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Sarvesh Shashi: Founder & CEO of Zobra (SARVA)

Sarvesh Shashi: Founder & CEO of Zobra (SARVA)

Sarvesh Shashi: Founder & CEO of Zobra (SARVA)

Sarvesh Shashi is an Indian Yoga Entrepreneur, who is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zorba (presently, SARVA). He is a wellness coach and headed as a business visionary in 2013 with a studio of Zorba. At last, he had set up 100+ yoga studios in India and abroad. Additionally, he is India's most youthful CEO to have been subsidized in the Yoga area by a recorded organization. He is named in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Fortune 40 Under 40 India and Business World's 40 Under 40 India. He is positioned in GQ's 50 Most Influential rundown. Starting at 2020, he holds an expected total assets of $1 million. 

Sarvesh Shashi-Biography 

Name Sarvesh Shashi
Born 15 April, 1992
Birthplace Thrissur, India
Age 29 (2021)
Nationality Indian
Current city Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Education Chettinad Vidhyashram; Loyola College
Profession Entrepreneur
Position Founder & CEO; Zorba (now, SARVA)
Net worth $1 million (2020)
Father Shashi Kumar
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  • Sarvesh Shashi-Education 
  • Sarvesh Shashi-Professional Life 
  • Sarvesh Shashi-Success story 
  • Sarvesh Shashi-Business thought 
  • Sarvesh Shashi-Founder and CEO of Zorba 
  • Sarvesh Shashi-Funding by means of Talwalkars 
  • Sarvesh Shashi-Founder of SARVA 

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Sarvesh Shashi-Personal Life 

Sarvesh was brought into the world in Thrissur, India. His dad, Shashi Kumar is a financial specialist and the Chairman of Sabari Group. At age 17, his dad needed him to go to yoga classes for which he has paid for yet couldn't join in. 

From that point to now, he figured out how yoga assumed a critical part in his psychological and actual wellbeing. It ultimately transformed him into a Yoga business person. Today, he is known for setting up a chain of yoga studios the nation over. 

Sarvesh Shashi-Education 

Sarvesh finished his rudimentary investigations from CIRS-Chinmaya International Residential School. He further moved on from Chettinad Vidhyashram and he exited from Loyola College, Chennai. He used to take an interest in different co-educational program exercises like, dance, music, theater and sports. 

Sarvesh Shashi-Professional Life 

At age 21, Sarvesh was asked by his dad to join the privately-owned company, Sabari Group, which trades purchaser products to land, materials, and fish sends out across Indian southern states. Yet, he checked out the privately-owned company and was resolved to begin his vocation through yoga. 

Sarvesh Shashi-Success story 

Sarvesh credits his dad for pushing him and advancing a yoga business person. Prior to taking up yoga, he had outrage issues and was cranky. Yet, subsequent to going through 5 years with his yoga tutor, Vijayendra, whom he alludes as guruji, assisted him with being a more grounded individual. 

He accepted that his own life went merciless and the advantages that yoga gave him was something that should be out on the lookout and help more individuals like him across the world. 

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Sarvesh Shashi-Business thought 

Sarvesh at first didn't realized how to draw in crowd to do yoga. He had no plans of pushing his dad for any capital. Ultimately, he requested his dad's consent to begin first studio from Zorba in an unfilled distribution center possessed by his organization. 

He acquired Rs. 16 lakh from a partner to do with the premises and promoting. He fastened his guruji to contribute Rs. 1 lakh and heighten on the board as tutor. Inside four months, Zorba dispatched its second office in Chennai in 2014 on an establishment possessed organization worked by (FOCO) model. The third office was dispatched on World Yoga Day in June 2015. 

Sarvesh Shashi-Founder and CEO of Zorba 

Sarvesh established Zorba in December 2013 and fills in as its CEO. The organization has a few mentors had some expertise in different types of yoga alongside the imaginatively planned studios for leading yoga classes. It is a renaissance studio situated in Chennai, India. Additionally, the worldwide genius Jennifer Lopez has communicated revenue to put resources into Zorba. 

Zorba is a Greek word which means making every moment count. The organization professes to be the lone chain of yoga studios in the country that offers 25 types of yoga like, dance yoga, water yoga. It benefits its administrations to its clients going from two-year-old sprogs to 90-year-old olds. 

Sarvesh Shashi-Funding by means of Talwalkars 

Zorba proceeded to raise supports which in the end helped the organization in enlarged development. Sarvesh moved toward Dandekar Capital, a Chennai based venture warning firm. A chief at Dandekar Capital assisted him with interfacing with Talwalkars Better Value Fitness. 

Essentially, the senior administration of Talwalkars visited Zorba's studios and they enjoyed the idea of Zorba. In December 2015, Talwalkars consented to procure a stake by putting resources into Zorba. The arrangement end up being productive for Zorba's development and it assisted the organization with going public. 

Talwalkars procured half stake of Zorba for $2 million. An enormous number of Zorba's studios are situated inside Talwalkars offices the nation over. Zorba has intensely fanned out into promoting, covering attire, food and music. Sarvesh anticipates that 30% of Zorba's turnover should come from stock. 

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Sarvesh Shashi-Founder of SARVA 

In December 2013, Sarvesh established SARVA-Yoga, Mindfulness and Beyond, situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The word SARVA is gotten from a Sanskrit word which implies bowman. 

The organization has attached with Bollywood Actress, Malaika Arora to dispatch Diva Yoga, with a mean to empower ladies. She is an agreeable financial backer in SARVA and has now gotten the Co-originator of both SARVA and Diva Yoga. Today, Zorba is known as SARVA.


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