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Why We Killed One of Our Biggest Features to Grow Our Business

Why We Killed One of Our Biggest Features to Grow Our Business

Since we dispatched, our Live Chat include has been a major wellspring of pride for Groove. Here's the reason we're disposing of it… 


Taking a gander at the measurements for our Live Chat application, I realized that things didn't look great. 

Individuals weren't utilizing it. 

We had attempted various tests and missions to drive utilization of the application, at the end of the day, we were tricking ourselves. 

Our Live Chat application just wasn't excessively acceptable. 

Furthermore, it was costing us: every week, our engineers would spend valuable hours fixing bugs and supporting an application that our clients didn't adore. 

Live Chat has been an immense piece of Groove since we dispatched; we gloat about it on our advertising site, we talk it up to our clients, and we realize how important visit can be in conveying incredible help. 

However, the more we took a gander at the proof, the more we understood that we weren't glad for the Live Chat application. 

We were glad for having a Live Chat application. 

It's a key contrast, and it shielded us from settling on the choice to slaughter the application for a really long time. 

I trust that by sharing our encounters settling on the extreme decision to stop a significant element, you'll be more averse to commit similar errors we accomplished for such a long time. 

Four Reasons We Made the Decision to Kill Our Live Chat App 

1) Usage Was Low 

Taking a gander at our client measurements, the selection pace of Live Chat was, honestly, humiliating. 

Live talk reception 

Live talk reception 

Contrasted with our other applications — Knowledge Base, for instance, has almost multiple times more clients — visit basically wasn't associating with clients. 

2) Maintenance Costs Were High 

The application, worked as an extra in our first emphasis of Groove, had in excess of a couple of bugs that affected our clients. Therefore, our engineers would go through over ten hours out of every week dealing with fixes to Live Chat, to the detriment of investing energy enhancing our center helpdesk item. 

The assets that Live Chat was eating up were hugely lopsided to the advantage our clients — and our business — got from supporting it. 

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3) The Product Was Too Weak 

As we considered and discussed the eventual fate of the Live Chat application, we went through hours testing contending items, including Olark, SnapEngage, LiveChat and others. 

The truth was rapidly quite clear, and we understood what ought to have been evident from the beginning: the organizations who zeroed in 100% on building the best talk item on earth were showing improvement over us. 

Their items were more steady, more utilitarian and essentially better than our own. 

Furthermore, looking back, obviously they were. These organizations live and inhale live visit a similar way that we live and inhale helpdesk programming. On the off chance that we contrasted Groove with a clasp on helpdesk application from an organization who's centered around something different, it'd be crazy if our item weren't unfathomably unrivaled. 

The greatest advantage that our application had over contending visit applications was the consistent mix with Groove. 

Yet, that additionally implied an undiscovered chance… 

4) The Opportunity Cost of Not Having Partners 

We've discovered that mix organizations are a gigantic driver of new clients and mindfulness. 

Our association with HipChat has prompted clients receiving Groove that may have never discovered us in any case. 

Furthermore, when our designers investigated the contending items, we inferred that there's no explanation we can't make their combination with Groove as consistent as our own Live Chat joining is currently, just with a superior talk item. 

By deciding to keep Live Chat in-house, we were offering a mediocre item, however we were leaving behind the occasion to fabricate commonly useful organizations for certain incredible organizations. 

While we positively had an enthusiastic bind to the Live Chat application, taking a gander at the proof made it really difficult to guard. 

It was an extreme choice, yet eventually, we essentially couldn't legitimize allowing our clients to customers for a substandard visit insight, and allowing ourselves to agree to leaving behind an occasion to convey more an incentive through an association than we could convey all alone. 

Telling Our Customers 

With regards to client correspondence, there are not many things I disdain more than getting messages that position clear help cuts as in all cases "improvements." 

Truly, these progressions are regularly made to improve the business — and thusly, to permit the business to improve the worth it conveys to the client — however painting cuts as 100% positive is deceitful, best case scenario. 

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Obviously a few people will be frustrated. 

I genuinely accept that this change is to the greatest advantage of ALL Groove clients (counting Live Chat clients), and I needed that to be totally obvious to them. 

In any case, actually by doing this, we were disillusioning a portion of our clients, and we had to take ownership of that, as well. 

Here's the email we shipped off all Groove clients on Monday: 

Our Email To Customers 

What's more, truly, a few clients were baffled. 


Be that as it may, I went to and fro with a few miracle clients, and virtually every one of them came around to seeing why we needed to do what we did. 

Truth be told, one preliminary client even pursued a paying record after our trade. 

Coming Around 

We additionally got in excess of a couple of messages from clients who were gigantically steady of our choice. 


Eventually, the kickback wasn't close to as serious as we dreaded, and we were eager to see such countless clients uphold this change. 

Pushing Ahead 

No ifs, ands or buts, this change is a bummer to a few. 

In any case, having a reasonable year objective settles on our choice a lot simpler. 

On the off chance that we need to help 5,000 organizations before the year's over, we need to keep our assets zeroed in on that objective. 

Live Chat was not an adequate item for us, or for our clients. What's more, as much as it damages to remove a piece of the application, we expected to. 

So we will leave talk to the organizations that do it best, while we keep on zeroing in on building the best damn helpdesk on earth. 

Step by step instructions to Apply This to Your Business 

It's difficult to relinquish highlights and items that you think improve your item. 

Truly hard. 

At times, as for our situation, the bind to that component is enthusiastic, and that can make the cover over your eyes that a lot thicker. 

Yet, I trust you'll accept this open door to look carefully at each and every element in your item. 

Does it: 

  • Satisfy the norms you've set for your business? 
  • Convey more an incentive to your clients than if they were utilizing a contending item for that include? 
  • Convey more an incentive to your business than the assets you spend to help and look after it? 
  • Unmistakably directly affect you meeting your objectives as a business? 

On the off chance that the appropriate response is "no" to any of those, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to settle on some extreme decisions.

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