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How we got more than 1,500 survey responses with a last-minute scramble

How we got more than 1,500 survey responses with a last-minute scramble

Three days prior to delivering our study, we understood that we were absolutely ill-equipped. Here's the way we revitalized our way back… 

This is section thirteen in our progressing arrangement, Journey to $100K per Month. Prior posts can be found here. 

I'd love to state that we had an unshakable methodology set up well before we dispatched our overview. 

I'd love to state that we efficiently figured out our way to progress. 

I'd love to, however I can't. 

The truth of the matter is, we were treating the 2013 SaaS Small Business Conversion Survey like some other blog entry on our article schedule. 

Of course, we'd share it with our supporters and request that people pass it on, yet past that, we hadn't actually contemplated advancement. 

… until three days before we were booked to dispatch it. 

I was preparing to shut down for the afternoon, and chose to give the review another snappy read-through prior to bailing. 

"All things considered, poo," I understood as I arrived at the end. 

We were requesting quite a ton. 

Our typical request from our perusers is to leave a remark and offer the post. A couple of moments of exertion, and a lot of motivating force in the event that they think our substance will be significant to their companions. 

Be that as it may, this? 

We were asking individuals not exclusively to require five minutes — about 1,000% additional time than expected — to round out a study, however we were requesting information that, for some, would require burrowing through interior numbers to think of. What's more, we needed information that a great many people would wince at the prospect of sharing. 

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Not a little solicitation, no doubt. 

The next morning, our group clustered and conceptualized how we could expand the compass of the study, and get however many individuals as would be prudent to take the time and round it out. 

The following scramble might just have saved our overview… 

Assembling prizes that individuals really needed 

One strategy that we boldly took from many different organizations who had effectively requested that perusers take an interest in occasions, reviews and challenges was to part with prizes. 

My originally thought was to put a $100 Amazon gift voucher as a great prize. 

Contemplating it now, that most likely would have gotten us a sum of four reactions (and mine future 1/4 of them). 

The prizes must be huge, and they must be alluring. 

We considered what we would need on the off chance that we were in the running, and concocted a "fantasy list" of prizes. 

The complete estimation of our prize rundown? 

Over $7,000. 


We positively didn't have that sort of financial plan for this. So we had the opportunity to work. 

The most effective method to get overview reactions: Partner outreach email 

Shockingly (to me), each and every organization we messaged said yes. 

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Eventually, we had the option to offer: 

  • A 90-day membership to KISSmetrics (Value: $450) 
  • A six-month membership to Unbounce (Value: $594) 
  • A three-month membership to Mixergy (x3) (Value: $199 each) 
  • A one-year membership to Buffer (x3) (Value: $120 each) 
  • A $50 credit to (x10) (Value: $50 each) 
  • A three-month membership to CrazyEgg (Value: $297) 

We tossed in ten three-month memberships to Groove, ten marked duplicates of Gary Vaynerchuk's book (I purchased 500 of these when he was doing a major limited time push), and two passes to the Business of Software Conference, and we at long last had a prize rundown to be glad for. 

What effect did the prizes have on the result? Lamentably, it's not something we could follow, but rather my gut reveals to me it was huge. 

What's more, episodically, I got many messages from individuals "mentioning" to win explicit prizes. 

(For the record, we picked the victors utilizing 

Takeaway: People love prizes, however they must be adequately large to warrant what you're inquiring. With the correct procedure, offering a great many dollars (or more) in prizes doesn't need to cost you anything. 

Getting accomplices ready 

One major side advantage to our prize assortment endeavors was the group of hero accomplices it drove us to. 

Each organization who set up prizes got their logo on our blog, adjusting our brands. They presently had skin in the game. 

What's more, the best part is that the span of our gathering of accomplices, set up, is hugely more extensive than the range of our own blog. 

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At the end of the day, traffic from Tweets like these represented over 20% of the review click-throughs from our blog: 

Instructions to get overview reactions: Partner tweets got gigantic traffic 

Takeaway: Think outside of your own crowd, and concoct ways you can boost other influencers to get included. The worth isn't just in the rush hour gridlock numbers they can convey; the approval they offer can free a ton from obstacles in getting individuals to do what you're inquiring. 

Advancement and Repetition 

With a major ask like our own, we didn't feel that a solitary post on our blog would acquire a huge load of reactions. 

Also, sufficiently sure, our first post (not including the accomplice Twitter traffic from above) got a few hundred reactions. 

We expected to remain before individuals, and doing that took two strategies: 

To start with, we freed the rest from our publication schedule for the following couple of weeks and committed the remainder of December to lobby for overview reactions on the blog. 

We distributed a subsequent post — Our Metrics REVEALED: Revenue, Churn, Conversions and then some — that pulled the shade back on our own reactions to the review, trailed by a source of inspiration inciting perusers to go to the overview. 

The key here was that it wasn't another post parroting a similar message; honestly, that would be irritating. 

We ensured that this post met similar rules as our standard posts: fascinating, significant and enjoyable to peruse. 

The redundancy paid off, and this subsequent post got almost 40% a bigger number of reactions than the first. 

Second, we pulled a suitably measurements centered post out of our own blog line, added data about the study toward the end, and pitched it to KISSmetrics as a visitor blog entry. 

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Step by step instructions to get review reactions: Pitching a visitor blog entry 

The piece — How One SaaS Startup Reduced Churn 71% Using "Warning" Metrics — was pertinent to their crowd, and they consented to distribute it. 

The post performed very well on their blog (truth be told, we actually get traffic from it). This all-encompassing our span a long ways past our own crowd, and kept the study in individuals' psyches. 

Takeaway: As long as it's important, fascinating and significant, content advertising is amazingly significant for advancing, indeed, pretty much anything. 

What made this all conceivable 

Honestly, I speculate none of this would have worked out a similar way on the off chance that we didn't have three things: 

  • A solid, connected with crowd of perusers who believed us enough to round out the study, and gave our accomplices a motivating force to get included 
  • Associations with influencers that made it simple to try out them on our thought 
  • Previous substance that we could rapidly and effectively change for visitor posting 

The thing is, we didn't have any of those things only a half year back. 

We got them all just by executing on the substance advertising and commitment systems. 

With some exertion and astutely applied technique, any business can duplicate (or top) these outcomes. 

In the event that, a couple of months from now, you figure you may require a very late scramble to succeed, an opportunity to begin executing is presently.

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