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10 best SaaS marketing tools and platforms for 2021

10 best SaaS marketing tools and platforms for 2021

Best SaaS advertising and marketing tools and systems

  • Google Analytics. Free, in-depth internet site traffic metrics.
  • Vidyard. The pleasant advertising a sales video hosting platform.
  • Hootsuite. The complete social media control platform.
  • SparkToro. Market research and target market intelligence for all.
  • SEMrush. The most complete SEO toolkit.
  • Zoom. The ubiquitous video conferencing device.
  • LuckyOrange. The first-rate heatmap software program.
  • Zapier. Connect and automate your disparate equipment.
  • HubSpot. The primary hub for all of your advertising and marketing and income software program.
  • RightMessage. The maximum below-rated marketing device in lifestyles.

Does all of us realize what time it's far?


Welcome to this unique 2020 edition of Tool Time. I’m your host, Morgan “the man with the plan and that they told me this was too long for a middle call but I’m going to lead them to edit it out to be sure” VanDerLeest.

And joining me these days are 10 ought to-have software program-as-a-service (SaaS) advertising tools and platforms. My oh my, those equipment are a few keepers.

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If you didn’t get the brilliance of that prolonged 90s' sitcom reference… I’m sorry, we are able to no longer be pals.

But before we dig into that, what is SaaS?

In a nutshell, it’s software bought on a subscription basis (commonly monthly or annually) and is commonly handy on line. This may be a freemium service (free to begin with additional features at the back of a paywall) or absolutely paid from the start. But while you use it, it have to sense like having superpowers: something you will have to spend way too much time or money doing for your personal.

Now, in case you’ve been preserving tune, the MarTech landscape has elevated to around eight,000 answers.

In other words, it could take you a bit even as to clear out the noise and discover the satisfactory of the exceptional gear. And to make it extra complicated, some gear are particularly niche and a few are in large part encompassing, so locating the right equipment to your enterprise may also take some first-rate-tuning.

Lucky for you, I’m a glutton for punishment and sifted thru that crazy. 

Below are 10 of the fine advertising and marketing gear you could find, and except you’re already the use of this complete stack you’ll locate some thing you may appreciate in here.

It’s Tool Time, baby!

1. Google Analytics

Oh, Google, our robust and vengeful overlord. No rely how many sacrifices we make, it’s by no means enough to appease thy algorithm for long.

Joking apart, it’s tough to assume a advertising stack that doesn’t encompass Google Analytics. First of all, it’s free (pencil that into the budget) and on the grounds that Google is the quest engine to conquer, Analytics is a extraordinary way to see the way it mainly is comparing your website.

Google Analytics measures all varieties of traffic metrics in your internet site, analyzes performance (like load time and mobile responsiveness), and surfaces target audience insights.

Even if you’re using another site visitors analytics device, wiring up Google Analytics is a top notch way to evaluate and cross more in-depth concerning site visitors metrics, traveler categorization, and vicinity segmentation.

These metrics help you determine what content material to create extra of, which referral channels you need to recognition on, and what pages you need to revise (if they have a excessive jump price, for example).

Google now not your aspect? Here’s a privacy-centered opportunity: Fathom Analytics. It’s far much less in-intensity, but it’s clean, doesn’t require a cookie note, and highlights some of the maximum vital metrics like particular visits, time on web page, top pages, and referrers.

2. Vidyard

Video has been on the upward push for years, and it’s extra vital than ever. There are a handful of remarkable video web hosting companies obtainable, however just a few are centered on advertising and sales. And of those, Vidyard is IMPACT’s tool of desire (and an associate of ours).

Vidyard has 3 fundamental focuses (and we use they all!):


  • Sales teams
  • Internal communications
  • Marketing groups

Everyone gets inundated with emails and undeniable textual content messages. 

Vidyard’s GoVideo functionality facilitates sales teams and internal communicators stand out, add a face to their messages, include calls-to-action within the video, and understand who has watched their motion pictures and how frequently. 

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That can be the distinction among a lukewarm and fiery warm qualified lead. If you haven’t been the usage of movies for your sales manner, you’re leaving opportunities at the table!

The advertising side enables you to look how many people are watching your internet site’s videos, how lengthy they’re watching, after they fall off, and wherein mediums your films are doing exceptional. And all of this feeds lower back into your CRM, supplying you with lots of engagement facts in your target audience.

Vidyard not your thing? Loom has been making some big waves inside the video area, and their toolset has inspired the interfaces of Vidyard and others. Our product team uses Loom since it’s tailor-made closer to product over advertising, however has among the equal benefits as Vidyard.

3. Hootsuite

Regardless of your emotions round social media, actually billions of people use those platforms and they're tough to ignore. If your commercial enterprise doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re missing out on a outstanding way to get engaged along with your audience and Hootsuite is a top-tier social media management platform. 

It has gear for nearly the whole lot, from publishing your content material into the arena and monitoring and tasty along with your target market to empowering your teams to build your brand in public.

Create and agenda your content, get a unified social media inbox (hallelujah!), and keep your team educated with Hootsuite Academy, all underneath one roof.

Not a Hootsuite fan? Buffer has tools for each publishing and analyzing your social media efforts. While now not as in-intensity as Hootsuite, Buffer’s truthful and smooth interface and revel in can make your social media management efforts more pleasant.

4. SparkToro

SparkToro allows you pick out the most important areas of affect in your target market. It’s the brainchild of former Moz CEO Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry, former Moz, Wistia, and HubSpot worker.

SparkToro gathers substantial amounts of social and net data and places collectively traits for what your target audience consumes online (textual content, audio, video, follows, discussions, and so on).

With that stage of advertising and marketing research and target market intelligence, you could pinpoint your areas of cognizance and do things like:

  • Sponsor the pinnacle podcast to your target audience’s circle
  • Guest put up on the web sites your target audience frequents
  • Collaborate with have an effect on marketers to get in front of your audience once they’re most engaged

Another amusing tidbit about SparkToro: It’s now not your common startup trying to climb to the top as rapid as feasible. Rand and Casey are building a sustainable, worthwhile commercial enterprise that gives noticeably valuable information with out breaking the financial institution. This allows them to consciousness on their customers first, empowering them to locate the first-rate-match target audience for their enterprise.

If you’re interested in gaining knowledge of more, IMPACT’s Kevin Phillips interviewed Rand Fishkin concerning SparkToro on a ToolTorial episode! 

5. SEMrush

No advertising and marketing stack is entire with out a powerful search engine optimization device, and for that,, we should recommend SEMrush (every other IMPACT affiliate).

With over forty tools in their package, SEMrush almost has too much for virtual entrepreneurs.

While the bulk of their equipment fall beneath the search engine optimization class, additionally they guide content material control, marketing, social media management, and competitive research.

Their search engine optimization category consists of the whole lot you’d anticipate (non-exhaustive list):

  • Keyword equipment
  • Backlink analytics
  • Traffic insights
  • Site audit

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We often use SEMrush to audit and make guidelines for our customers, and it’s one of the most complete SEO equipment within the industry.

6. Zoom

Ah, the hero we wanted. Zoom has become one of the most ubiquitous equipment on the market, as the whole thing from faculties to family gatherings were held thru video conference during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you haven’t been on a Zoom name yet, it’s one of the de-facto video conferencing gear in the marketplace right now, competing with the likes of Google Meet/Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. 

The unfastened model has limitless 1:1 conferences, and a 40-minute maximum on organization meetings (as much as 100 participants). It’s an powerful way to do patron interviews, connect with coworkers, and attend industry digital meetings.

Want a Zoom alternative? Check out Whereby, the browser-based (that means no app or down load required!) video conferencing app that’s got just about the whole thing you need (check out #4 in this IMPACT Toolbox article for greater information).

7. LuckyOrange

When it comes to heatmap equipment, LuckyOrange is the device to beat. A heatmap tool shows you in which on your web page humans are focused and clicking.

Are traffic making it beneath the fold? Which call-to-action (CTA) is triumphing out at the web page?

This is the precise level of statistics that enables flip a web page from a lackluster brochure into a lead-producing engine, with actual statistics about how human beings are interacting along with your web page.

Not best is LuckyOrange insightful, but it’s also very competitively priced. 

Starting at $10/month for up to twenty-five,000 pageviews, that’s enough to deal with maximum website visitors. And if you’ve got more than that, then you definitely ought to have more than $10 to spare on gear!

As with most of those tools, we use LuckyOrange on IMPACT’s website and we recommend it to our clients. 

And in case you’re presently the use of another device, LuckyOrange will beat the charge or come up with a unfastened account.

This guy markets.

8. Zapier

With the multitude of advertising and marketing and sales gear out there, now and again they don’t always paintings nicely with one another. That’s where Zapier comes in.

With Zapier, you build “zaps” or connections that take an occasion from one provider and trigger something to show up in every other device.

For instance, create a brand new HubSpot touch whilst you upload a Google Sheet row or register new leads from webinars.

If you’re finding your self doing whatever manual on a normal basis, it’s well worth checking Zapier to see if you may automate the process. Or find out the methods other entrepreneurs are the use of Zapier.

9. HubSpot

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we can be biased, however definitely, it’s hard to make a list of marketing tools that doesn’t include it. So hard that I couldn’t depart it out.

HubSpot holds a unique function in the MarTech panorama. While there is a ton of functionality integrated, its actual power is performing as a hub for the relaxation of your advertising and sales gear.

With their App Marketplace, HubSpot permits the mixing of a ton of different packages with it. By doing this, HubSpot turns into the necessary linchpin of your advertising stack.

But depending to your needs, you may not even need integrations. With HubSpot you may:

  • Develop and host your internet site
  • Create and manage your weblog
  • Track site visitors metrics
  • Run email advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Manage clients with their CRM

That’s enough to begin constructing a few severe ROI to your advertising efforts. If you’re no longer sure the way to track ROI reporting in HubSpot, be sure to test out IMPACT’s Director of HubSpot Training Carina Duffy’s direction at the Fundamentals of ROI Reporting in HubSpot (Pro club required).

10. RightMessage

Hands down, RightMessage is the most underneath-rated advertising tool in existence.

I’ll say it again. The most beneath-rated marketing tool in life.

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The key for advertising and marketing is conversion. If human beings aren’t changing, you then aren’t getting leads.

RightMessage is a conversion powerhouse. Get began by using which include the JavaScript snippet to your internet site. Then it helps you personalize, phase, and convert your target market thru a chain of clean however powerful gear. RightMessage is like HubSpot’s Smart Content but greater complete.

It all starts offevolved with the shape flow builder. First, you create a sequence of paperwork that dynamically display based totally on how your visitors respond. These may be simple, one-click multiple-preference paperwork, or extra complex custom fields. Then you show precise calls-to-motion primarily based on their responses the records on your CRM.

That’s proper. RightMessage has a two-way synchronization with the first-rate CRMs in the industry, such as HubSpot, and the content material you display to traffic is based on the facts you already have.

Never ask a subscribed contact for their email again. Show a applicable CTA as an alternative. Allow your target market to self-section themselves.

Automatically tweak form content primarily based on solutions to previous questions.

And when you’re ready to electricity-up the relaxation of your website, you may improve to their Personalize Plan that lets in you to personalize some thing to your internet site: headlines, pix, replica, CTAs, you call it.

RightMessage enables you get all of the little matters proper to make your audience feel heard such as you’re speaking immediately to each of them for my part.

It will take some approach to get the maximum out of RightMessage. But even some simple segmenting can drastically enhance your conversions.

Now the real question…

What SaaS tools are you the usage of?

It’s an excellent time to be alive as a marketer with any such variety and depth of tools. While it could appear overwhelming, the sheer breadth simply improves the chance that there’s a perfect tool stack for you out there.

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