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Top React.js tools for Developers

Top React.js tools for Developers

React continues to grow in popularity by almost 150% from 2017 to 2018. This isn’t really surprising, and among other things happening thanks to its growing component-based ecosystem.

It offers a huge ecosystem created by third-party developers such as tools, component libraries, IDEs, extensions for code editors and web browsers, boilerplates, and more.

In this article, we have collected the best tools and resources for React developers.


First dedicated IDE for React web application development, Reactide is a cross platform tool and offers the first visual editing solution for most powerful visual UI engine. With an integrated Node server and a custom browser simulator, Reactide runs an integrated Node server and custom browser simulator. This eliminates the need to configure servers, build-tools. It provides module reloading right out of the box.

Developers can identify and map relevant components and edit. This makes projects build-tool agnostic, allowing only necessary dependencies to be added later as projects evolve as opposed to making decisions even before the coding has begun.


React Sight requires no modification to codebase and is as simple as adding Chrome Extension. It works and supports several popular libraries such as React 14.7+, React Router v4, React Redux.

Built in filters allows you to hide elements allowing you to focus on the components that you've written. React visualization tool provides you with the visual representation of the structure of your React app.


A collection of React components, React Toolbox is built on the fundamentals of Google’s Material Design. Built on top proposals like CSS Modules, Webpack and ES6, it's easily customizable and flexible. The library seamlessly integrates with Webpack workflow.


With a set of React components like Toggle, ComboBox, Rating, TextInput, Button, Card, Select and soon many more. Components are optimized to work both on mobile & desktop devices. The styles are highly customizable on two levels and you can configure the base styles of all the components as well as modify each one of them individually.


It is a visual design tool that allows to create React components and app flows based on your designs, as well as customize your components with advanced property UIs and dynamic previews in the editing canvas.
React Studio is a tool if you are a designer who wants to build React apps without any coding knowledge. With built-in drawing tools, a mobile viewer, React Studio allows to import your files from Sketch.


Storybook is an open source tool for developing UI components for React, Vue, and Angular. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient. It lets you develop and test React components.

Storybook can view several states of each component and develop it in isolation from your app. This entire process results in higher score on usability, hard-to-reach states and edge cases.


Facebook released React Developer Tool as a Firefox extension. React Developer Tools allows inspecting a React tree, which includes several aspects such as the component hierarchy, props, state, and more. Upon installation, you can get access to the React tools within your Firefox Developer Tools in the new “React” tab.


CodeSandbox is an online editor and live playground to build robust web applications, from different stages right from prototype to deployment. The tool enables developers to start building React apps in browsers within a sandbox available by a single URL. CodeSandbox is not only for React, but also for online editors for Angular, Vue, and Preact.


If you are looking for a React starter kit that allows you to quickly set up a new project React Boilerplate can be an excellent solution for you. It focuses on offline development, high scalability, and performance and uses best practices and next-generation JavaScript to use features such as template strings and arrow functions.


If you are an Atom user you can take your React js development to the next level by using the Atom React Plugin. It adds a JSX syntax highlighter, automatic indentation, and code folding to your Atom editor to help you write React code faster and with fewer mistakes. It also includes React code snippets and an HTML to JSX converter with which you can port your old HTML files to JSX.


React Toolbox is a collection of React components built according to the principles of Google’s Material Design. The components use advanced front-end technologies such as CSS Modules, Webpack, and ES6.

You can add React Toolbox’s components to Webpack workflow but you can use any other module bundler as well. React Toolbox has an online playground where you can check out how the components look like live.


Semantic UI React is an extremely popular front-end framework that lets you build responsive and user-friendly layout. An official React integration tool, Semantic UI React is used by large companies like Amazon and Microsoft. It’s jQuery-free and comes with a declarative API, sub-components, and other awesome features.


It is important to select tools based on your requirements and business needs. Equally important is to ensure that you have developers with adequate level of expertise. 

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Jane Brewer

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