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2 Mn Patients, $15.6 Mn Funding: How InnovAccer Looks To Leverage Big Data Analytics To Change The Healthcare Game

2 Mn Patients, $15.6 Mn Funding: How InnovAccer Looks To Leverage Big Data Analytics To Change The Healthcare Game

This is a attempted and examined adage, with the quantity of innovation and ideation coming in from this august organization within the last few years. Maybe, the scholars at IIT are advocated to cultivate ‘out-of-the-field thinking,’ maybe their motivation is especially internal and not driven via a fats pay package, whatever the purpose, IIT breeds ideapreneurs.

Two such batchmates from IIT Kharagpur – Abhinav Shashank and Kanav Hasija – graduated together in 2010 and went on to pursue exceptional paths back then. Abhinav labored at pharmaceutical massive Ingersoll with Sandeep Gupta while Kanav went to pursue his Masters at Boston University.

“I changed into running at Ingersoll for approximately 3 years, after I realised I desired to do some thing more, some thing distinct with my life. And just around then, an international facts analytics venture became being carried out by using Wharton and Harvard University at Philadelphia,” starts Abhinav. “I took a damage from paintings and there Kanav become, also working in this same undertaking.”

The mission – a basic research of the way massive amounts of facts (that which we name massive statistics) may be studied, crunched, and analysed and the insights that can be derived from the identical. “Because it become an vital venture and big records became surprisingly new, the undertaking acquired a tonne of visibility. We were on NBC, MSNBC and a group of different networks. And this got different universities which includes Standford, MIT and Harvard once more to attain out to us on the way to provide you with extra insights in one-of-a-kind fields,” he adds.

The concept changed into fundamental – leverage big data and machine studying to derive precise insights in special regions of hobby and research and deliver the output in product shape. It become this simple idea that brought about the formation of information analytics startup InnovAccer in 2012 through Abhinav, Kanav and Sandeep in Silicon Valley.

Narrowing Focus: From Researching Every Field To Finetuning Healthcare In The US

“You ought to recognize, the amount of records being generated today is giant. Be it social media or mainstream media or agencies themselves, even smaller agencies, information is everywhere. For the whole lot. If you need to take a look at a pattern set of say 10K organizations you look at – patents, financials, investment, their overall overall performance, group power etc. And all of this records is unstructured and has to be culled in from different resources onto a single place,” says Abhinav.

According to him, this information once culled, is not possible to manually examine for reasons concerning mistakes, time, bandwidth, and efficiency. “What large information does is accumulate all of this data, run it on huge tech stacks after which the set of rules written through us will parse out this facts to provide traits, predictions in a dependent, consumable, and usable manner,” he adds.

As in line with Abhinav, this methodology became so a hit that at the end of the primary 12 months the pinnacle 18 studies establishments among top 65 had reached out to InnovAccer and given the group various initiatives to paintings on – in fields as varied as retail, real property, films and entertainment. The product, such because it changed into, being used throughout verticals and providing required outputs.

But the turning point for the startup came whilst an unnamed institution (top-tier) approached InnovAccer to create insights based on historic, scientific records of patients to discover trends that might lead to proactive prevention of persistent illnesses such as diabetes, coronary heart attacks, blood stress and many others.

“The US has full-size digital scientific information of sufferers, unlike India which continues to be lagging far behind in terms of historical statistics. Because of the initial amount of statistics available, all we needed to do turned into collate it all, parse it after which derive trends for the prevailing and future from the equal. This became in aid of precision medicinal drug,” shares Abhinav.

“The idea was – what if you can tell a person that their weight loss become a life-style trouble, or that they should cut lower back on their sugar consumption due to the fact they were at threat for hereditary diabetes?”

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While the project turned into a fulfillment, the company then confronted its next huge problem – a way to remedy those varieties of troubles at scale.

Datashop: Because Looking At Silos Does Not Help Derive Insights

“We were lucky, I would say. In 2014, we began off with a $1 Mn seed investment led with the aid of Rajan Anandan and Capillary Technologies and the funding proved  things for us – evidence of concept and enough ability to build a product that could resolve data-associated troubles at scale,” says Abhinav.

The employer’s flagship product – Datashop or as Abhinav wryly calls it ‘Data ki dukaan’ – that is an umbrella platform to parse information. “Any corporation inside the global in any industry has multiple techniques and systems working for distinctive functions – HR, Accounting, Communicating, Workflow and so on. And these processes do no longer talk to every other, it is not their feature. Then we have outside influencers consisting of mainstream and social media, financials of the company etc. We constructed about 20 connectors that might offer a 360 degree view of the corporation beneath one platform.”

As Abhinav says, if statistics is checked out in person silos, it will make its very own experience however you can't make trend predictions or parent out insights. It isn't beneficial to have records existing in silos.

When it involves healthcare, Abhinav claims that the corporation looks at elements such as patients’ clinical information, clinic operation methods, and coverage claims. The way healthcare works inside the US is this – a number of hospitals offering numerous specialties come underneath a healthcare network (private and government-funded) in a specific location, are also connected to a selected coverage issuer for quicker claims-processing.

“Healthcare inside the US is hellishly high priced, running into hundreds of greenbacks in case you’re now not insured. So claims have become a very big a part of the way the platform utilises facts. Also, the traditional ‘intestine sense’ method of going to a selected physician, or selecting a specific form of remedy for treatable ailments is inefficient and counterintuitive.”

According to the founder, this legacy manner of running can now be manipulated and modified with the aid of combining existing facts across factors to help quantify affected person, scientific outcomes and insights for hospitals and statewide networks.

“We Provide The Lens So Doctors, Hospitals Can See The Healthcare Highway Clearly”

“A medical doctor and the healthcare device are riding each different and modern remedy ahead. We just provide the lens on the way to see truely,” says Abhinav.

How InnovAccer does this is through the following methods.

It tries to improve the results of sickness metrics and patient prevention through big pattern sizes of population. It tries to improve and predicate doctor efficiencies so as to make sure most effective affected person care inside a given medical institution, or community of hospitals.

“As you know heart attacks cross undiagnosed within the first thirty minutes of a patient displaying symptoms and getting the drugs right in the ones first couple of minutes is crucial to saving the affected person’s excellent of life. Also, heart assaults among different illnesses, value approximately $500K to be handled. We want to look for approaches to carry this cost down.”

“We attempt to offer intervention insights furnished by statistics that may lead to higher care effects and bring down the cost of stated healthcare leading to more low cost healthcare for every person,” he adds.

We Never Thought Of Running A Business…It Was All About Academics

“We spent a number of time and our seed cash in seeking to get the product proper, due to the fact the market already existed for it. So we officially launched the product handiest in 2015 after figuring out what our product and platform might be,” says Abhinav.

As according to Abhinav, their first massive customer changed into one in every of the most important healthcare networks in Iowa who wanted InnovAccer to offer insights on the whole country. This changed into while the group performed enterprise traction. The challenge with Iowa healthcare become succeeded by means of  networks in New York looking to have InnovAccer onboard and then Texas, California and Nebraska. “At the moment we've got 600-seven hundred clinics and hospitals on-boarded at the InnovAccer platform,” shares Abhinav.

The pricing model for the startup is based at the range of patients it can delve into and offer insights for, so the boom metric for the organisation additionally stems from the equal. . It claims to have about 1.7 Mn to two Mn sufferers already registered at the platform. “We installed PMF with Iowa, however our real growth began taking place while all of the different networks came to us and we commenced growing at approximately three hundred%-four hundred% Y-o-Y,” says Abhinav.

It became additionally in August 2016, that it raised a Series A spherical of $15.6 Mn from Westbridge Capital, with the MD Sumir Chadha becoming a member of the organization’s board too. According to the founder, and the brand new budget too helped the employer in developing hastily, because the group should amplify to one hundred human beings sitting in Delhi even as the center team of 20 operated from the HQ – San Francisco.

“Our important purpose is patient care. For that we need to have more patients come onboard and get 10 Mn patients via the give up of the year. And extensively speaking, we want to reach approximately a hundred Mn patients in the subsequent 3 years. We understand that we will handiest enhance healthcare by improving outcomes and which can best be done via running with as many healthcare networks as we will. It’s weird. But when we began off, it become just about the teachers of it all. We didn’t think of strolling a commercial enterprise at all,” says Abhinav with a grin.

But InnovAccer is a business and each enterprise faces competition, both from friends or legacy agencies. It does no longer exactly fall below a conventional, healthtech, hassle-fixing startup, as its product is much less tangible and more educational.

“We would say our competitors are organizations and products which includes IBM Watson (the extraordinary pc), Healthcatalyst and Palantir. These are all billion dollar companies. But our technology prowess is unrivaled as we're the use of tech that Facebook uses – Hadoop and Spark. Our product and team is rivaling the fine inside the word and we're constructing out slicing edge tech. I’d say, we aren't only competing towards these giants however triumphing as our increase continues to be occurring,” he says.

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For a nascent enterprise this is just beginning out on its bold journey of solving a pain point that exists almost, in each country within the world, status on the cutting fringe of generation appears to be the right motivation.

Editor’s Note

The use case for analytics is increasing with each 12 months, and an enterprise that became considered to come under the domain of the KPO vertical has won significance in its own proper. Data is king inside the twenty first century, and nowhere is this adage greater appropriate than inside the manner healthcare has been democratised and, to a certain extent, commercialised.

With merchandise including IBM Watson and Datashop looking to satisfy the pain point of intervention insights and precision remedy, the day isn’t far while era truely prolongs the human excellent of life, together with providing essential healthcare.

So some distance, InnovAccer has tasted fulfillment, both by being lean and careful at the same time as proving PMF and raising finances, and also with the aid of grasping the fundamental issue that needs resolution. But with opposition from installed gamers together with Palantir and newer tykes entering the vertical, how it's going to hold pace and scale remains to be visible.

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