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SciKnowTech, a break-through in experiential science leaning, where ‘exposure leads to exploration’

SciKnowTech, a break-through in experiential science leaning, where ‘exposure leads to exploration’

SciKnowTech, a break-through in experiential science leaning, where ‘exposure leads to exploration’

A Ph.D. holder from ISRO, Dr. Megha Bhatt holds a few awards amazingly alongside being the organizer of an experiential learning stage for Science-SciKnow Tech. Vyapaar Jagat collaborated with Dr. Bhatt to comprehend the excursion and the path forward for this special idea. 

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How SciKnowTech got equivalent to 'Experiential Teaching for Science'? 

SciKnowTech's excursion started in December 2014 with a little gathering of youngsters at home. "The Idea produced from my own child and kids around. Just reasonable learning or just presenting youngsters to tests/models, doesn't get the job done for learning science. Youngsters realize how to do the tests watching Youtube recordings yet don't have a clue why that is going on and I understood that I need to venture up and answer their inquiries. Consequently, with the way of thinking of "Openness prompts Exploration" came up the possibility of-SciKnowTech-an advancement in experiential science inclining," shares Dr. Bhatt. 

Post origin, it has now led in excess of 500 workshops in Schools, Clubs and Villages, alongside done with 70 Teachers Training. As of now it has 125 youngsters joined up with year long learning project and by and large in excess of 25000 kids have been presented to the idea of experiential learning through this stage, in the course of the most recent 5 years. 

Uniqueness of the stage and the genuineness of its proprietors and workers has today made it a famous name in Ahmedabad as well as in Gujarat. Talking about the stage, Dr. Bhatt shared, "SciKnowTech is a foundation of 'Experiential Teaching' of Science. The primary point is to create logical disposition and fitness in kids up to Grade 9, utilizing different dialects of learning, by including hypothesis, model-production and practicals, giving a general encounter comprehensive experience to the kids." 

"Indian urban communities either have decay learning educational cost classes or small bunch of model-based science places, however nobody joins the two to give comprehensive application-based learning and that is the reason the ideas never get cleared in kids' psyche. This vacuum turned into the beginning stage of SciKnowTech, where we join hypothetical/theoretical evaluation astute learning of science with various dialects of learning as standard-wise educational program," added Dr. Bhatt 

There are five distinct modules in the plan of action of SciKnowTech, which are- 

  • Year-long projects for youngsters at the foundation (where kids go to the institute according to their norm/grade each week – Grade 2 to 9) 
  • Workshops in schools for understudies and instructors preparing so the prepared educators can spread the information and oblige a bigger arrangement of crowd 
  • Running Science Clubs in schools with DIY packs 
  • Getting related in CSR exercises for arriving at Grassroots level 
  • Leading Science subject based birthday celebrations to have bigger cultural effect. 

Path Forward Vision 

To additional spread information through this stage, Dr. Bhatt's group consistently draws in with Parents of school-going kids, Teachers, Principals, Trustees, Schools and Corporates. 

Situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, SciKnowTech plans to spreads its information in different pieces of the country and in the long run spread its wings all around the world. 

Sharing her vision, Dr. Bhatt said, "Our bigger objective or vision is to spread the information on science in an important manner and urge youngsters to take up interest based and application-based learning of science. In general objective is for individuals to accept 'Think Science – Think SciKnowTech'. We began with 22 kids and a year ago we had 65 kids enlisted and this year we crossed 100. Five years down the line, the adaptability should be supported by utilizing more guides in-house to guarantee more number of clumps. Simultaneously, the institute should be reached out to different zones of Ahmedabad and at last in urban areas of Gujarat and India with the similarly invested accomplices. Past year-long projects, we additionally plan to expand openness to workshops and instructor's trainings." 

Center Team 

Prime supporter Dr. Megha Bhatt 

Dr. Bhatt who imagined the thought is an educationist and researcher with more than 22 years of involvement of instructing and examination. As a business person, she holds a few honors shockingly including Digital lady 2017(Disruption), Gujarat Innovation Society (Trendsetter), National beginning up, development culmination (best beginning up) and GUSEC Social Impact Award. Her energy towards educating and examination helps SciKnowTech as an experiential science institute as well as exploration developing module for kids. 

She has a solid scholarly foundation with a Masters in Botany (Mithibai College, Mumbai) and a Doctorate (Ph.D) in Environmental Science from ISRO, Ahmedabad. 

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As a researcher, she has achieved a lofty undertaking under the WOS-A plan, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. 

She is presently related as visiting workforce to different colleges. She has gone about as the region, state and public evaluator in the National Children's Science Congress (NCSC) alongside attempted its instructor's preparation program. 

She is related with government and private establishments at nearby and public level as an instructors' mentor and partner/specialist for different subjects on science. 

Fellow benefactor Mr. Saleel Bhatt 

Mr. Bhatt is an administration post-graduate (and seeking after Ph.D.), represent considerable authority in advertising and marking, which helps make the idea known to the world and furthermore with his systems administration ability, the brand has arrived at in Ahmedabad, yet has additionally begun spreading its wings outside the city and the country. He is a meeting personnel in the showcasing field in different administration schools. 

Gaining from the Leader 

We addressed Dr. Bhatt on her own excursion and figuring out how's to empower our perusers to gain from her story. 

Sharing her bits of knowledge on 'Equilibrium between fun and serious stuff', Dr. Bhatt said, " I have in the end figured out how to be a multi-tasker by overseeing different portfolios and giving appropriate and proportionate chance to each errand. It additionally helps when you have the most supporting accomplice (my better half Saleel) in a similar calling. I have appreciated being a mother first, at that point a researcher and now a business person! 

Talking on her inspiration, she said, " by and large, I have been propelled by biographies of such countless incredible researchers, who began their excursion with just nuts and bolts and their energy and interest towards getting an answer for an issue took them to extraordinary levels." 

On her estimation of progress, Dr. Bhatt shared, "I view myself as fruitful on the grounds that I accept that achievement is the point at which you see a radiance of interest in kids' eyes and through SciKnowTech I have had the option to bring that." 

Sharing her close down note, with yearning enterpreneurs, she said, "At whatever stage in life one can turn into a business visionary on the off chance that one is certain about one's own mastery and one is adequately inventive to enhance and actualize a thought!" 

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While giving a message to the perusers, she said, "Recollect, openness prompts investigation and investigation to development. Thus, uncover yourself/your kids to different types of instruction/sports/craftsmanship and afterward center around what they love to do or are energetic about. As it is appropriately said in 3 Idiots – 


Contact SciKnowTech 

Contact To Dr. Megha Bhatt, Mr Saleel Bhatt
Mobile 9825504389 / 9825505969


13 Mar, 2023




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