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When to Consider Dedicated Teams Model for Your Business

When to Consider Dedicated Teams Model for Your Business

Expansion is the dream of every company, but sometimes, it is not feasible to do this in-house. The expenses incurred in hiring and maintaining in-house teams can put the company behind in its growth for several years. So the definitive solution to this would be hiring dedicated teams, based on their expertise and skills, to accomplish a certain project. 

There are service providers who hire people based on their skills, and when the client requirements fit the bill, they provide different functional experts on a short/long term basis. These are called dedicated teams and they work only on those projects that are assigned to them, mutually agreeing on the workload, project changes, and updations from time to time.

This dedicated team would be handled by the client company, while the service provider just supplies the team members. The work would be either done remotely, or the team comes into the office on a temporary basis until project completion. The client holds the remote control of the project throughout the time, so they have full authority. 

Why Hire Dedicated Teams

Check out these benefits of having a dedicated team just for your project:

Complements the skills of your in-house team

Sometimes, when your in-house team doesn’t have the skills to develop a new product that you have in mind, or if you have a challenging project in the pipeline, then you can contract the work to a dedicated team. You have access to rare IT talent that can complement your in-house team, so you don’t have to replace them at all. 

Getting a superstar developer team can blow your budget to bits

Obviously, hiring a superstar team can drive your budget in all directions. The best way to curb this would be to hire a dedicated team for the duration of the project. 

No more hassles with recruitment and payroll

Since the provider gives you the dedicated team, the recruitment process is bypassed, and no more payroll worries too. You can use the freed-up time for other productive endeavors of the business. 

No more hassles with recruitment and payroll

Since the provider gives you the dedicated team, the recruitment process is bypassed, and no more payroll worries too. You can use the freed-up time for other productive endeavors of the business. 

When to Consider Dedicated Teams

Now that we are clear on the reasons for hiring teams from third-party service providers, it is imperative to know when you can start considering a dedicated team model. Those scenarios are explained below:

When you need to cut costs

Hiring developers in the USA and Canada may be a lot more expensive, considering that you can get the same work done within a fraction of the cost with offshore dedicated teams. Not to speak of the benefits that may amount to thousands of dollars with respect to office space rent, and other unforeseen expenses. Needless to say, when you have a remote team working from somewhere else, it gives you real value for money. 

When you need expertise that’s beyond in-house

he primary reason for seeking teams for projects is expertise. When the local pool doesn’t provide enough in terms of talent acquisition, you can expand beyond geographical boundaries and explore. Getting a fully experienced team means huge savings of time (no need to train them) and cost. 

When you need a ‘faster to market’ approach 

Hiring a team of only skilled experts would give you complete relief from early attrition that new members have when they collaborate to work together. Since there is already team competence and familiarity, there would be a considerable reduction in coding mistakes, and the project would definitely stay well within the budget. Additionally, the team would be associated with just a single project and very rarely working on multiple projects, so you have their full dedication. 

When you need flexibility in the team

Business processes become more flexible and scalable because you get flexibility with dedicated teams. You can adjust the size of the team with just a month’s notice or so since you are paying them on a monthly basis. There is scope for alterations too if you are looking to change directions with your project. 

Looking to build a long-term relationship with a provider

Having a long-term relationship with a provider is a serious commitment that entails dedication, honesty, and integrity from both parties. It would be sensible to opt for a dedicated team model when your project has an immense chance of scalability, so you can chart a long-term strategic relationship with the provider with fixed billing. This would leave you with a highly skilled team that delivers high-quality products based on industry standards. 

When focus and adaptability are important

Hiring a dedicated team means no more distractions. Normally, when you hire freelancers, they would already be working for multiple clients, and the dedication they give to your project may suffer. Their focus goes in several directions as well. With focussed teams, there is adaptability too because it is possible to modify the team according to the needs of the project structure. 


Having a dedicated team model definitely lets you augment your own team with expert professionals, or have an entirely new team right from scratch. And it definitely scales your delivery capacity, helps you reach project completion faster than expected, and reduces development costs by a considerable margin. However, you need to check if it’s the right decision for your business since a dedicated team model might not be the best fit for all companies.

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