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What Is Biometric technology? - Definition and Explanation

What Is Biometric technology? - Definition and Explanation

Facial recognition is a process of identifying and confirming a person’s identity using their face. Facial recognition technology can be used to identify people in photos, videos, or in real-time. It’s the classification of biometric security. Other forms of the biometric system include iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, or voice recognition. This technology is mostly used by security and law enforcement agencies for crime investigation and verification.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Facial recognition works by matching the live selfie with an ID document. Facial verification technology operates through the following procedures:

?Face Detection

The camera locates and detects the image of the face, either alone or in a crowd. The person is shown looking straight ahead in the image.

?Face Analysis

An image of a face is captured and analyzed. The software reads the physical features of the face. The key factors include the depth of your eye sockets, distance between your eyes, distance from forehead to chin, the shape of your cheekbones, and features of your eyes, lips, and chin. The aim is to identify the facial features that help you in identity verification

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?Converting Image to Data

The face capture procedure transforms analog information (a face) into a group of digital information based on the individual’s facial features. Facial analysis is converted into a machine code. This code is called faceprint. In the same process method that thumbprints are unique, each person has his own faceprint. Finding a Match: Faceprint is compared with other known faces in the database. If your faceprint matches an image in a facial recognition database, then verification is made.   

Facial recognition is considered the most secure and accurate biometric verification method because it uses a liveness detection method for accurate face detection. 56% of Americans trust that law enforcement will use facial recognition technology responsibly to assess for threats in public areas. (Smith, 2020)




Uses of Facial Recognition

This technology is used for various purposes. These include:

?Robust Solution for Law Enforcement

Facial recognition technology is being used by law enforcement. According to an NBC report, this technology is increasing among law enforcement agencies within the US and other countries. Police collect identity photographs from arrestees and compare them against local, state, and federal face recognition databases. Once the arrestee's photo has been taken, their picture will be added to the databases to be scanned whenever police carry out another criminal search.

?Biometrics for Aviation Security

Facial recognition has become the fastest-growing technology in airports across the globe. Biometric scanning systems, which include retina scans, fingerprint scans as well as facial recognition are predicted to become more widespread in the wake of the pandemic as touchless interaction gains popularity. Now there are entire terminals in airports that offer a touchless experience, using passengers’ facial scans to do everything from check-in for a flight, drop off luggage, get through the security line, board the plane, and be processed by Customs and Border Protection.


?Effective Against Finding Missing Persons

Facial recognition technology can be used to find victims of human trafficking and missing persons. Suppose missing entities are added to a database. In that case, law enforcement can be informed as soon as they are recognized by face recognition technology - whether it is in any public space.


?The Most Secure Solution for Banking

From bank transactions to personalized spending breakdowns, every element of the banking experience is now expected to be seamless and personal. Security is no exception to the rule, but dealing in both access to bank accounts and highly sensitive personal information, convenience must be measured against assurance.

Measuring the unique physical features of an individual and removing the need for extensive character numeric passwords, facial biometrics seems to offer the best solution. Facial recognition uses the liveness detection technique to determine whether the source of the biometric scan is a live human being or a false representation to prevent them from using it for impersonation purposes.


?Diagnosing Diseases and Conditions in Healthcare

Facial recognition is being used to help diagnose unhealthy conditions and disorders. An instance of this is being conducted by a University of Colorado-led team of researchers. By using 3D facial images, the team has reduced the amount of time it takes to diagnose a child with a rare genetic disorder based on how his or her features match up with those in a secured database. The technology reduces both the time it takes to reach a diagnosis and the number of medical tests the patient must undergo in order to be diagnosed.

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