6 Proven methods to get your first 1000 Instagram followers rapidly

6 Proven methods to get your first 1000 Instagram followers rapidly

With the recent wake of technology and advancement of social media sites, various means of promoting brands, marketing businesses, and making individuals celebrities has become a common practice. Instagram has changed the complete scenario for travelers and photographers. You may love it or you may hate it but you simply cannot ignore it. Getting a large number of followers is what every IG user wishes but it easy said hard done the task. This post will highlight the 6 proven methods to get your first 1000 Instagram followers rapidly.

Whether you are an individual looking for a large number of real and active followers to become an Influencer or you are a brand looking for the best suitable options for promotional campaigns, Instagram is the right choice. To achieve all your social media goals, you must start by getting your first 1000 Instagram followers rapidly.

  1. Create an attractive Profile

Both the individual and brand profiles need to be completed in every respect and it must include a unique kind of attraction in it. The profile is the first impression and every first impression lasts for more time than any other thing. Your profile must carry a username and an attractive photo. An interesting way to do it effectively is to choose a username that resembles your brand and post the latest products as a profile picture. Another method is to make the brand’s logo your profile picture for permanent and change cover at a regular interval. Here are the other steps you need to fulfill in order to create an attractive profile

  • Choose your Targeted audience
  • Set a tone for your brand
  • Select a color scheme (In fact you must fix a color scheme)
  • Post on regular intervals
  • High quality Images can do wonders
  • Meaningful captions


  1. Win viewer’s attention

Followers are like us. They are also looking for creative and efficient accounts to follow. Every follower has its own list of demands like some IG users are interested in celebrities profile so they follow celebrities. Some of them are using IG to get the latest updates on trends, so they start following trendsetters. Whatever your brand offers or even you are an individual, getting first 1000 followers rapidly requires you to be social and be active. It all starts with winning the viewer’s attention. There are various methods to attract real Instagram followers and earn engagements. Some of these are mentioned below

  • Location based posting
  • Know who followers are following
  1. Hashtags attracts real followers

There are millions of posts being posted for a particular niche every day on Instagram. Simply getting unique and completing your profile is not enough to win you your first 1000 Instagram followers rapidly. So what do you get to do, is the right question.

Simple posts, no matter how unique they are, went unnoticed. Embellished posts having various #tags will win the viewer’s attention quickly. You may have noticed it while surfing IG, most of the celebrities' posts include different common and popular hashtags. These hashtags are the lifeline for getting more real Instagram followers.

  • #mondaymorning
  • #tuesdaythought
  • #PhotosScenes
  • #images
  • #DestinationWedding


  1. Add Descriptions

Along with utilizing hashtags, another important part that will get your first 1000 Instagram followers rapidly is adding descriptions. Be descriptive with your posts and tag relevant celebrities. In this way, you get more attention. But you must master Instagram stories because they are evolving. Master IG stories and use it by adding relevant and catchy hashtags. While writing descriptions use the following tips

  • Give an Idea about your Brand
  • Tag celebrities from the particular niche
  • Target specific audience by adding locations
  • Build suspense
  • Plan a surprise


  1. Collaborate in Massive conversations

Instagram has a wide range of groups where people converse about posts. Your duty is to participate in these groups. Wherever you find a massively crowded conversation, post a comment. Be sure you are in the group where you can have the targeted audience. Posting comments to other niche groups will perform very less. Find a particular niche group, post comment and use common and popular hashtags. This way you will get your first 1000 Instagram followers rapidly.

  1. Influencer Network

Find a particular account of your niche with a large number of followers. Usually, every country tracks accounts of a particular niche in order to promote healthy competition. Idea is that if they follow a particular account they will surely follow you. Influencer networks are a key component for promoting brands, business ideas, and individual accounts. Keeping track of followers and unfollowers, joining Instagram pods for a specific niche is also important. To get your first 1000 Instagram followers rapidly, also follow the tips mentioned below

  • Build your repute
  • Create an attractive Bio
  • Find people that may interested in your content
  • Search for common and popular hashtags

Author Biography.

Muhammad Idrees
Muhammad Idrees

Muhammad Idrees is a writer for Wislay.Net . He is a passionate young boy who loves to explore the beauty of world. He has a big passion for helping others and motivating people.

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