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Google Pixel 3 review: raising the bar for the Android experience

Google Pixel 3 review: raising the bar for the Android experience

New telephone achieves Apple-level of clean, with first class execution, incredible camera and alluring structure 

A best end Android gadget that won't strain your hand, with ostensibly the best camera available. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian 

The Pixel 3 is Google's third wound at making its very own best end telephone, endeavoring to eclipse any semblance of Apple and Samsung with a staggering camera and an exceptionally cleaned understanding. 

The Pixel 3 is the littler of the two new Google telephones, with a 5.5in FHD+ OLED screen that is brilliant, fresh and dynamic. It is an excellent presentation that is a noteworthy advance up from a year ago's Pixel 2, with wide survey edges with insignificant shading shift. 

The Pixel 3 reflects the structure of a year ago's Pixel 2 XL with a generally vast jaw and brow containing stereo speakers and different cameras. It's genuinely little by current benchmarks, making it simple to deal with and take, like the Pixel 2, Apple's iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9. It's likewise light at 148g contrasted with the 177g iPhone XS and 168g Galaxy S9, the two of which have marginally bigger 5.8in screens. 

Google Pixel 3 survey 

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The two-tone back is one continous piece of Gorilla Glass 5, with one area carved and the other cleaned. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian 

Gone is a year ago's covered aluminum back, supplanted with two-tone glass. The iced bit is carved glass, or, in other words, however is encompassed by cleaned glass and covered metal sides that guide your grasp. The mix feels brilliantly smooth and extravagant in the hand. This is a telephone you will need to caress. 

In the focal point of the back beneath the reflexive board is a unique mark scanner as great last year's. There are no other biometric security choices, for example, confront open, in spite of the Pixel 3 having two forward looking cameras. 


The base of the telephone has a USB-C port and a sim plate, while the correct side volume catch is joined by a mint green power catch. There's not a single earphone attachment to be seen, yet the camera just stands out the back under 1mm. 


Screen: 5.5in FHD+ OLED (443ppi) 

Processor: octa-center Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 

Slam: 4GB of RAM 

Capacity: 64 or 128GB 

Working framework: Android 9.0 Pie 

Camera: 12.2MP back camera with OIS, double 8MP forward looking camera 

Availability: LTE, wifi, NFC, esim, Bluetooth 5 and GPS 

Measurements: 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9 mm 

Weight: 148g 

Smooth as silk 

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The sim opening is in the base alongside the USB-C port. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian 

The Pixel 3 has Qualcomm's current untouchable processor, the Snapdragon 845, as utilized in the OnePlus 6 and most other current leader cell phones, except for the UK variants of Samsung's S9 and Note 9 and Huawei's telephones, the two of which utilize their own-image chips. 

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The Pixel 3 just has 4GB of RAM, contrasted and 6GB or even 8GB in some best end Android contenders. While it may lose in a session of Top Trumps, it's not perceptible in every day utilize in light of the fact that the Pixel 3 is so rich smooth in activity, with first class gaming execution as well. 


The entire framework, from changing applications to pulling up the camera, has a level of clean just coordinated by Apple's iOS on the iPhone XS. It's not exactly as fiercely quick as the OnePlus 6 in task, basically in light of the fact that the movements happen for more, however it's effectively quicker and slicker than some other Android gadget. 

Battery life for the Pixel 3 is a moving target. Typically cell phones settle to a genuinely predictable level following several days of first beginning them up. 

The Pixel 3, in any case, has been picking up around 10% of battery life every day throughout the most recent week, beginning with poor 15-hour battery life that wouldn't break through to sleep time. After several days it rub through 24 hours, which means it would make it starting with one morning caution then onto the next without charging following seven days of testing – the absolute minimum that is worthy in 2018. 

That was with reliable use as my essential gadget sending and accepting several messages, messages and pop-up messages, tuning in to five hours of music with Spotify on Bluetooth earphones, watching 30 minutes of Netflix and shooting around 10 photographs per day. 

Some portion of that is without a doubt down to the Adaptive Battery innovation in Android 9 Pie that takes in your utilization example and limits capacity to applications you don't generally utilize. It's conceivable that throughout the following couple of weeks battery life may keep on enhancing, in spite of the fact that it is probably not going to be by tremendous sums. 

A full charge by means of the included 18w quick charger took 101 minutes. The Pixel 3 can likewise energize remotely at to 10w, or, in other words slower than by means of link yet at the same time quicker than a few telephones charge from their packaged chargers. 

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Android 9 Pie 

Google Pixel 3 audit 

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The power catch on the white Pixel 3 is mint green. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian 


The Pixel 3 runs the most recent variant of Android 9 Pie, which makes it one of just bunch of telephones to do as such. 

The primary favorable circumstances of Pie over past variants are better warning taking care of, especially around don't bother (DND) modes, prosperity apparatus reconciliation for following use and modes to prevent utilization, for example, Wind Down, and incredible incorporation of AI frameworks. 

Elite to the Pixel 3 is Google's keen create for Gmail, which takes the progressed autocomplete you may have utilized in Gmail in the program on work area to the Gmail application on the telephone. It's scarily great at composing messages. 

Google has likewise evacuated the customary home and diagram route catches, supplanting them by a pill-formed motion catch in the center and a little back bolt to one side. 

The back catch still does what you'd expect, however the signal catch completes various things. Tap it to go home, tap and hold to summon Google Assistant, flick it upwards once to get to the application switcher or twice to get to the application cabinet (you can likewise go directly to the application cabinet by hauling it additionally up the screen). 

Hauling the motion catch to the correct transforms it into a slider flicking between as of late utilized applications as you move your finger over the bar. Flicking the catch to the correct changes directly to the last utilized application similarly a twofold tap on the diagram catch used to. 

It works fine, yet there is a touch of becoming acclimated to and I don't believe it's in reality quicker than the past route catches. It additionally isn't as smooth and natural as Apple's signal bar framework presented with the iPhone X, or some other motion frameworks utilized by any semblance of OnePlus or Huawei. 


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The camera application on the Pixel 3 is straightforward and natural. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian 


It is protected to state the Pixel 3 has truly outstanding, if not the best cameras accessible today. 

The back 12-megapixel camera is equipped for catching shocking pictures, wealthy in detail, liveliness and dynamic range. It is superior to some other at bringing out detail and shading from high-differentiate scenes where there are a blend of splendid lights and dim corners because of Google's HDR+ calculations. 

Low light execution is additionally fabulous, and that is before the guaranteed Night Sight mode that will arrive in a product refresh soon, which Google says will have the capacity to create drastically better evening shots. 

What separates the Pixel 3 from the opposition is that it can do this with for all intents and purposes no client ability at all – this is the simple to use that will make you appear as though you comprehend what you're doing regardless of whether you don't. 

Google's Top Shot fills in as publicized, utilizing on-gadget AI to perceive in the event that one of the numerous edges it catches when you hit the shade catch is superior to anything your endeavor, for when somebody flickers or cuts over your field of view. 

In like manner, Super Res Zoom is obviously better than standard advanced zoom, however can't exactly coordinate the clearness of Apple's mixture zoom utilizing the iPhone XS's 2x zooming focal point at broadened zooms. 


Two selfie cameras embellish the front: a standard 8-megapixel camera joined yet a wide-point settled center camera enabling you to zoom out one stage. At ordinary zoom levels the camera catches a shocking measure of detail even in terrible lighting conditions – in the event that you have defects in your skin this camera will catch them in the entirety of their wonder. 

The wide-point selfie encourages you fit more individuals in, however the pictures it caught aren't exactly as great. 

Representation mode for both front and back cameras has been enhanced, especially around hair, and now with the capacity alter obscure both out of sight and closer view sometime later. The movement self-adjust is additionally enchantment, making large scale shots significantly less demanding – tap on a protest and the center chases after it.


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The adjusted sides of the gadget have a lacquered quality about them, helping me to remember piano white completions. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian 

Google Pixel 3 Teardown Shows an LG-Made OLED Display
In the case you get an arrangement of USB-C headphones, which carry on much like Google's PixelBuds, and a USB-C to 3.5mm converter for your very own earphones 

The speakers are extremely very boisterous and clear with no perceptible twisting even at greatest volume and entirely great stereo partition 

You can turn the screen look down to switch on don't bother 

Haptic input is the best yet on an Android telephone, with short, sharp and punchy vibrations, albeit still not exactly comparable to Apple's splendid Taptic Engine in its gadgets 

The telephone has an e-sim, which will be actuated through a product refresh in the not so distant future with EE affirmed to help it 

You can press the sides to trigger Google Assistant 

Google offers a remote charging stand called the Pixel Stand that transforms the telephone into a Google Assistant savvy show 


The Google Pixel 3 is accessible for £739 with 64GB of capacity or £839 with 128GB of capacity, in a decision of dark, white or pink. 

For correlation, the 64GB Pixel 3 XL costs £869, the Huawei P20 Pro expenses £669, the Samsung Galaxy S9 costs £639, the OnePlus 6 costs £469 and the 64GB iPhone XS costs £999. 


The Pixel 3 can be summed up in single word: refinement. 

Each component of Android 9 Pie is smooth and responsive. It's easy to utilize however ground-breaking in its execution. From the just splendid camera to the auto-finish in Gmail, on-gadget AI demonstrates genuinely valuable. Besides you get no less than three years of programming refreshes, or, in other words irregularity outside of Apple's iPhone. 

The outside of the telephone feels lavish, yet contrastingly to the iPhone XS. The manner in which the carved glass mixes into the cleaned glass and body looks and feels wonderful. 

All around the Pixel 3 is more cleaned than some other Android cell phone, completely defending Google's entrance into the major classes. 

It's not flawless, obviously; the battery life could positively do with being longer, and a glass back will be less tough than metal. There's additionally no face opening and the moderately vast jaw and brow will look dated in a year or thereabouts. 

In any case, there's positively most likely that in the event that you don't need a £999 iPhone XS, the Pixel 3 is the best little cell phone going. 

Professionals: super smooth and liquid execution, incredible screen, squeezable sides, Android 9 Pie and 3 years of updates, water safe, fabulous camera, remote charging 

Cons: moderately huge jaw and brow, no expandable stockpiling or removable battery, no earphone jack, battery life could be better, no face acknowledgment 

Google Pixel 3 survey 

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The camera protuberance on the back is under 1mm tall. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian 

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