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A clean and pure indoor air quality is critical to maintaining a healthy environment. There are many Air Duct Cleaning Services in Cumming offered that usually cost $450-$1000, and depends on the dimensions of the HVAC system to be washed, system convenience, climatical region, and level of infestation. Ductwork scrubbing is k as cleaning different parts of the HVAC unit, including ducts, vents, registers, grilles, diffusers, heat exchangers, coils, drain pans, motors, and air management units. Proper maintenance of HVAC is essential for its proper functioning, controlled utility bills, and good health. 


National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) has standardized the HVAC cleaning processes, and the professional services are duly certified by the association. NADCA defines the specific equipment, chemicals, and methods to safely and efficiently clean the duct systems. 


  • Vacuums 

NADCA entails technicians to use a powerful vacuum designed exclusively for ductwork cleaning purposes. NADCA endorses portable vacuum or fixed vacuum. Some professionals may also use wet vacuums or hand HEPA units. 

  • Access Devices 

For easy access to the duct units, professionals use access tools that may include drills and saws. 

  • Imaging Equipment 

Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Cumming use an extensive range of imaging equipment such as cameras, CCTV, and mirrors to examine the ductwork system's interior condition.

  • Hand Tools 

Some professionals also use direct-view periscopes, mirrors, and brushes to access and wash the ductworks. Pneumatic tools are also recommended for ductwork cleaning purposes.

  • Chemicals and Disinfectants 

In cases where the ductworks are contaminated or infested with pests, professionals usually use strong chemicals and disinfectants to clean the system.


Ductwork professionals inspect the ductwork condition that usually includes recognizing any cracks and drips and regions where dirt and debris are likely to accumulate. Expert duct cleaners usually fix the vacuum system to the air ducts to suck off the filth. Manual or power brushes are also used in the process.   



Breaking Down the Impurities

To remove the infestation source, technicians use agitation devices to loosen contaminants from the HVAC surface. Some examples of HVAC agitation devices include air crops, brushes, skipper balls, contact vacuuming, and hair brushing. 

Amassing Contaminants

During the HVAC cleaning, the whole system is kept under vacuum or continuous negative pressure to stop the pollutants' spread. The vacuum pressure enables airborne particles' clearing ascertain that the particles are freed into the air when the system is turned on. And it also helps remove loosened contaminants (that are amassed and eliminated from the home).  

HVAC System Access 

HVAC unit cleaning is not a complicated procedure, but the job is unique. The people who perform such tasks need to know some special techniques such as access to interior ductwork through openings that may include diffusers, grills, end plugs, and service intros. Cleaning experts may require to cut duct contact holes to access the interior using special tools. This task requires specialized skills and artistry.

Germicide Chemicals 

Specialized antimicrobial chemicals comprise disinfectants, sanitizers, and deodorizers that apply on nonporous surfaces in the HVAC unit to washout infested and contaminated surfaces. These chemicals also help control foul odors. Select chemicals approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are recommended for use in such cases. 


When utility bills spike or a bad smell is detected, it might indicate hiring a reputable and specialized ductwork cleaning service. 

For a safe and reliable customer experience, genuine HVAC cleaning companies keenly educate homeowners regarding the National Air Duct Cleaning Association’s (NADCA) standardized cleaning procedures. These processes are specific to wash off HVAC registers, sifters, motors, plenaries, evaporator coils, air handlers, and other components. Qualified contractors use NADCA endorsed cleaning methods, which involve using a combination of compressed air tools and vacuum devices to eliminate dust and debris from the system. Some of the steps that genuine cleaning contractors follow are: 

  1. Duct Examination 

A necessary visual examination of the ducts leading to the return and supply records is highly essential as it helps assess the level of duct contamination before and after the cleaning process is performed. This step also helps in detecting any leakages for damage or repair works. 

  1. Eliminating Dust and Debris  

Duct scrubbing technicians use specialized vacuum collection equipment to slurp out the dust and debris from the ductwork. However, before performing this task, there are some preliminary steps to follow. The experts must create a hole in the ductwork to insert the vacuum hose and seal tightly using an adhesive cover afterward. (Note: As the HVAC supply and return side a distinct, the duct cleaning procedures need t to be performed individually). 

Accessing the interior ductwork is extremely important as the most powerful vacuum device will be ineffective if the registered are covered while cleaning. The vacuum device creates a negative pressure that helps in sucking out the ductwork into the collection device. 

  1. Agitating the Dust 

After the negative pressure is created in the HVAC unit, the experts uncover registers and clean ducts one-by-one. Unprofessional technicians usually move on after a rapid spurt from an air compressor and spritz of sanitizer. In contrast, expert technicians use rotating brushes and compressing air tools to eliminate even the last dust particle. 

  1. Cleaning other HVAC unit parts 

As per NADCA recommendations, it is essential to clean all parts of the HVAC system, such as motor, coil, and drain pans. Changing the filter and cleaning all system components will significantly enhance the air quality of the surroundings, extend the unit lifespan, and enhance its efficiency. 

So, it's highly recommended to know this information before hiring any expert ductwork cleaning service. This is will not only save you from frauds but also save your HVAC system for a lifetime. 

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