and eventually improve your mobile conversions.

Rewarding Mobile Users

Rewarding mobile users for every action they perform on your site is undeniably a great idea to catch their love and attention. You can use tactile responses to better interact with your users. For instance, if someone is filling the form, you can use visual indicators in the form of microinteractions that the fields are valid, and the process is successfully completed. Similarly, if someone submits the order, there should be a visual indication that the order has been submitted. In short, by providing strong tactile cues on the mobile version of your ecommerce store, you can improve the user experience and user interaction.  

An Easy and Simple Checkout Process

Optimizing your checkout process and making it easier for users to pay on mobile devices is the most important tip that every mobile marketer should follow. A complicated checkout process can simply make mobile users abandon your website. Avoid using long checkout pages and try to make the checkout process as simple and precise as possible to complete the purchase process and enhance user experience. You can consider breaking down the long and intimidating checkout process into precise steps by using the Next button. Trust me, providing the simple and easy check out process can help ecommerce sites to increase mobile conversions. 

Build Trust and Positive Connections

Developing trust in mobile platforms is no easy feat. Consumers often return to brands they trust, especially when it comes to online shopping. Therefore, ecommerce brands are advised to earn respect and loyalty of mobile users. You can use a trust seal or SSL certificate on your mobile site to show your visitors that your site is legitimate. Providing contact information and actual images of the people behind your brand is another great way to build trust among mobile users that there is a real person who can be approached if they need any help. You can use multiple channels for users to contact with your brand.

Furthermore, social proof, customer reviews, and testimonials can work best to build your brand authenticity. As a matter of fact, by displaying authentic, user-generated reviews and testimonials, your ecommerce brand can build trust and boost conversions and sales.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an ecommerce store, or a marketing agency, the above-cited strategies can work best for every business. A mobile app development company in Dubai can help you improve the performance of your mobile site, which will eventually increase the number of mobile visitors, improve user experience, and boost mobile conversions.

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