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What is the strongest herbal incense?

What is the strongest herbal incense?

What is the strongest herbal incense?

Synthetic cannabis, a New Psychoactive Substance or NPS, is an online drug that mimics or produces similar effects to marijuana. It has been available for sale since 2004. However, some of the newer substances claiming to be synthetic cannabis do not mimic the effects of THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in cannabis).

Additional negative effects have been reported. These powdered chemicals can be mixed with solvents, added to herbs, and packaged in colorful, branded packs. Manufacturers try to keep up with the law by mixing the chemicals in different batches. Different packets can have different effects, even though the packaging name and branding may look the same.

Other names

Different brands are used to market synthetic cannabis.

Spice was one of many synthetic cannabis products that were first introduced in Europe. A number of products similar to Spice have been created since then, including Kronic, Northern Lights and Mojo, Lightning Gold and Blue Lotus, as well as Godfather.

What is its use?

It is most often smoked, but it can also be drunk as a cup of tea.

Synthetic cannabis: The effects

Drug use is not safe. Any drug can be dangerous. You should be cautious when using any drug.

Based on:

  • Size, weight, and health
  • Whether the person is comfortable taking it
  • Whether other drugs can be taken at the same time
  • The amount taken
  • The chemical used and its strength will vary from batch to batch.

It is still relatively new and there is not much information about the long-term and short-term effects of synthetic cannabis, including its safety or danger. However, it has been reported to have similar effects to cannabis along with some additional negative and potentially more harmful ones including:

  • Fast and irregular heartbeat
  • Racing thoughts
  • Paranoia, anxiety, and agitation
  • psychosis
  • Violent and aggressive behavior
  • chest pain
  • vomiting
  • Acute kidney injury
  • seizures
  • Stroke
  • death.1,2,3,4,5,6

Long-term effects

Unfortunately, there has not been much research on synthetic cannabis dependence. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that long-term, regular use can cause tolerance and dependence.2

Safety and health

You cannot use synthetic cannabis in a safe manner. Consider the following tips before you decide to use synthetic cannabis.

Controlling intake

  • Because the strength of synthetic cannabis varies from one batch to another, it is hard to predict its effects and strength.
  • A small amount (less than a matchhead) can be used to gauge the strength and potential effects. You should not increase the dose too quickly. Give time for the effects to wear off.
  • Avoid taking synthetic cannabis by itself without mixing it with tobacco or dried parsley. Similarly, inhaling the drug via bongs or pipes can increase the risk of an overdose or bad reaction.6

Packaging that is misleading

  • It is possible to be misleading when synthetic cannabis packaging is used. Even though the contents are labeled as herbal, the real psychoactive substance is synthetic.
  • There may not be a complete list of ingredients or the correct amounts. This can increase the chance of an overdose.
  • Chemicals are often different from batch to batch. Different packaging can have different effects even though it looks the same. 6

Mental health risks

  • Synthetic cannabis should be avoided by people with mental illness or those who have a family history. Synthetic cannabis can increase anxiety and paranoia.
  • Any unpleasant emotions can be relieved by taking synthetic cannabis in familiar surroundings with trusted people. You can counter anxiety by taking regular, deep breaths while you sit down.

It shouldn't be used if it is absolutely necessary


  • Taken in combination with alcohol, other drugs, especially stimulants like crystal methamphetamine (ice) or ecstasy.
  • Driving or operating heavy machinery
  • Motor coordination or judgment is required
  • If medical assistance is needed, you can do it yourself
  • The person has a mental illness
  • The person has a current heart condition. 6

In an emergency

Synthetic cannabis has been linked to a variety of deaths. Triple zero (000) is the number to dial immediately for anyone experiencing adverse effects like:

  • Irregular/fast heart rate
  • chest pain
  • breathing difficulties
  • Delusional behavior

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