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Why should business choose Flutter with Firebase for Rapid Application Development

Why should business choose Flutter with Firebase for Rapid Application Development

“Flutter with Firebase is one of the most successful technologies that has greatly simplified the job of app developers. It not only aids in the creation process, but also provides realistic options for reaching out to more specific clients, doing thorough app marketing, and increasing app revenue.”

But you must be wondering why Flutter with Firebase is gaining popularity when they’ve made their debut recently?

No matter what both the technologies have made the lives of developers easy. The scope of these products is huge as they cover multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Web. Another common purpose to use Flutter with Firebase is both of these products help in improving the performance of your application and best thing — they’re easy to use.

Before we dive into why Flutter with Firebase, let’s have a brief introduction of Flutter and Firebase.

What is Flutter and why is it surging in popularity?

Flutter was released in 2017 by Google. It employs a dark object-oriented programming language that saw a 532 % increase in 2018 and 2019. The word spread like fire and more people began to trust Flutter than ever before. In reality, it provided incredible services to companies like Alibaba, Google Ads, My Leaf, and others.

Flutter uses Dart Programming language to build applications. Flutter is used for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web Development. The main benefit of flutter is that we don’t need to keep a different codebase for different OS. Hence it becomes cost effective and time saver.

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What is Firebase?

Firebase is google’s mobile application development platform which helps your app to build and grow. Firebase provides many services which are integrated in apps and games. It includes authentication, database, cloud functions, storage, push messaging, list and goes on. Firebase provides these functionalities and we don’t need to be dependent on backend developers.

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Why is Flutter with Firebase surging in popularity for Rapid Application Development? How does this model work? What are the advantages of adopting Flutter with Firebase?

Through this blog, we have attempted to address all of these concerns.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is an agile software development process that emphasises prototype releases and iteration as quickly as possible. RAD, unlike the Waterfall method, prioritises the usage of software and user feedback over meticulous planning and requirements documentation.

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Flutter with Firebase work hand in hand to help you in the Rapid application development process. Both are provided by google. Suppose you’re making one mobile application for Android and iOS. And if you choose to go with native then you will need two different developers for Android and iOS hence there is a dependency of two developers. You need to maintain two codes for both the native languages and pay for two developers. If we consider Flutter then we need only one codebase and dependency of one developer. Plus Flutter provides good performance like native applications.

Every application needs a backend to show data in application. So again we need a developer for backend development. Once again developer dependency. Plus we need security as our application’s user’s data is stored in the backend. Firebase is from google and provides the best performance and security. Firebase provides lots of backend services which we need in our app. Firebase provides authentication, storage, database and hosting without maintaining your own servers. So now we don’t need to integrate the backend in our app and we don’t need another developer dependency for our application. And we can save the cost for the developer for the backend as well.

Let’s discuss Firebase functionalities in detail.

1. User Authentication

Firebase provides all the social logins like facebook, gmail, apple sign in as well as authentication with SMS verification with OTP, email verification.

2. Cloud Firestone and Realtime Database

Firebase provides structural and non-structural databases. Those are very fast in performing data operations.

Cloud Firestone is a flexible and scalable database for mobile, web and server development. You can sync your data across client apps and give offline support to your application. You can store your data with tables. It is richer and it provides faster queries to fetch data.

Realtime Database is a non structural database. It is an efficient and low-latency solution for mobile applications which require synced states across clients in real time.

3. Storage

We can use free cloud space to store images, audio, video or any other user generated content for our application. It adds google security to upload and download for our application regardless of network quality.

4. Firebase Cloud  Messaging (FCM)

For push notifications FCM is integrated. With that you can notify a client app that a new message or an email has arrived. It is the way to provide notifications to the respective devices. For instant messaging, a message can transfer a payload of up to 4KB.


5. In-App Messaging

This is a very important functionality to increase sales from your application. In-App Messaging helps you to send app’s active users some targeted, contextual messages so that they get encouraged to use those key features of the application. You can send an in-app message to show some deals on the product and highlight a sale, show clues in your game and complete a level, watch a video, send promotions etc.


6. Dynamic Links

Dynamic Links gives the best user experience for the platform they open your link on. It works the way you want in Android, iOS, and web. You can change the behaviour of dynamic links if your app is installed or not. If your application is not installed you can send users to your website or it can take the user to the playstore or it can show the benefits of your application before taking users to the app store. When the user installs the application using dynamic link, all the information is still available which you wanted to show the user for the first time. If a user opens a link he/she can be directed to the linked content in that app. We can also use dynamic links for referral options to engage more users. And you can keep track of which users have opened particular links.

Other Features provided by Firebase:

In other features Firebase provides Crashlytics to provide the crash reports of the applications, Performance Monitoring to know the performance of app used by users in different regions without writing the code and you can analyse all the data and improve the performance of the app, App Distribution to deliver your new build to testers instantly before releasing your app, Admob to show the advertises and generate the revenue, Hosting, Machine Learning, Test Lab and there are many more functionalities which are provided by firebase. 

  • Firebase provides APIs as pay as use. Till we have an average number of users it is free, after a certain number of users, we have to choose a plan for firebase APIs.
  • Here is the plan for Firebase Services -

Flutter provides the same codebase for Android and iOS. And it’s performance is like native OS. And Firebase provides the best services like Authentication, Cloud Firestone, Realtime Database, Storage, Dynamic links, Firebase Cloud Messaging, In-App Messaging in a very less time with the best security. Firebase provides some other highly programmed features like StreamView, DebugView, Machine Learning, Predictions, A/B Testing and so many more. You can use them as per your  requirement. So we can say that the combination of Flutter with Firebase is the best solution for your application.


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