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Shark Tank - Jugaadu Kamlesh startup idea

Shark Tank - Jugaadu Kamlesh startup idea

Shark Tank - Jugaadu Kamlesh startup idea

India is going to be the coming silicon vale with a incipiency mecca. Indeed there's a lot of traction for startups in this and the coming decade as well. 

latterly, all foreign investors are more likely to do investment in Indian startups. incipiency plays a big part to make India “ Atma Nirbhar Bharat ”. 

To support and encourage early- stage startups, the SONY channel has introduced ” Shark Tank India ”. This shows gives the incipiency author a platform to pitch their ideas. also the judges who are well- known entrepreneurs of India will make investments consequently. 

This is the first time, that Shark Tank is featured in the Indian interpretation. principally, Shark Tank is one of the most notorious shows in the US. Now, the SONY channel has made a debut in the Indian interpretation. 

Since Shark Tank India started features, the show had gone viral. In each occasion, numerous entrepreneurs will pitch their business ideas to seek investments. 

In this blog, we're going to portray the incipiency idea erected by the pastoral boy Jugaadu Kamlesh. Without important fiscal background, and support he got investment from the Lenskart author Peyush Bansal. 

Let’s tell the story of Shark Tank Jugaadu Kamlesh 

Shark Tank Jugaadi Kamlesh KG Agrotech 
In the same fashion, Shark Tank India shows judges 

  • Peyush Bansal( Lenskart author) 
  • Anupam Mittal( author) 
  • Vineeta Singh( Sugar Cosmetics author) 
  • Ghazal Alag( Mamaearth author) 
  • Namita( Emcure Pharma author) 

These judges were staying for the coming rivals. also Jugaadu Kamlesh gave a stalwart entry to Shark Tank India. Every competitor in the Shark Tank India shows pitch their idea uniquely. 

Indeed Shark Tank Jugaadu Kalmesh gave his visiting card to all the judges. also he started to tell about his incipiency KG Agrotech. As he's from Malgoan, Maharastra. His formal name is Kamlesh Nanashaeb Ghumare. 

latterly, Jugaadu Kamlesh describes the reason for his business idea. As, Kamlesh is from a planter’s family, so he was keen on his father’s health. Because he was witnessing that his father’s health was deteriorating while scattering fungicides on the cropland. 

As a practice, growers carry over 10 to 15 liters of fungicides tank on their tails to spray fungicides. While scattering with the help of a long pipe connected to the tank, some of the driblets were coming into contact with the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Accordingly, numerous growers ’ health was affected by fungicides. Indeed Jugaadu Kalmesh’s father’s condition was also deteriorating. latterly, his father was communicated with the complaint as well. 

Jugaadu Kamlesh KG Agrotech So, Juggadu Kamlesh allowed to bring a result to his father’s problem. also he went to bring some material to make the Cycle Sprayer prototype. 

It was a long process for him to make the prototype. Actually, it took nearly 7 times to make the prototype. His result was inconceivable, he made a three- wheeler cycler where he made some space to hold the fungicide tank. 

also he connected the tank opening to the cycle handle. So, whenever he cycle in stir, one can fluently spot over the granges. 

Indeed the three- wheeler cycle has a tubeless tire to grease moving with lower disunion on the land. Indeed it can be used for seed dropping as well. 

It took the overall cost over 8 to 12k. Indeed it's affordable to the growers to buy the product. latterly the product price might come down if he manufactures in bulk. 

After the product was erected, Kamlesh’s friend ‘ Naru ’ upload the videotape on youtube. also the videotape got viral with 65 lakhs views. latterly, people communicated him to deliver the product. During his trip his friend ‘ Naru ’ was probative. 

Indeed some companies approached to vend his product for 5 to 10 lakhs. But Kamlesh didn't vend because he'd worked for 7 long times. So, he couldn't just vend his product and lose his power. 

As the name suggests Jugaad, Kamlesh also had that innovative mindset. Indeed he could do all the Jugaad for the conditioning done in the husbandry. 

Shark Tank Judges investment in Jugaadu kalmesh incipiency 

Shark Tank Judges were happy and astonished for their donation chops. Each judge was proud of his work and praise him for his sweats. Kamlesh came to ask 30 lakhs for 10 of the equity. 

Jugaadu Kamlesh didn't start his business yet. So, he couldn't appeal to the judges with profit. Since Kamlesh made only one prototype of the product. 

Anupam author didn't make any investment. Because he couldn't get any analysis with profit. But Anupam was proud of Kamlesh’s sweats. 

also Vineeta Singh also suggests he go with crowdfunding sources. In which he can get all the required backing. Eventually, Sugar ornamental author didn't invest in the wolf Tank Jugaadu kalmesh incipiency. 

Now, it was Ghazal Alag who was impressed with the braveness and zeal of Kamlesh. She was surprised by the energy and excitement of pastoral boy Kamlesh. But Ghazal didn't invest because the incipiency didn't make any deals yet. 

Eventually, Namita showed interest in helping Juggadu Kalmesh for his incipiency growth. Indeed she ensures to support him with connecting with government agencies and crowdfunding sources. 

Peyush Bansal and Shark Tank Jugaadu Kamlesh 

Eventually, Peyush Bansal was the only Shark Tank judge left for investing. also Peyusbh asked about Kamlesh his vision. 

Kamlesh wants to reach this product to growers and to break their problems. latterly, he told that he wishes to give employment to his vill graduates who did their Bsc and engineering. So, that they can find their job in their native and doesn't want to resettle for jobs. 

latterly, Peyush Bansal allowed for a while about investment. Indeed other judges were also too curious to know about his decision. rather of allowing about the business, Peyush’s decision was told by emotion and meekness. 

Eventually, Lenskart author Peyush Bansal gave 10 lakhs of backing and 20 lakhs as interest with 0 commission for 40 of his company. also other 10 for Naru and 50 for the author Jugaadu Kamlesh. 

Shark Tank India Judge Peyush Bansal was praised for the investment. All the other investors allowed about the perspective of business, while Bansal was fascinated with the zeal and meekness of Jugaadu Kamlesh. 

While giving the cheque, Peyush Bansal told that Jugaadu Kamlesh is the ” Hope for numerous Indians ”. 

Shark Tank Jugaadu Kalmesh got the backing and he's completely happy. Indeed while entering the cheque he touches the bases of Peyush to seek the blessing. Eventually, he went out jumping in the air. 


04 Jun, 2023




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