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What is the price for creating an app?

What is the price for creating an app?

What is the price for creating an app? This is one of the most frequent questions among those who have an idea or a concrete need and who have decided to develop an application. The price for creating an application depends on many factors: the technology chosen to develop it (native, cross-platform, web, etc.); the features it includes; design requirements… In this article we will discuss some of these variables.

The price for a mobile application, what to expect?

 “I have a mobile application project. Could you tell me how much it will cost me to create it? We often hear our customers say these two phrases when they first contact us. And our answer is always the same: the cost of developing a mobile application can range from 1,000 euros to 120,000 euros. It all depends on your specifications. To explain this price difference as simply as possible, we could compare a mobile application to a car. We know that prices vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as the desired quality, model, options or size. Even the app's platform can change the price! Indeed, application Maven Digital Ios App development Cost is known to be a little more expensive than on. However, in the case of mobile applications, the principle remains the same… or almost, because instead of paying for the equipment, we pay for the time required developing the application. Indeed, while an application can be created in 50 hours, another will require 500 hours of work. However, to get a professional quote, it is very important to define the project in all its details. Knowing which direction you want to go and which way you want to do it is essential before launching into the project heartily. Any mobile app expert, whether it's a digital agency or a freelance app developer, will ask you for this information before they can estimate how much a mobile app costs. One last tip: don't hesitate to ask for a quote from several application developers. You will be surprised how much the price of the same mobile application can vary.

What are the factors that influence the price of creating a mobile application?

As we have already mentioned, the price for creating a mobile app depends on a combination of several factors. The most important are listed here:

1. Features

Each option requires a certain number of hours of development. Some of these are "easy" to set up and won't require a lot of developers. Others, on the other hand, will require more work and therefore cost more, which makes sense. For example, a contact form can be quickly inserted into the app, but an accurate relocation system requires long hours of coding.

2. User interface and app design

The user interface and the app design are two elements of utmost importance, both for the quote and for the success of your mobile application. In this regard, it is also important that the client and the developer agree on the objectives to be achieved. By conveying precise ideas to the developer, you ensure that you get a complete and successful application, without unnecessary features. Would you like to receive an individual and non-binding offer from us? Tell us about your app and we'll get to work!

3. The platforms

To know the cost of an application, it is important to know on which platforms it should be available. Would you like to create an app for iOS or Android? This question is important because there are differences between Android and iOS when building a mobile app.To know how much it costs to build an app, you shouldn't just consider the platforms you want to develop the app for. Within different operating systems there are different product lines with different functionality. This is one of the factors that we tend to forget when defining an application. The range of iOS, for example, goes up to the iPhone 11 and each of the models has different software and functions. The goal is to create an application with performance graphics on each device to ensure optimal access.

4. Additional costs

In the budget of your mobile application development project, you must take into account the expenses related to the marketing strategy. Administrative costs should also be taken into account. The App Store and Google Play Store do not allow you to sell your app for free. The cost of data storage should also be considered when creating your budget. Finally, you shouldn't forget about maintenance, like updates and bug fixes.

Do you want a quote for a personalized application? We send it to you!

To receive a quote for the creation of your mobile application, you can post your project on Yeeply (without obligation!). It will take less than five minutes. Yeeply is the perfect tool for finding development resources. Our algorithm will analyze your project information to assign you a team that matches your needs and budget. All of our professionals have been previously validated by our technical team , with contracts that include a warranty against bugs, source code delivery and 24/7 support. In a sector where the demand for development providers and the supply of independent professionals and companies are constantly increasing, Yeeply provides security and transparency with its model of certified professionals. If your next project is the development of an application, do not hesitate to come and see us as these customers have already done. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions. After all of this, we'll help you find the app developer that best meets your needs, and we'll support and guide you through the development process.

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