What Aircon Maintenance You Should Never DIY

What Aircon Maintenance You Should Never DIY

What Aircon Maintenance You Should Never DIY

Aircon is an essential electrical appliance for most of the homes and offices equip. But an under-maintained aircon will not let you have a comfortable living. That’s quite fortunate that there are a lot of DIY maintenance things that you can do on your aircon and attain desired results. However, there are also some of the maintenance things you should never DIY.

DIY is a good thing to go for, but there are some conditions when you should only consider expert advice for the proficiency of your work.

Learn more here the suggestions regarding the aircon maintenance you should never DIY.

1.                  Refrigerant Handling:

For cooling and maintaining proper temperature in your house, the refrigerant is the most important element. If you have a 10% coolant reduction in the aircon, then a 20% load on the system will increase. This means that it will give 20% less cooling and consume 20% more energy along with issues. Never consider filling coolant with the DIY method. Note that coolant refilling requires special equipment and tools, and this can only get done via professionals.

DIY can also result in removing all the coolant in place of topping it up. Getting the work done from an expert will never get you into damage or loss.

2.                  Inside Cleaning:

You can always clean the outer side of your aircon but never think of cleaning it from inside. Understand that the aircon has a lot of small instruments and compartments within it that are delicate to handle. Doing it yourself will be improper and may end up with damage. So to prevent any damage in your AC, never consider cleaning the internal part yourself.

3.                  Parts Replacement:

If you are changing the air filter, it does not mean that you can also replace other parts as well. Have a clear understanding that replacing the internal part DIY can result in making your aircon improper in working. If you replace the parts wrongly, then it can result in making your air conditioner damage. So always consider air conditioner parts replacement from professionals as they know what to do and when to do it.

4.                  Electrical Changes:

If you feel any issues or problems in your air con due to electrical complexity, then never try to DIY the resolution. However, if you already know about the electrical connections, so the case is different, you can stay put, otherwise don’t. Doing it yourself can make you have issues and may also get into electric shock.

Another considerable drawback of DIY electrical changes is that you can also create a short circuit. Of course, it would not be safe for your house and family members.

5.                  Replacing AC Location:

If you need to change the location of your aircon, DIY is the biggest mistake you can make. Shifting your air conditioner from one place to another requires a lot of things that definitely require special equipment and professionalism. Besides this, you also need to have additional hands for shifting the aircon from one location to another.

Replacing the AC location yourself can get you into complications too. So in this situation, always consider hiring some specialists to deal with all of these issues correctly. This assures that you will not get into any complications and attain the best results at the end.

Along with all these, it is recommended to get your air conditioner to check from experts regularly. Consider doing the basic DIY maintenance tips that will keep you away from a few significant issues. But completely ignoring expert help will get you into trouble, and soon your air conditioner will go down.

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