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“Most important thing in business is, product acceptability by customers!” -Swathi, Founder – A Toddler Thing

“Most important thing in business is, product acceptability by customers!” -Swathi, Founder – A Toddler Thing

“Most important thing in business is, product acceptability by customers!” -Swathi, Founder – A Toddler Thing

Swathi Sri Aravind is a mompreneur and organizer of A Toddler Thing – an online fabric diaper store. She is a specialist by calling. However, with a longing to begin something of our own that increases the value of maintainable living, she began her material diaper brand. Being a mother, she started her image with a rationale to demand an eco agreeable diapering practice among new age guardians. Swathi imparts to WOI about her innovative excursion. 

Swathi, Founder of 'A Toddler Thing' 

Despite all the deterrents adhere to your fundamental beliefs and be industrious in keeping up the quality and the uprightness of the item/administration you offer to give! 

I'm an eager individual naturally and I am self-decided individual who has consistently been a hard worker directly from the more youthful days. My side interests are traditional moving, travel and socialicing with individuals. I'm an insane film aficionado and I am a mother who loves investing energy with my little one with whatever time I get. 

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A specialist by calling and having been dynamic in numerous enterprising exercises from school, I generally had the longing and energy to begin a firm that increases the value of a supportable living. Thought of material diapering came up when we saw the measure of dispensable diapers we utilized for our child in the house. Following 2 years of serious R&D with my prime supporter/companion Ashwanth, we dispatched 'A Toddler Thing' with a plan to reform the craft of present day nurturing in India. The brand's rationale is to cause the new age mothers to comprehend the advantages of fabric diapering and change to utilization of non-harmful, eco-accommodating and reusable child care stock. 

Being another contestant to the business with no involvement with materials, we confronted a considerable amount of difficulties directly from sourcing of crude materials, making tests and getting the correct arrangement of items which was acknowledged by the market and the clients. Building a brand without any preparation includes a great deal of factors that must be thought of, tried and created. We had a dream for the brand, yet to execute it included a great deal of responsibility, system and the most significant was the correct arrangement of group and the item agreeableness by the clients. 

We dispatched our image in Minroo (A popup in Chennai) which was held in December 2017. Our first deal was near my heart, we got a great deal of positive input from our clients about our plan and quality. We began as an online store in December 2017 and gradually following year and a half in the business we have client base of over 10,000 and we supply to 25 stores and 10 online commercial centers the nation over! 

Each time we get a good criticism from our client, we feel awesome to be a piece of their nurturing venture and the trust and the honesty they have in our items . It makes us work much harder to enhance our administrations. In any case, the most passionate second was, the point at which I had the opportunity to utilize our items on my child and encountering it by and by as a mother, than a brand proprietor who created it! It caused me to understand the estimation of the items we have made. 

Also, We have been perceived as a RUNNER UP 'Best eco-accommodating diaper brand in 2018′ by KSP Awards, and that was quite possibly the most critical and remarkable achievement in our image's excursion. 

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To show restraint is the exercise I learnt as a business person, since incredible things require some investment! I for one feel ladies business people have a great deal of new and improved thoughts and can be the awesome any field. I accept performing various tasks with harmony between serious and fun times is the main resources a business visionary could have. I additionally feel being a business person is a lifestyle and there is no limit to it. It is a piece of me and I would consistently have the tendency to learn, adjust and prepare myself. I take each challenge/battle as a learning cycle and a chance to be a superior individual taking all things together different backgrounds. Furthermore, all through my excursion, My Parents, spouse and obviously my sweetheart girl has consistently been steady. My little girl is the person who pushes me to pursue my fantasies. A superior tomorrow, a superior world is the thing that I need to give her and this is the thing that persuades me!Finally, I might want to express gratitude toward WOI for a particularly great activity that they have taken. This stage in fact is helping a great deal of ladies business person like me to get perceived and propelled to accomplish more. – says Swathi. 


07 Feb, 2021




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