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VideoTap Aims To Disrupt OTT, Online Broadcasting & Ad Ecosystem With Its Smart Interactive Videos

VideoTap Aims To Disrupt OTT, Online Broadcasting & Ad Ecosystem With Its Smart Interactive Videos

A fruit fly lives and dies within the time span of a unmarried day. 24 hours. The earth rotates around the sun for a full 365 days for it to be considered a single year. Time span, in human phrases, is measured through the pride, pain, and productiveness of anything undertaking we are doing on the time. In the 2010s, the attention span of a consumer on digital media is eight seconds, in step with New York Times. Eight seconds to click on like on that meme shared by our buddy, see that YouTube video of the popular standup comic, go through the headlines of the day’s breaking information. Eight seconds – or four deep breaths – and lowering and looking to capitalise on these precious few seconds is cloud-based, interactive advertising broadcast platform – VideoTap.

Due to the ever increasing dependence on our clever devices and our proclivity to interact with each other on social networks than in real existence – conventional kinds of media have additionally come to the online hunting ground searching for their favored target audience: the millennials. But conventional media (newspapers, advert corporations, broadcast) has struggled with adapting itself to the more recent, more agile form of advertising that takes location within the digital international, exactly due to the fact traditional media is MASS media: digital media is individualised, customized to the minutiae.

In those complicated however charming times,  broadcast media veterans – Dilip Venkatraman and his spouse Savvy Dilip – with extra than  a long time of revel in each, determined to address this very valid concern that plagues traditional broadcast channels making the bounce to digital – What type of individualised revel in is the person lacking out with regards to mass media? How can we offer it on-line? Their journey ended up growing a whole atmosphere of merchandise and technology that may be utilised by using publishers (broadcasters), manufacturers and the quit client.

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The atmosphere is referred to as VideoTap – and it serves  purposes. For a ordinary on-line video watcher who binges watches on Netflix or YouTube videos during lunch, it affords a completely unique video-on-call for revel in that is interactive, -way and communicative, ensuring an interest span that lasts greater than 8 seconds. For publishers/establishments, it will become beneficial to disperse marketing conversation thru its patented generation – Design Room, that creates these attractive interactive motion pictures

Giving The Power Of Choosing Content Back To The Audience With VideoTap

Begins Dilip, “Taking information as an instance, TV programming has constantly been linear, one-way, and sequential. You first pay attention of a terrorist attack somewhere in the headline, then you definately have your B block information and sports activities comes remaining. In among, you've got advertisements for products which would possibly, may not hobby you, however is part of the programming. Your most effective recourse to get away this programming? Change the channel. Use the remote.”

This system is historically damaged down as follows – content material makers determine what the content material is, collaborate with the sponsors and fix advert spots, determine out the order of content intake and serve it up to the purchaser. As TV is a flat medium, the development is extremely chronological, without a scope of verbal exchange and personalisation.

With streaming and digitising media, the trouble became barely solved. Netflix’s advice engines or Amazon Prime Video’s interactivity display screen ensured that the consumer had a few manage over what sort of film, TV series they watch. But this recommendation engine revel in is hampered by the fact that the genres of films, the provision of programming is restrained to what is there in-residence in Netflix in addition to the set parameters determined by way of the engines.

“It become this passive content material consumption experience, looking what you need, the kind of content you want to look at, be it information or a compilation of your favored scenes via Rajnikanth or the best goals of Zidane, stuff that isn’t available on YouTube, no longer exactly the manner you need it, that we had been trying to cope with. Netflix’s unit of size for consumer engagement is an entire movie or TV series episode – 40 mins to two hours. In contrast, we've exceptional-tuned it down to approximately 3 seconds.”

This as a substitute enigmatic clarification begs the query: How does passive content tie in with devices of measurement to boom person engagement? And the solution comes from the customer-dealing with product that VideoTap has designed: Design Room, a term coined with the aid of the Product Head, Savvy.

Customising Passive Content With Active Screens For Engaging Users

As according to Dilip, all content this is available is passive – it already exists. Pre-streaming and VOD, the present broadcast revel in consisted of passive content material on passive monitors (the TV) which caused a client just passively experiencing the news/film/TV show. With VOD, passive content entered lively screens and changed into a convenient passive experience, particularly because the person ultimately had greater desire and the strength of broadcasting went to the user – for eg. Binge looking an entire collection over a weekend or pausing a video to get returned to it later.

The VideoTap crew ambitions to take the following evolutionary step in the broadcast enjoy with the aid of giving an active revel in on an energetic display – with the assist of the Design Room era and other products at the platform.

But permit’s rewind a chunk and go lower back to June 2015 whilst the crew first were given together in the 91springboard Noida hub and constructed the primary product in their bouquet – a video participant. Savvy Dilip takes up the mantle of explaining the evolution of the VideoTap player.

Existing video and streaming gamers had been only constructed to perceive and mixture content material a positive manner, with precise algorithms and linear looking being the norm. So, their subsequent route of action turned into to feature a completely unique player to the platform.

“The participant wished more than a platform to paintings. It wanted a way for the content to be segregated and looked after for person choices. And this entire method had to be automated,” says Savvy. So, the VideoTap group ended up constructing an set of rules-based advice engine and integrating it with the VideoTap player. “The engine’s goal is to interrupt down content into fragment-levels for ease of use for our audience. These fragments could then be compiled together and could appear on our video participant as clever, interactive movies.”

Along with the recommendation engine, the group has also addressed a key problem faced by way of broadcast publishers on the Internet – monitoring. Using a combination of arithmetic and system getting to know (huge data), they have additionally brought an analytics engine that performs metric-related capabilities when customers go browsing. The engine’s intention is to provide content usage records in addition to examine user behaviour (key-word searches, time of logging in and so on.) to feed tips.

Savvy additionally mentions that on the subject of the participant – space garage is also a first-rate difficulty. “From a method attitude, while we create video compilations, we've got attempted to be extremely efficient, and have decreased the need for additional garage area.” She also provides that, for you to make certain playability in connectivity problem-filled regions, the VideoTap player requires the minimum bandwidth that YouTube requires, with a purpose to function.

The VideoTap participant will also come with a completely unique, customised Vdopass (videopass) as a way to allow get right of entry to to the platform’s vast media library, from all to be had publishers and content material.

Helping Publishers/Brands Design Content For An Active-Ready Experience

While the VideoTap participant is the end product with a view to be to be had to customers, publishers and organizations trying to engage/market to their target audience can use VideoTap’s adaptive advertising and marketing platform: Design Room.

“Traditional advertising and marketing is all about displaying the audience a 30-forty five second video ad which has product/messaging/branding all attractive you to shop for it: the innovative makes the ad concentrated on the audience. Even in YouTube advertisements or Facebook ads, this method is followed. Using Design Room the advert can flip the video right into a microsite that can be utilised to target the innovative and the audience.”

While all this sounds nearly too fascinating to be actual we delved further to discover how this without a doubt works!

“A writer might be able to import motion pictures to the platform’s media library as a way to be to be had for their full-size use. Once the video is in, it receives transferred to Design Room wherein the uncooked facts is transcoded robotically,” explains Dilip. The video is then curated to end up a ‘clever’ clip with ‘in’ and ‘out’ positions in order to be used for adding tags within the recommendation engine: for instance, if it’s a 30-second ad for Amazon Kindle, an ‘in’ tag may be ‘screen length’ where the presenter talks about the display size. The default sequence of the advert is then set up – it's going to play in the way prescribed by means of the ‘in’ and ‘out’ tag.

Publishers can then, using Design Room, use the 18 interactive factors present on the platform and add exceptional buttons with the intention to speak with the customers. Using the Amazon Kindle ad example, a ability interactive button to pop up will be a more than one preference quiz when the presenter is explaining the display length – Can you perceive the font used on the page? The different elements to be brought consist of pop-ups, quizzes, questions, reactions and more. Each interest at the video, right from whilst it seems at the participant display is an ‘occasion – and each interactive button enables in putting the behaviour of the video, in default and otherwise.

Finally, with all the factors in place, the very last model is collated or ‘organized’ and ready to be published to be consumed through the consumer: who gets an instructional/infomercial/interactive enjoy inner a microsite rather than a fashionable, a static 30-2d advert on Amazon Kindle.

While he is not inclined to disclose any real names, Dilip mentions that the platform is already being beta-examined with some corporation customers and regional TV channels. “Regional TV is still to find a footing in the digital world. What VideoTap targets to do is enable a quicker, greater spontaneous form of engagement with on line users for regional gamers to increase their digital consumption.”

He offers a hypothetical instance of having a nearby version of popular recreation show Kaun Banega Crorepati which may be played with the aid of every body who's registered on VideoTap, all gambling concurrently, the use of the platform’s innate, interactive capabilities. “What this means is that finally, those TV channels can surely draw their visitors back to TV too, if they make the content material enticing sufficient.”

VideoTap On Tackling Competition: Present And Future

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Spuul are a few of the not unusual streaming video platforms famous in India, as well as internationally. These structures have created a new kind of streaming content primarily based completely on user recommendations. A few different structures inclusive of KODITV and Swedish-primarily based Valossa (powered with the aid of Val.Ai) have taken strides in growing person-based totally aggregator content and serving it throughout the digital media spectrum. Netflix and the likes actually have a successful revenue-producing model thru their subscription service.

What none of them have managed to do successfully is create a brand new manner of advertising to grab person attention. YouTube and Facebook’s in-video advertisements are obligatory viewing for the necessary 30 seconds (in YouTube) or 10 seconds (inside the case of Facebook), however the engagement continues to be rudimentary – one-way.

“Our real competitor could be competing for consumer’s attention. It is so difficult to interact with a person who is jaded and numb to existing ways of marketing and media intake, that’s the real challenge we are seeking to address,” Dilip admits candidly.

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The 25-member strong team based out of Noida has controlled to raise angel investment to the track of $1 Mn in September 2016, based totally on technology energy by myself. They have additionally appeared earlier than international forums along with the Mobile World Congress 2017 wherein they have been most effective one among  Indian startups to offer. “We have hobby from international publishers, traders and advertisers in the interim. But our instantaneous purpose is to release the product and scale it up the best way we can,” ends Dilip.

Editor’s Note

With content to be had on a plethora of gadgets across systems – consisting of laptops, smartphones, TV, radio, drugs and extra – the target audience is now spoilt for preference when it comes to consumption. This is mainly proper in terms of video-looking or streaming, in which the commercial enterprise version of antique, allowing broadcasters to dictate content material has now been changed with the Netflix version, the watch what you need and when you need.

VideoTap and businesses in their ilk are basically taking this conversion a step in addition via setting the person on the helm and giving him the strength of choice and to outline their very own unique and personalised enjoy, thereby boosting engagement and interest spans. At the identical time, VideoTap may also placed the advertising and marketing energy in the palms of the advertisers with the Design Room and the advert server in order to serve ‘advertisements that user wants to see, the way he wants to see it. This could be made possible due to the exceedingly interactive and personalized nature of the manner the platform (player+advice engine+Design Room) is designed, to arrest person interest and preserve them engaged.

If leveraged proper and with the proper sort of patron interest, the enterprise will have managed a brand new feat in the Information Age. That of changing the manner broadcast content behaves. But without the product being launched, vetted, and validated by the hundreds, the pricing structure available for publishers and types and the uptick of customers, VideoTap stays a ‘dream come actual’… for now.

VideoTap with interactive films even as addressing the published and OTT market, is simultaneously taking over the consumer aspect and the B2B facet. Addressing each B2C and B2B in one pass has, within the beyond, demonstrated pretty tough for most startups. However, the actual energy of the product might be realised most effective while each these aspects are working together in consensus. Only time will tell, what the future holds for VideoTap and their formidable imaginative and prescient to disrupt the printed enterprise with its clever interactive videos.

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