Types Of Logos Used For Branding Purposes

Types Of Logos Used For Branding Purposes

Types Of Logos Used For Branding Purposes

Have you ever really observed about what is the first thing that you notice when you look at a brand or a business organization? I’m sure you must have. Yes, the first thing that you, me and everyone else in the world that we notice when looking at a brand or a business organization is the logo of that brand or company. And it is pretty much the first time we see the logo when we decide subconsciously that either we would be interested in interacting with the brand, product or company in question or not. 

The logo of any company or brand is not only the first point of contact for its customers, potential customer and potential investors but in fact it is also something that symbolizes the business or brand. A logo is something that creates a certain image in the minds of the audience regarding the product, brand or business organization. It is also the image projection of the product, brand and/or company in the audience’s mind. This is the reason you must have observed that usually companies don’t change their logos all that much but if ever they feel the need to do it than they do it very gradually and small changes are spread out over a long period of time and the logo is changed very subtly. No major changes are made at once because then there is a very high chance of the audience to get disassociated with the brand, product or company altogether. 

Now, there are many different types of logo designs that are used by business organizations and brands all over the world. Some of these types are explained below:

Animated Logos:

Recently the increase in demand for the creation of animated logos have shown that these days animated logos are probably the most popular kinds of logo designs. You can now create animation logo online as well through cloud based software which are very easy to use giving very good end finished products. 

Animated logos have changed the way people look at logos now. These logos not only serve as the first point of contact for the audience but also serve as one of the most interactive and engaging types of logos that have made their way into the market up till now. Many business organizations use this most innovative and creative way of logo designing to not only create their logos but also as a means to show their brand’s or company’s stories in a very short way.

Monogram Logos:

Monogram logos also known as lettermarks are logos that usually incorporate in themselves the initials of the brand names or business names. The best example of such logos can be taken from HBO, CNN and IBM. The most common feature among all these types of logos is that they are the short abbreviations for long business names. Now, it is far easier for the audience to remember a few letters than to remember a two or three word business name therefore in cases like this having a monogram logo is probably the best choice for a business or a brand.

These logos are basically typography based logo designs which are used in a creative way to shorten a lengthy business name to make it easier and simpler for the audience to remember. Short and easy to remember logos are observed to be more effective than long and lengthy business names. For example do you think it is easier for you to remember NASA or is it easier for you to remember National Aeronautics and Space Administration? I’m sure it is the latter.

Pictorial marks or logo symbols:

 Pictorial marks which can also be called logo symbols or brand marks are one of the most popular types of logos ever used. These logos are graphical images used as logos or symbols that are used to link or relate to a certain brand or business. These are very images that comes to one’s mind when one thinks about a brand or a business. The best example of such logos can be taken from the logos used by Apple Inc. or the famous and iconic Twitter bird. One look at these things and one can easily relate them with the brand or business.  

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Cynthia John

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