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“From just 18 orders/shipment per month, it turned to 50 dispatch per week!” -Reena, founder of Handloom clothing brand ‘Hastavem’

“From just 18 orders/shipment per month, it turned to 50 dispatch per week!” -Reena, founder of Handloom clothing brand ‘Hastavem’

“From just 18 orders/shipment per month, it turned to 50 dispatch per week!” -Reena, founder of Handloom clothing brand ‘Hastavem’

Reena Sujai is a mompreneur and organizer of an online handloom attire brand – Hastavem. She ended up being a womanpreneur, during her maternal break from her everyday occupation as a programmer. Today, She is a lady business visionary who additionally runs her family while nurturing her two children and dealing with a regular work. 

Stay zeroed in on what you do, never come close or examine your work with others. Being straightforward and devoted consistently makes a difference. 

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I'm from Mumbai, subsequent to finishing my graduation and I arrived up in my fantasy MNC as a programmer. I chose to enjoy a reprieve from my corporate occupation of 5 years to be with my firstborn, yet never needed to stop my IT profession. 

As coming from a working class group of 6, with appa being the solitary provider, costs for my science certificate where very testing, I never needed it to go to no end so was resolved to return to work. All at once following a 2 years break as I was going to join work Baby S came in as a sweet amazement, because of which my 2 years vocation break went to 5 years. 

I was cheerful 7 months pregnant mother with a 2 years of age, the greater part of the occasions pondering my profession! A homemaker shuffling between errands in a joint family, all day amma to my 2 years of age!! Whole day was of a similar routine work to cook, clean, change nappies and to deal with the pregnant me. 

It turned out to be obvious to me protecting a task in MNC with a 5 years profession hole won't be simple, while the delight of inviting my subsequent infant was monstrous. However, the idea – I will resign as a homemaker, continued troubling me. Such musings really put me in despondency and it was influencing my pregnancy. I was resolved to plan something for destress myself and that is when organizations through WhatsApp and Instagram where restoring force around 2 years. I communicated my musings to my significant other and he said, "why not beginning something all alone" and tipped me of about #iwearhandloom activity by Textile Minister Smriti Irani. 

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I was in my second trimester when I began Hastavem. I utilized the restless nights(Thanks to my child) to do explore on handloom, associating with weavers and setting up different components. Our third child Hastavem was formally reported on the beginning of my third Trimester, that is on my Son's third birthday celebration – August 15. Also, my first client was my Mother. Hastavem has been my inspiration and relaxotherapy during my day by day schedule. 

Hastavem zeros in just on handloom Sarees that join the handloom mark, we attempt to give them a turn by clubbing the sarees with eccentric shirt textures. Handlooms are constantly viewed as costly. Hastavem deals with that, as our adage is 'Handloom for Everyone!' 

The most troublesome part for me was to interface with the real weavers. The greater part of the occasions, we were nearly deceived by specialists and affiliates claiming to be weavers. We generally do a ground check and if achievable, we visit them actually. We take the items just in the event that they give or have a handloom tag. 

As a brand, we are as yet developing and during this course of time we have encountered a great deal of life-changing minutes. However, the second I generally treasure was in January 2018. Our all out requests/shipments for the month was only 18, which went to 50 dispatch each week in May 2018! Also, it has been consistently steady till date. In any case, It isn't as such the majority of the occasions, I am noting DM's while nursing my 2years old. Generally, I work when both the children are not around me, they are forever my main goal. 

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I was a meek and bashful youngster in school days, Now this startup has helped my certainty and causes me to feel more free. It feels great to hear when my companions and customers consider me as a motivation and how they additionally couldn't want anything more than to accomplish something comparable. Yet, all through this excursion in business, one thing that I actually battle is to be Organized!! 

At the point when Hastavem was at its pinnacle and blossoming, I needed to move to USA with my family in 2017. It was trying to oversee and facilitate with my group, weavers, sellers and everything alongside an all day 9-5 occupation in USA. Be that as it may, my group, family, companions and my mate had been my emotionally supportive network! 

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More often than not, we frequently get questions from new moms who express their advantage in beginning a locally established business. They inform us concerning how they miss their work life and wish to begin something new. I simply have just one tip/guidance to them – "The solitary thing that is halting you will be YOU". Try not to stop with intuition, yet immediately execute it, in the long run things will exercise! 

Hastavem was begun just to destress myself from my every day schedule work, yet it has been the most delightful thing that happened to me. My startup can uphold incredible activity like-The Bags of Palagulapate, Ahambhumika of Bhopal, being important for #reloomkerela. Associating with the weavers, curating the items, Handling client inquiries, getting positive and empowering input from them gives me a monstrous fulfillment. Besides, Hastavem for me resembles, finding that tragically missing closest companion who is consistently there for you. 

- says Reena.


21 Feb, 2021




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