Why Businesses Should Consider iPhone App Development With Swift 5

Why Businesses Should Consider iPhone App Development With Swift 5

Why Businesses Should Consider iPhone App Development With Swift 5

Getting an app idea is difficult, even more difficult is to implement it through codes. Swift.5 will gain popularity among businesses because the language allows the developers to express even the complex ideas in a clear and concise manner, which helps in improving the readability of the code.

Also, Swift 5.0 is better because it is a lightweight syntax and combines powerful type inference and pattern matching. Thus, it will also be highly preferred by the developers of any iPhone app development company.  Swift 5.0 is here to make development a lot easier and convenient. Here is why businesses must ask an iPhone app development company to develop the app with Swift 5.0.

1. Standard Library Updates

With Swift 5, the standard Swift library has received many updates. Some of the major ones are as follows:

  • String literals now have improved raw text support 
  • Swift Standard Library now have SIMD and Result vector types
  • The performance of the app will have a boost with String revamped with UTF-8 encoding
  • Enhancement in String interpolation will add more flexibility to construct text from data
  • Performance improvements to Dictionary and Set

2. Package Manager Updates

Even the Swift Package Manager has received many updates including target-specific build settings, dependency mirroring, customized deployment targets, etc. Now there won’t be the need to build an executable to import libraries in a REPL using the swift run command.

3. Additional Language and Compiler Updates

Another advantage that an iOS app development company will have with Swift 5 is that by default it comes with Exclusivity Enforcement, which provides exclusive access to memory for both release builds and debug. Swift 5.0 supports dynamic callable types because of which it facilitates improved interoperability with programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

4. Migrating to Swift 5

If a business has already got an app developed with Swift 4, Swift 4.1 and Swift 4.2  and wishes to migrate to Swift 5, then the migration is a smooth process as Swift 5 is compatible with all its predecessors. 

5. ABI Stability

ABI stability is the major highlight of Swift 5.0. ABI or Application Binary Interface, is a binary equivalent of an API. Various API of libraries are being used by iOS app developers to write code for apps. The benefit of ABI, is that when a user downloads and installs an app, they don’t require downloading all the codes, because the majority of those codes are already present on the iPhone. The app just needs to use these already present binary codes, because of this it is easier to build apps.

6. “isMultiple(of:)”

 isMultiple(of:) is a new function in Swift 5 that helps in checking if a given number is a multiple of another number. Because of this function, the readability of the code improves and also it becomes discoverable by the auto-completion of XCode.

7. The Result Type

Another new addition to the Swift standard library is ‘Result type’ for iOS app development. Result type summarizes possible errors and return values in one object. Developers of an iPhone application development company would prefer it because it gives the flexibility to leverage on the power of enumerations to write more meaningful code.

8. “count(where:)”

iPhone developers commonly use collection functions such as map(_:), reduce(_:) and filter(_:). But, they know that these functions are somewhat problematic because they make the code too wordy and wasteful. Thereby, when the developer needs to count, he first needs to filter, this is where the function count(where:) comes handy to a developer. Using this in one function call, the developer can seamlessly filter and count in one function call itself.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to efficient iOS app development, Swift has long proved its efficiency and has been a prefered programming language among iOS developers. And with Swift 5.0 the language has become a lot better on technical grounds for the reasons mentioned above. The beneficial output of all these is that businesses can now share even complex ideas with an iPhone application development company and expect a fast, smooth, accurate development of an iOS app. 

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Siya Carla

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